Chapter 3392 - Chu Xuanyuan’s Son

Chapter 3392 - Chu Xuanyuan’s Son

“Young lady Lanyue, do you know him?” Tantai Xing’er asked.

“We’ve interacted with him before. His world spirit techniques are not inferior to us sisters,” Liangqiu Hongyue rushed to answer.

“Such a genius appeared from the Wuma Heavenly Clan?”

Not to mention the others, even Linghu Yueyue and Tantai Xing’er revealed a look of surprise in their beautiful eyes.

Earlier, they were merely a bit interested in Wuma Shengjie. However, after hearing what the Liangqiu Sisters said, they were no longer only a bit interested in him.

Amongst all the younger generations of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, the Liangqiu Sisters definitely possessed the absolute peak-level world spiritist techniques. For others, it would be extremely difficult for them to reach the strength of the Liangqiu Sisters.

Yet, that Wuma Heavenly Clansman actually possessed world spirit techniques on par with theirs. With this, how could the crowd not be astonished?

“You all must’ve heard about that prophecy, right? There were speculations that the prophesied individual was the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Wuma Shengjie. As for that Wuma Shengjie, he was the person who had entered the rat zodiac’s entrance.”

Right at that moment, Linghu Tiemian, who had had a solemn expression the entire time, suddenly spoke.

Compared to the others, he knew a bit more about Wuma Shengjie.

The appearance of Wuma Shengjie had brought him quite a bit of trouble back in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. He had had to exert enormous effort to suppress him.

It could be said that Wuma Shengjie was the greatest obstruction to him before Chu Feng entered the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

“So he’s Wuma Shengjie. No wonder,” Linghu Yueyue gasped with admiration.

Even Tantai Xing’er’s expression changed somewhat.

Evidently, although the two of them had not met Wuma Shengjie, they had heard about her.

“Miss Yueyue, could it be that you wish to spar against Wuma Shengjie?” Someone asked.

“Indeed, this young lady is a bit interested in how strong the prophesied child is. Unfortunately… he’s too much of a disappointment. He actually chose the rat zodiac’s entrance. I… have absolutely no interest in that place.”

Linghu Yueyue raised her head. A brilliant and charming smile emerged on her face.


Suddenly, Linghu Yueyue’s dress fluttered as her delicate body shot straight outward like a ray of light.

Linghu Yueyue had chosen the most difficult dragon zodiac’s entrance.

That said, the crowd was not surprised by her selection.

Linghu Yueyue, the number one female genius of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, was different from Linghu Hongfei.

Linghu Yueyue had not only revealed her talent in martial cultivation from an early age, but she had also revealed her talent for world spirit techniques.

Back then, she had nearly become Grandmaster Liangqiu’s personal disciple.

Merely, due to some unpleasantries that happened later on, Grandmaster Liangqiu gave up on taking Linghu Yueyue as his disciple.

That said, even without a grand expert like Grandmaster Liangqiu giving her pointers, her world spirit techniques still managed to make rapid progress.

She had reached the Exalted-cloak World Spiritist realm many years ago. In terms of only world spirit techniques, Linghu Yueyue was even a bit stronger than the two personal disciples of Grandmaster Liangqiu that were of her generation; Liangqiu Hongyue and Liangqiu Lanyue.

Following Linghu Yueyue, Liangqiu Hongyue and Liangqiu Lanyue respectively selected the tiger zodiac’s entrance and snake zodiac’s entrance.

Linghu Tiemian chose the ox zodiac’s entrance.

The other people also began to make their respective selections. Only the remainder of the Ancestral Martial Decastars were still hesitating.

There was no need to doubt how powerful they were in terms of martial cultivation -- they were the best among the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations.

However, apart from Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Tiemian, the rest of them were actually not particularly outstanding in terms of world spirit techniques. If it wasn’t for the fact that they did not need to go through the evaluation, they might not have even been able to get there.

After all, the main requirement of the match was one’s world spirit techniques.

While the crowd were scrambling over the quotas, Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie had met one another in the rat zodiac’s entrance.

At that moment, Wuma Shengjie had learned of Chu Feng’s circumstances.

As for Chu Feng, he had also learned what had happened from Wuma Shengjie after he was taken away.

After the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was seriously injured, the Tantai Heavenly Clan did not make things excessively difficult for them. The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief felt that the Ice Summit was a rare opportunity for Wuma Shengjie, and thus tried his hardest to persuade her to participate in the evaluation, and leave the matter of saving Chu Feng to him.

At the time, Wuma Shengjie was also powerless to save Chu Feng. Thus, she decided to participate in the evaluation.

Never would she have expected to encounter Chu Feng there. Chu Feng had actually managed to magically escape from imprisonment and, more magically, arrive at that place before everyone else, before even the Ancestral Martial Decastars and the Liangqiu Sisters.

“No wonder clan chief said that you’re a person with great fortune. I didn’t understand what great fortune meant before. However, I understand now. Your luck is truly too good, no?” Wuma Shengjie said to Chu Feng with a ridiculing tone.

“Perhaps it’s because I’m too good of an individual that even the heavens show concern for my well-being,” Chu Feng spoke with a beaming smile.


Wuma Shengjie felt helpless after seeing how shameless Chu Feng was.

“Boy, how did someone like you manage to worm your way in here?”

Right at that moment, a fierce and confused voice sounded from the entrance.

It was the ninth ranked of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, Tang Zhenghao.

Apart from Tang Zhenghao, six other people had entered together with him.

One among the six was a person from the Tang Heavenly Clan. As for the other five, they were all individuals that Tang Zhenghao knew.

They had not entered with Tang Zhenghao to challenge him, nor did they have the intention to challenge Wuma Shengjie.

They knew that their strength was lacking, and had already given up on the scramble to enter the grand formation.

They had only decided to enjoy the show upon learning that Tang Zhenghao was planning to challenge Wuma Shengjie.

Seeing the surprised look on Tang Zhenghao’s face, someone asked, “Brother Tang, you know that person?” 

“Of course I know him. That fellow possesses quite an origin. He is Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng,” Tang Zhenghao said.

“What? He’s Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, the expressions of the six changed. Then, they began to carefully inspect Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was Chu Xuanyuan’s son. That was sufficient enough for them to pay attention to him.