Chapter 3136 - White-haired Little Girl

Chapter 3136 - White-haired Little Girl

"Do you know why I entered this region of fog so resolutely? That's because I sensed a trace of big sis Shuangshuang's aura in this fog."

"Unfortunately, after entering this multi-colored fog, I am no longer capable of sensing her aura. Likely, the fog is affecting my perception," Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was telling the truth. He had indeed felt Chu Shuangshuang's aura when he approached the fog. This meant that Chu Shuangshuang was inside the fog. That was the reason why Chu Feng decided to enter the fog.

"It would appear that it's the will of the heavens," Hearing what Chu Feng said, Her Lady Queen grew even more joyous.

She was extremely worried that Chu Feng would give up on finding the Immortal Crystal Ore for the sake of finding Chu Shuangshuang.

Judging from the situation at hand, even if Chu Feng did not seek out the Immortal Crystal Ore, he would still not leave the strange fog without finding Chu Shuangshuang. With this, Chu Feng would have a chance of finding the Immortal Crystal Ore. Naturally, Her Lady Queen would be happy.

Due to the influence of the multi-colored fog, Chu Feng was no longer able to feel Chu Shuangshuang's aura. He could only rely on his senses to seek her out.


Suddenly, Chu Feng heard a rumble. Even though that rumbling noise was very faint, Chu Feng was still capable of telling which direction it came from.

Chu Feng directly unleashed his Divine level Lightning Mark, as well as the Ancient Era's War Sword and Ancient Era's War Axe without the slightest hesitation. Then, he started to quickly fly toward the direction of that rumble.

The rumble was actually very far from Chu Feng's location. Because of that, the closer Chu Feng got, the louder and clearer the rumbles sounded. Merely, due to the isolation effect of the multi-colored fog, Chu Feng was only capable of hearing the sound of the rumbles, and wasn’t able to sense how strong they were, or the overall circumstances.

"Seems like someone is fighting. I can't determine if it's big sis Shuangshuang," Chu Feng said.

"You must be careful. Determine what’s happening first before approaching," Her Lady Queen said.

"Rest assured, Milady Queen. I know what to do," Chu Feng nodded.

Finally, Chu Feng approached. He was able to see who was fighting.

Regretfully, it was not Chu Shuangshuang. However, it was a girl. To be exact, it was a little girl.

Judging by her face, her appearance and her height, she should be a little girl about eight or nine years old.

That little girl had extremely delicate facial features. She had a tiny nose and a tiny mouth, but a pair of large black eyes. Her eyelashes were very long and raised.

Strangely, even though the girl was very young, she had a head of long snow-white hair.

The white gown that she was wearing was covered with runes and symbols. Those were spirit formation symbols. However, not even Chu Feng was capable of deciphering them.

Regardless, those symbols looked somewhat strange, and gave Chu Feng a very uneasy feeling.

"Why would it be a child?" Her Lady Queen shared Chu Feng's vision, and thus also saw what was going on. Seeing it, she felt extremely astonished.

"Rank five Heavenly Immortal, her cultivation is only a level beneath mine. That is not a cultivation that a child should have," Chu Feng said with a frown on his face.

That girl was currently fighting a monster.

To be exact, it was not a monster, but countless monsters. There were multi-colored beams of light emerging from underground and moving to attack the little girl from all directions.

The pillars of light were very gorgeous. They resembled rainbows. However, if one were to observe them carefully, one would notice that at the tips of the pillars were large mouths with sharp teeth and a horrifying appearance.

Those were monsters. Countless such monsters were attacking the little girl. Furthermore, those monsters were very powerful. If that little girl didn't have the cultivation of a rank five Heavenly Immortal, she would've already been killed by those monsters.

However, that little girl was still in a crisis. She was already in a disadvantaged state in the battle, and simply no match for those monsters.



Suddenly, that little girl was struck by a monster and knocked flying in Chu Feng's direction.

Coincidentally, the little girl landed ten meters away from Chu Feng. At the same time, an item fell from the little girl's bosom.

It was a piece of ore, only the size of a palm. Seven colors were circulating through the ore, as if it possessed endless Immortal Power.

At the same time, intense Natural Energies were being emitted by the ore.

That ore was the source of all the natural energies within the cave.

"Immortal Crystal Ore!"

"Chu Feng, that's the Immortal Crystal Ore!"

Her Lady Queen was immediately overjoyed upon seeing the Immortal Crystal Ore.

"Bang, bang, bang~~~"

Suddenly, the ground around Chu Feng started to split open. Countless multi-colored monsters rushed forth to attack the little girl near Chu Feng.

How could those monsters with the cultivation of rank five Heavenly Immortals, be a match for Chu Feng? Without even moving, Chu Feng merely released his killing intent, and all those monsters exploded around him.

"Little girl, are you alright?" Chu Feng arrived beside the little girl and helped her up.

The little girl wiped away the bloodstain at the corner of her mouth. Then, she took a step away from Chu Feng. She was looking at Chu Feng with an alert and fearful expression.

Seeing that expression, Chu Feng's heart moved. He suddenly recalled the cute little girl he had met in the Eastern Sea Region's Everlasting Sea of Blood, Little Fishy.

Even though the little girl looked completely different from Little Fishy, even though the little girl before him was older than Little Fishy from back then, her clear eyes greatly resembled Little Fishy's eyes.

"Don't be afraid, I will not harm you," Chu Feng explained.

"That... that... is mine," The little girl pointed at the Immortal Crystal Ore on the ground nearby.