Chapter 3395 - The Pride In One’s Heart

Chapter 3395 - The Pride In One’s Heart

“Young master Tang, earlier, you said that you defeated young master Chu Feng before?” At that moment, Tantai Xing’er turned her eyes to Tang Zhenghao.

“Him? Miss Tantai, that’s impossible. How could someone like him with his Heavenly Immortal-level cultivation possibly be able to defeat young master Chu Feng?”

“And here I thought that Tang Zhenghao, as the number one genius of the Tang Heavenly Clan, would be a man of honor. Never would I have expected him to be this shameless.”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for brother Chu Feng unleashing his strength, I would’ve definitely been deceived by that Tang Zhenghao earlier.”

At that moment, many of the people present began to mock Tang Zhenghao. Even the six individuals that had followed him in revealed mocking gazes on their faces.

Although they had a pretty good relationship with Tang Zhenghao, they decided, in the face of Tantai Xing’er and Chu Feng, who was even stronger than her, to denounce their relationship with him.

“I really defeated Chu Feng before! I have not lied to you all!” Tang Zhenghao shouted in a very unreconciled manner.

“Enough. You?. How could you, a Heavenly Immortal, be a match for a Martial Immortal? Did you really take us for fools?”



Tang Zhenghao’s words were met with ridicule and looks of contempt from the crowd.

At that moment, Tang Zhenghao felt despair. No matter how he tried to explain himself, it seemed that no one was willing to believe him.

After all, with his cultivation of rank eight Heavenly Immortal, he was truly too powerless before Chu Feng and his rank seven Martial Immortal cultivation.

“Back then, I was indeed defeated by him right outside of my Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory. My defeat was real. Thus, he did not lie,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice was suddenly heard.

Tang Zhenghao felt very surprised to hear Chu Feng’s voice. He truly had not expected that Chu Feng would publicly acknowledge his past defeat.

After all, that was not glorious to admit.

“Brother Chu Feng, you shouldn’t joke around. With his strength, how could he possibly defeat you?”

However, even though Chu Feng had personally admitted to it, the crowd were still unwilling to accept it as the truth.

“That is the truth. I was indeed defeated by him. I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with admitting that my skills were inferior to his in the past,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng appeared very open-minded. He did not feel that his defeat by Tang Zhenghao’s hands was humiliating.

In Chu Feng’s opinion, defeat was nothing. Instead, refusing to admit one’s defeat would be something that was actually humiliating.

“Young master Chu Feng is straightforward and upright. Truly admirable.”

Tantai Xing’er clapped her hands.

The others present also began to praise Chu Feng’s behavior.

witnessing that scene, Tang Zhenghao felt even more displeased. He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, “Chu Feng, don’t you think that I will be grateful to you just because you’ve admitted your defeat!”

“I think you’re mistaken. I merely admitted to it because I wanted everyone to know the truth. I had absolutely no intention to win favor from you. Besides, I must warn you. If you do not scram right now, I will make you lose even the strength to scram.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a burst of wind lifted Tang Zhenghao up.

Like a loose leaf, Tang Zhenghao could only allow himself to be carried away by the wind. In the end, he landed beside the exit and fell ruthlessly to the ground, rolling several hundred meters away before finally being able to stabilize himself. He was left in a truly sorry state.

Tang Zhenghao stood back up. With a furious look on his face, he pointed at Chu Feng and shouted loudly, “Chu Feng, don’t you be pleased with yourself just yet! Although I, Tang Zhenghao, might not be able to handle you, there are others that will be able to take care of you!”

After he finished saying those words, Tang Zhenghao exited the rat zodiac’s entrance.

After he left, Tang Zhenghao began to shout loudly, “Senior Fox Immortal! Senior Wuming Xingyun! Senior Liangqiu Chengfeng! Senior Long Xuan!”

Tang Zhenghao’s continuous shouting caught the attention of many people.

However, no one bothered to pay attention to him at all. They merely looked at him like they were watching a show.

When Tang Zhenghao left furiously, Chu Feng knew what he wanted to do.

However, after Tang Zhenghao shouted for so long, not only did he not receive any response from the four Saint-cloak World Spiritists, but the bystanders were also looking at him like he was a fool.

This caused Tang Zhenghao to become even more furious. In enormous rage, he decided to loudly question, “Milords, I know that you all can hear me. Today, I ask of you all. There’s a despicable man that has mixed his way into this match; are you all going to bother with that or not?”

“Who mixed their way in here?” Finally, Queen Mother Fox Immortal appeared.

“Senior Fox Immortal, someone snuck in here without participating in the evaluation,” Tang Zhenghao immediately restrained himself upon seeing Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

“I’m asking you who it is that mixed their way in here?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal’s attitude was very stern.

“Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng!”

“He is currently inside that entrance!”

Tang Zhenghao pointed to the rat zodiac’s entrance and spoke loudly.

“What? Chu Xuanyuan’s son? Didn’t he already die?”

Hearing ‘Chu Xuanyuan’s son,’ the expressions of many people changed.

Even though they did not know of Chu Feng, they had all heard of Chu Xuanyuan’s son before.

“Who told you that Chu Feng had mixed his way in here? He was clearly invited here by us,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

“Ah?” Hearing those words, Tang Zhenghao and the crowd were all astonished.

Even the Ancestral Martial Decastars had to come here on their own. At the very most, they didn’t have to go through the evaluation, and received some preferential treatment. However, they were not invited.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually invited?. How enormous of a face did he possess?!!!

“Senior, are… are you telling the truth?” Tang Zhenghao had an awkward expression.

“Why would I lie?”

“I am in charge of this place. Without my permission, who could possibly enter?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal asked coldly.

“Tang Zhenghao, let me give you some words of advice. What you need to do is to think of a way to enter the grand formation, and not try to denounce others.”

“Go and put your heart where it should belong. Otherwise… even if you’re one of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, I will still be able to kick you out of here at any time.”

Queen Mother Fox Immortal stared fiercely at Tang Zhenghao. Then, she waved her sleeve and disappeared.

At that moment, Tang Zhenghao stood where he was, embarrassed and at a complete loss.

Embarrassed. He was feeling extremely embarrassed. His face had turned deep red.

At that moment, the gazes that were looking at him were filled with ridicule.

Actually, even he himself knew very well that running out there to expose Chu Feng after being defeated by him was not what an upright man of honor should do.

Yet, he did exactly that. Furthermore, the person he tried to expose was someone invited by the four great Saint-cloak World Spiritists.

At that moment, even he himself felt that he was a joke, and should not stay there...

“Young master Chu Feng, there are only a limited numbers of entrances to the grand formation. Thus, I will be taking my leave first. If you have time in the future, might you be willing to come to our Tantai Heavenly Clan to have a chat?” Tantai Xing’er asked.

“Of course,” Chu Feng replied.


With a wave of Tantai Xing’er’s sleeve, an invitation letter flew toward Chu Feng.

“Young master Chu Feng, you must do as you promised,” Tantai Xing’er smiled sweely. Then, she turned around and began to leave.

Seeing that, the bystanders also began to bid their farewells, and began to leave.

At that moment, only Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie remained

“It would appear that your father possesses an extraordinary status in your heart,” Wuma Shengjie said.

“Why do you say that?” Chu Feng asked.

“You were suddenly enraged when Tang Zhenghao said that you were unqualified to be Chu Xuanyuan’s son earlier. If you didn’t care about your father greatly, why would you become so furious? He must be the pride of your heart, the target that you wish to pursue, no?” Wuma Shengjie asked.