Chapter 3142 - The Miserable Shuangshuang

Chapter 3142 - The Miserable Shuangshuang

“Aiyo, you’ve actually really reached rank eight Heavenly Immortal. Congratulations!”

Seeing Chu Feng successfully making his breakthrough, Her Lady Queen was extremely happy, and began to tease him.

“Although I was unconscious, the amount of natural energies I obtained whilst unconscious was simply too enormous and powerful. From this, it could be seen how powerful that Immortal Crystal Ore was. I will truly have to repay that little girl later on,” Chu Feng also had an excited expression.

The reason for that was because he knew his current circumstances better than anyone. Based on the martial comprehension from the natural energies, Chu Feng was not only able make successive breakthroughs, but he even felt that he would be able to attempt to make a breakthrough to rank nine Heavenly Immortal should he gain a bit more martial comprehension.

From this, it could be seen how powerful the Immortal Crystal Ore was.

However, even though it was such a powerful Immortal Crystal Ore, that little girl was willing to share its benefits with him. As such, how could Chu Feng not be emotionally moved?

That said, Chu Feng had no idea that the little girl did not share the Immortal Crystal Ore with him. Instead, she had imbued all of the power within that Immortal Crystal Ore into his body.

Whilst Chu Feng was moved, he did not forget about the most important task at hand - finding Chu Shuangshuang.

Although Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased from rank six Heavenly Immortal to rank eight Heavenly Immortal, and he had become much more confident, Chu Feng still did not dare to act recklessly without knowing how powerful his opponents were.

As such, he was still proceeding cautiously as he searched for Chu Shuangshuang.

As the saying goes, heaven will not disappoint the person who tries. After scouting around for some time, Chu Feng finally found Chu Shuangshuang’s whereabouts.

Sure enough, Chu Shuangshuang was captured by the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan. Most importantly, the people that had captured her had sent her to Qingyu Fengming.

If Chu Shuangshuang were to end up in Qingyu Fengming’s hands, Chu Feng could imagine what sort of situation she would end up in.

Thus, Chu Feng was currently proceeding toward Qingyu Fengming’s location with his fastest speed. He wanted to rescue Chu Shuangshuang before she ended up in Qingyu Fengming’s hands.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

When Chu Feng arrived, Chu Shuangshuang was already in Qingyu Fengming’s hands.

Currently, there were even more people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan gathered there than before. They appeared to be even mightier, even more powerful.

Led by Qingyu Fengming and the goateed man, the group of Cyanfeather Monstrous Beasts had surrounded a woman.

That woman was currently curled up on the ground. Her body was covered in blood. Her eyeballs had rolled up into her head, and she was letting out screams of pain repeatedly. One could tell that she was suffering miserably. However, as she was extremely weak, her voice also sounded very weak.

She was already in a delirious state. The only thing she was capable of feeling was the unbearable pain filling her entire body and her soul.

She was none other than Chu Shuangshuang.

The misery Chu Shuangshuang was undergoing was something that one would feel pity for just by seeing it.

However, not a single person from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan showed any sign of sympathy on their face. Instead, they had extremely carefree expressions. It was as if they had managed to obtain revenge.


Right at that moment, Qingyu Fengming raised his arm. A vast amount of lightning snakes pierced down. With a crackle and rattle, the lightning snakes split apart Chu Shuangshuang’s flesh and drilled into her body.

At that moment, Chu Shuangshuang started to shake repeatedly. The pain on her face grew even more intense. Even her weak screams grew louder.

She was enduring the pain of her soul being ripped apart.

The countless lightning snakes were drilling their way into her soul and ripping it apart.

“Fengming, are you really planning to make her go insane?” That goateed man asked.

“Not only am I going to turn her insane, I’m also going to turn that Chu Xuanyuan’s son insane,” Qingyu Fengming spoke with fuming rage between gritted teeth.

“If that person is truly Chu Xuanyuan’s son, I’d urge you to not be too excessive in your actions. Although I do not know Chu Xuanyuan extremely well myself, when the seniors of our clan mention Chu Xuanyuan, they will either show reverence or fear.”

“That Chu Xuanyuan is most definitely not someone to be provoked. Reportedly, for the sake of his son Chu Feng, he went as far as killing people from the Starfield Master Realm. If something is to truly happen to Chu Feng, it might not only be you who will suffer. Instead, our entire Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan will suffer his wrath,” the goateed man said.

“Wasn’t it said that Chu Xuanyuan was imprisoned in the Chu Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area, causing his cultivation to rapidly decrease?”

“Moreover, if he was truly that powerful, how could he be imprisoned by the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“Why would he allow himself to be captured?” Qingyu Fengming spoke with a light laugh. Then, he said, “How could you be certain of something like that?”

“Chu Xuanyuan is not powerful? He is someone who defeated the Dao Imperial Palace’s Palace Master at the age of twenty nine.”

“Reportedly, the Dao Imperial Palace’s Palace Master was the person who was about to threaten the Chu Heavenly Clan’s status as the overlord of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.”

“As for that, it is something that actually happened, and not a rumor or a legend.”

“Let me ask you, for such a powerful Chu Xuanyuan to be willing to allow himself to be captured, is it really because he is unable to win against the Chu Heavenly Clan, and not because of some other reason?”

“Moreover, as the saying goes, even a starving camel would be bigger than a horse, even a broken ship would have three catties of nails. This holds even more true for someone like Chu Xuanyuan, someone who threatened the Starfield Master Realm,” that goateed man spoke with a serious expression.

“Humph, even if that’s the case, I still do not fear it. If I am to encounter that Chu Feng, I will definitely make him pay,” Qingyu Fengming spoke disapprovingly.

That said, even though he was saying those words, he was no longer torturing Chu Shuangshuang as ruthlessly as before.

He was actually scared. He was frightened by what that goateed man said.

For Chu Feng to possess such a frightening father, he was truly incapable of not fearing the consequences of his action.