Chapter 3377 - Gong Heavenly Clan

Chapter 3377 - Gong Heavenly Clan

At that moment, everyone could be heard discussing the Ancestral Martial Decastars.

Listening to their conversations, Chu Feng learned a bit about the selection of the Ancestral Martial Decastars.

The selection of the Ancestral Martial Decastars would be held in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm at a place called the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound. The selection would be held in twelve days.

As long as one was a member of the younger generation of the Ancestral Martial Starfield under a hundred years of age, one would be able to participate in the selection.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I’ve seen an old friend of mine. Could you wait for me here? I’ll go over and greet him, then return,” The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief pointed to the distance. However, he did not set off to greet his friend directly. Instead, he consulted with Chu Feng first.

“Senior, please go ahead,” With the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief speaking like that, Chu Feng naturally knew that he possessed an extraordinary relationship with that friend of his.

Otherwise, he would not have wanted to greet his friend, knowing that Chu Feng was urgent to help Bai Liluo unseal her inverse seal.

Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to it, the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief brought Wuma Shengjie with him and went over to greet his friend.

As for Chu Feng, he did not bother to pay attention to who the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s friend was.

“Big bro, look over there. The little girl that kid is carrying on his shoulder, she’s quite good-looking.”

“Which one? Oh, I see her. Indeed, that lass is truly attractive. She’s already this attractive at such a young age, oh how attractive will she become when she gets older? However, why is her complexion so bad? She’s likely injured, no?”

“What’s important is not that little girl. Instead, have a look at that kid carrying the little girl, look at how tired he looks. How come he’s having such a difficult time carrying a little girl?”

All sorts of different conversations were being heard all around the teleportation formation.

The voices that originated from across Chu Feng made him realize that there seemed to be people talking about him.

After all, only he was carrying a little girl, Bai Liluo, on his back.

Furthermore, due to Bai Liluo’s inverse seal, she was extremely heavy. As such, Chu Feng did appear to be extremely weary, as he had been carrying her on his back the entire time.

“Bros, look at that kid’s title plate.”

“Shoot! And here I was wondering where such a sickly person came from. Turns out he’s actually a clansman of the Chu Heavenly Clan. No wonder he looks so weak.”

“Why did a Chu Heavenly Clansman come here? He couldn’t possibly be thinking about participating in the selection of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, right?”

“To come to participate in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars with only that bit of strength, that kid is truly one to not know his standing. Hahaha.”

“Humph, that’s not surprising at all. After all, Chu Heavenly Clansmen are nothing more than a bunch of shameless trash, no?”

Even though those people clearly did not know Chu Feng, they were not only mocking and ridiculing him, but their voices were also extremely loud. They simply did not care how he felt in the slightest.

It was as if they had some sort of deep hatred against him.

Their actions were simply a deliberate provocation.

If they were quietly discussing him among themselves, Chu Feng would not have bothered to pay attention to them. However, they had decided to deliberately provoke him the moment they found out he was a Chu Heavenly Clansman. With this, he was unable to tolerate them.

As such, Chu Feng cast his gaze toward them.

Upon doing so, he discovered that they were all people of the younger generation. As for their strength, they were quite strong too. The majority of them were peak True Immortals.

Even though they were akin to ants in Chu Feng’s eyes, their cultivations were actually quite strong among the younger generations.

Furthermore, those people all carried the same title plate on their waist -- Gong Heavenly Clan.

“And here I was wondering how exceptional you all must be to look down upon our Chu Heavenly Clan like this. It turns out you’re Gong Heavenly Clansmen.”

“Unfortunately, while you all know about my Chu Heavenly Clan, I have simply never heard of your Gong Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“What did you say?! Are you looking down on us?!”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, those people were immediately enraged, and began to walk toward Chu Feng aggressively.


However, right at that moment, a furious shout was heard.

Following that, an elderly person and a young person descended from the sky and landed before those people from the Gong Heavenly Clan.

They were an old man and a young woman.

The old man had white hair. Although he had an amiable-looking face, he still looked imposing. Furthermore, his cultivation should be in the Exalted realm.

As for that woman, she was also a person of the younger generation. She was rather good looking. Although her beauty was not so devastating that she could cause the downfall of a city or state, she was still as lovely as that of a flower.

Furthermore, that woman was a rank two Heavenly Immortal. Her cultivation, when compared to those Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, was much stronger.

Most importantly, both that old man and that young woman had the title plate of the Gong Heavenly Clan on their waists.

“We pay our respects to Lord Clan Chief and Lady Mingyue.”

The Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations immediately revealed panicky looks on their faces upon seeing the old man and the young woman. They immediately stepped forth and greeted them respectfully.

At that moment, Chu Feng learned the identity of that old man. As for that young woman, she was evidently not an ordinary person either.

“How many times have I mentioned to you all that there are people more talented than you in this world, and that one must conduct oneself with modesty? What were you all doing earlier?” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked coldly.

“Lord Clan Chief, we…”

“You what? Why are you all still standing there? Apologize to that young friend immediately!” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted angrily.

Seeing this, those Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations who were acting extremely arrogant and condescending earlier immediately arrived before Chu Feng and apologized to him.

“Young friend, it is this old man’s negligence in failing to teach them properly. I hope that you do not take offense to their actions,” After those several younger generations apologized to Chu Feng, the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief actually also arrived before Chu Feng and expressed his apology.

That old man was, after all, the clan chief of a clan. Both his status and strength were present before Chu Feng. For him to be willing to lower himself to a person of the younger generation like Chu Feng showed that he was extremely sincere in his apology. As such, how could Chu Feng find any fault with him?

“Senior is being too serious. Since senior has spoken, I will naturally have to give senior face.”

“Merely, senior, you really ought to discipline their personality properly. Otherwise… someone else will definitely discipline them for you,” Chu Feng said.

“You…!” Hearing Chu Feng’s remark, the Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations began to gnash their teeth angrily. However, as their Lord Clan Chief was present, they did not argue with him.

That said, they were threatening him through voice transmissions as they glared at him angrily.

However, Chu Feng paid absolutely no attention to them. He acted as if they were a bunch of houseflies buzzing by his ears.

Seeing that Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged, those fellows grew even more furious. Unfortunately, apart from feeling furious, there was nothing they could do.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had completely ignored their threats. He acted as if he paid absolutely no attention to them.

In their eyes, Chu Feng was trash who would sweat immensely just by carrying a little girl, whereas they were the geniuses of the Gong Heavenly Clan, peak True Immortal-level existences.

As such, how could trash of the Chu Heavenly Clan dare to ignore them like that?

The more they thought about it, the more furious they became. Most furious of all, their Lord Clan Chief was even so courteous toward such trash.

In their entire life, they’d never seen their Lord Clan Chief acting so courteous toward someone.

Even with Chu Feng berating them like that, their Lord Clan Chief was not at all angered, and instead echoed him.

“Haha, young friend, what you’ve said is very correct.”

“This old man will definitely discipline them strictly in the future.”

“That said, young friend, are you truly from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Junior Chu Feng is indeed from the Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng?” Hearing that name, the expression of the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief changed. He seemed to have recalled something. However, he immediately shook his head gently. It seemed like he had overruled what he was thinking.