Chapter 3359 - Chu Feng’s Big Sister

Chapter 3359 - Chu Feng’s Big Sister

“You damn bastard! Why did you help Chu Feng?! Exactly who are you?! What are you plotting?!”

“I’m going to kill you! I’m definitely going to kill you!!!”

Chu Hanqing pointed to the imposter Chu Feng and shouted hysterically. He was thoroughly enraged, so much that he became deranged.

Their success was due to that imposter. Their failure was also due to that imposter.

That imposter clearly possessed a  deep hatred for Chu Feng. Why would he… decide to help Chu Feng like that?

Chu Hanqing was unable to understand. Nevertheless, he felt great hatred.

Before everyone, his reputation had been completely swept away, and even his life could not be guaranteed. All of this was caused by that imposter. How could he not feel hatred?

Compared to Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou was relatively calm.

She had prepared herself for the possibility of failure from the very start. Merely, she did not expect them to be defeated so thoroughly.

Nevertheless, she also wanted to understand why it had happened, even though she already had a guess in her heart.

“It would appear that it was a trap from the very start. You didn’t come here to harm Chu Feng. Instead, you came to entrap us.”

Chu Hanyouyou stared at the imposter Chu Feng with grudge-filled eyes.

She knew very well that choosing to cooperate with the stranger was a gamble from the very start.

She didn’t feel sad that their gamble was a loss. She only felt sad that she had thought that they had won their gamble, only to find out that they’d actually lost. This sudden disparity had caused her to feel utterly defeated, a feeling of great sadness.

She felt that she had been deceived from the very start, and was toyed with in the palms of her opponent.

As a Supreme Elder of the Chu Heavenly Clan, she had entrapped countless people in her life. Never would she ever imagine she herself would be entrapped in the end.

“You’re wrong. I have not deliberately entrapped you all. The one to seek you all out for cooperation to frame and kill Chu Feng, the one who poisoned your Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, is not me,” the imposter Chu Feng said.

“What? Not you?”

“Who else would it be then?”

Chu Hanqing and Chu Hanyouyou asked in unison.

At that moment, Chu Feng, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and even the outsiders like Wuming Fenghuo were all focused on the imposter Chu Feng. To be able to disguise himself so thoroughly, exactly who was he?


Right at that moment, the imposter Chu Feng’s body began to distort. Soon, his appearance began to change.

Seeing the current appearance of the imposter Chu Feng, a surprised expression was present in everyone’s eyes.

The crowd had all imagined what the imposter Chu Feng would look like. Merely, no one had imagined that the imposter Chu Feng would actually look like a little girl.

That little girl only appeared to be eight or nine years old. However, her facial features were all very exquisite. Although young, her beauty was completely revealed. Especially her pair of jet-black eyes; they were adorable and filled with innocence.

Merely, such an adorable-looking little girl actually had a head of snow-white hair.

It must be said that her innocent face matched with a head of white hair looked quite strange.

At that moment, Chu Feng revealed a joyous look and cried out, “Big sister!”

“Big sister?!”

The crowd were all astonished to hear Chu Feng’s cry.

They were not only surprised by the fact that Chu Feng knew the little girl. More than that, they were surprised at how Chu Feng addressed the little girl as ‘big sister.’

After all, that was clearly a child!!!

However, that little girl was indeed Chu Feng’s big sister. The reason for that was because she was… Bai Liluo.

Bai Liluo and Chu Feng had become acquainted in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. She was a Natural Oddify from the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. Due to her mischievous nature, she demanded that Chu Feng address her as ‘big sister.’

When Chu Feng gained control of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s grand formation, he was able to sense everything in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. The only exception was that he could not detect Bai Liluo.

At that time, Chu Feng was worried for her. After all, when he had left her side, Bai Liluo was fusing with the black silhouette. It was still hard to determine which among them would win.

Chu Feng had never expected to be able to meet Bai Liluo again, much less within his own clan.

“My little brother Chu Feng, big sister has let you suffer.”

“However, you don’t have to worry anymore. Since I was able to poison your clan chief, your big sister will naturally be able to remove the poison,” Bai Liluo said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart sunk. Then, he asked, “Big sister, that monster is still in your body? It’s him who poisoned Lord Clan Chief?”

“Mn,” Bai Liluo nodded.

At that moment, Chu Feng had verified his guess.

The person who had poisoned their Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was that black silhouette. He detested Chu Feng, and had plotted to kill him.

However, the one who currently occupied the body was Bai Liluo.

That was why she stepped forth to help cleanse the injustice for Chu Feng.

This was also the reason why the one who had framed Chu Feng was her, and the one who had helped him was also her. The reason for that was because there were two different entities to begin with.

“You bastard! Sure enough, you’re in cahoots with that Chu Feng! You deliberately entrapped us! I’ll kill you! I’ll definitely kill you!” Chu Hanqing grew even more furious.

Whilst Chu Feng understood everything, Chu Hanqing had no idea at all. He did not know that Bai Liluo and the black silhouette had fused into one, there were two entities, one evil and one good, within her.

All he knew was that Bai Liluo was the one who sought their cooperation, and then exposed them.

Thus, to Chu Hanqing and his accomplices, Bai Liluo and Chu Feng were in cahoots to begin with. They felt that they were deliberately entrapped by Bai Liluo.

“Behave yourself!”


Unfortunately, as their crimes were set, Chu Xuanzhengfa refused to allow them to act so impudently.

Before Chu Hanqing could finish his threat, he was forced to the ground by Chu Xuanzhengfa, his head sinking into the soil.

No one bothered to pay attention to Chu Hanqing’s struggle. The crowd’s eyes were still focused on Chu Feng and Bai Liluo.

Whilst Chu Feng was someone with extraordinary talent, it seemed that the little girl was also not an ordinary individual.

The crowd were all very curious as to exactly what relationship the little girl had with Chu Feng.

For her to address Chu Feng as little brother, could it be… she was someone nurtured by Chu Xuanyuan?

At that moment, all sorts of guesses were present in the crowd’s hearts.