Chapter 3144 - Concealed Cultivation

Chapter 3144 - Concealed Cultivation

Chu Feng’s words completely surprised the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan.

What sort of situation was this?

Although Chu Feng was a person with extraordinary strength, and was able to contend against Qingyu Fengming using his various abilities, he had clearly fled from Qingyu Fengming in their previous encounter.

And now, Qingyu Fengming had unleashed the unique bloodline power of their Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan, and increased his cultivation by an entire level.

Faced with the current Qingyu Fengming, Chu Feng should not be able to contend against him even if he were to unleash his full strength.

As such, why was it that he had decided to make such a boastful claim after escaping from Qingyu Fengming earlier?

“Chu Feng, am I mishearing things? You dare to threaten me?”

It was not only the bystanders that were surprised; even Qingyu Fengming himself was extremely surprised by Chu Feng’s words. He wondered to himself if Chu Feng had some sort of issue with his head that gave him the courage to say such a thing to him.

Chu Feng’s words had evidently angered the already furious Qingyu Fengming even more.

“Heh…” Chu Feng chuckled coldly at Qingyu Fengming’s words. The killing intent in his eyes did not decrease in the slightest.

Chu Feng’s gaze was extremely cold. Seeing that gaze, Qingyu Fengming felt an extremely uneasy feeling. It was a feeling of fear in one’s bones.

Sensing this feeling, Qingyu Fengming felt even more displeased.

Chu Feng was clearly a fish on the chopping block, someone that he could completely trample over.

As such, how could he feel uneasy after being looked down on by Chu Feng? To Qingyu Fengming, this was simply unacceptable.

“Chu Feng, you are truly one that will not shed a tear until you see your coffin.”

“Since that’s the case, I will let you know who the person with authority in this place is.”

As Qingyu Fengming spoke, he released his oppressive might and planned to directly attack Chu Feng.

“Fengming, do not be rude!”

However, right at that moment, Qingyu Dong also released his own aura and suppressed Qingyu Fengming’s aura.

“Qingyu Dong, you’re really planning to go against me and prevent me from taking my revenge?”

Qingyu Fengming immediately burst into rage. His eyes were completely bloodshot. His appearance simply resembled that of someone out to murder people.

Although Qingyu Dong’s cultivation was above his own, Qingyu Fengming was actually more talented than Qingyu Dong.

Qingyu Fengming was sufficiently confident that he would soon be able to surpass Qingyu Dong.

The reason why he was respectful toward Qingyu Dong was because he was his senior, and he was simply giving him face.

However, Qingyu Dong was now obstructing him from taking care of Chu Feng. Qingyu Fengming felt this to be intolerable.

“Little brother Fengming, hear me out…” Qingyu Dong still wanted to explain.

However, before he could finish, Chu Feng interrupted, “You do not have to involve yourself in this matter. Even if Qingyu Fengming does not plan to seek me out for revenge, I, Chu Feng, definitely have to avenge my big sis Shuangshuang today. You will not be able to control what will happen here today. Just allow Qingyu Fengming and I to settle things.”

“You… this…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Qingyu Dong was stunned.

The only reason why he was interfering was for Chu Feng’s sake.

However, Chu Feng actually said that sort of thing to him. This left him at a complete loss. Qingyu Dong did not know what to do.

“Scram. You have helped him like this, yet he doesn’t even appreciate it. Why don’t you quickly get the hell away?”

“Although I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you today that caused you to want to help an outsider like this, it remains that you have truly disgraced our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan,” Qingyu Fengming cursed Qingyu Dong out. It would appear that he was truly angered by his actions.

After cursing Qingyu Dong out, Qingyu Fengming turned his anger-filled eyes to Chu Feng.

He thought to himself that he was finally able to settle things with Chu Feng.


However, right after Qingyu Fengming turned his eyes to Chu Feng, he suddenly let out a scream of pain.

When the crowd managed to react, they were shocked to discover that Qingyu Fengming, who had already unleashed his bloodline power, was actually lying on the ground. An enormous power had actually managed to create countless cracks on the indestructible stone beneath him.

This sudden scene completely baffled the crowd.

Confused, the crowd turned their eyes to Chu Feng.

It was only at that moment that they realized that there was a change to the current Chu Feng.

Not only was there lightning gathered on his forehead, forming the word ‘Divine,’ but there was also a golden sword and a golden axe floating around Chu Feng’s body.

The golden sword and axe were both one meter in length. They revolved around Chu Feng like sacred guardian artifacts.

As they revolved around Chu Feng’s body, he began to emit a golden radiance. The aura of the golden radiance was identical to that of the sword and axe.

Naturally, they were the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe.

Not only did Chu Feng unleash his Divine level Lightning Mark, but he had also fused himself with the two great Ancient Era’s secret skills.

Not only had Chu Feng increased his cultivation by a level, from rank eight Heavenly Immortal to rank nine Heavenly Immortal, but he had also gained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.

It was Chu Feng who had used his oppressive might to suppress Qingyu Fengming to the ground.

“This guy, he…”

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s current aura, the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan were no longer capable of remaining calm.

During their earlier encounter with Chu Feng, Chu Feng had also unleashed his Divine level Lightning Mark and heaven-defying secret skills to increase his cultivation and battle power.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation was only rank seven Heavenly Immortal, even after using all his abilities. He was only barely capable of contending against Qingyu Fengming with the heaven-defying battle power that he had gained from his secret skills.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation was now that of a rank nine Heavenly Immortal. Furthermore, he still had that heaven-defying battle power.

This meant that Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was simply not that of a rank six Heavenly Immortal. Instead, it was that of a rank eight Heavenly Immortal.

It was only at that moment that the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan came to a sudden realization as to why Chu Feng remained so confident facing Qingyu Fengming who had unleashed his bloodline power.

It turned out that Chu Feng had concealed his cultivation from the very beginning.