Chapter 3357 - In Great Panic

Chapter 3357 - In Great Panic

“Milord, I possess the evidence.”

The person who spoke was Chu Yue.

“Why would it be her?”

All of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen felt very surprised upon discovering that it was Chu Yue who had spoken.

Not even Chu Feng had imagined that Chu Yue would stand up for him at a time like this.

“Chu Yue, what sort of nonsense is this?!”

A furious shout was heard. It was Chu Hanqing.

Chu Hanqing was fiercely staring at Chu Yue with a furious gaze. He was threatening Chu Yue.

He was indicating to Chu Yue to shut her mouth.

Faced with such a Chu Hanqing, it would be a lie to say that Chu Yue wasn’t afraid. However, after a moment of hesitation, she still opened her mouth.

“Milord, I possess the evidence,” Chu Yue repeated herself.

Seeing this, Chu Hanqing’s gaze became ruthless.

Chu Yue’s behavior was simply making him an enemy.

“Big sis Chu Yue, forget it. You shouldn’t involve yourself in this matter,” Chu Feng suddenly said.

He knew very well what Chu Yue was planning to say. However, what she was about to say was simply useless. Chu Yue would not be able to help him. If she insisted on helping him, she would only bring harm upon herself.

Chu Feng did not wish to implicate her.

Even he himself did not know who it was that had been disguised as him. He also did not possess any evidence to prove his innocence.

He merely wanted to utilize Wuming Fenghuo’s identity and status to suppress Chu Hanqing and his accomplices so that he would have the time to investigate the truth.

He merely wanted to openly prove that he was being wrongly accused.

He wanted to openly investigate the truth and cleanse the injustice.

He had not planned to rely on others to cleanse his injustice.

“Little brother Chu Feng, I must speak of this matter. Otherwise, my conscience cannot tolerate it,” After Chu Yue finished saying those words, she looked to Wuming Fenghuo again, “Milord, I truly possess the evidence.”

“What sort of evidence do you possess?” Wuming Fenghuo asked.

“I am the evidence.”

“On the day when Lord Clan Chief was poisoned, little brother Chu Feng was inside his residential palace. Thus… the person who poisoned Lord Clan Chief was simply not him. Instead, someone had disguised themselves as him,” Chu Yue said.

“Oh? There’s such a thing?” Wuming Fenghuo’s expression changed slightly.

“Chu Yue, is what you said true?” Chu Xuanzhengfa revealed a joyous look. He had always wanted to right this injustice for Chu Feng. Yet, he had no idea where to start.

Chu Yue’s emergence had brought forth an opening for him to investigate the matter. If someone could prove that Chu Feng was not present, they would be able to determine that the person who had poisoned their Lord Clan Chief was an imposter.

“Chu Yue, you are truly one to blabber nonsense! What sort of benefit did that Chu Feng give you for you to defend him with those lies?!” Before Chu Yue could answer, Chu Hanqing spoke furiously. He had directly concluded that Chu Yue was lying.

“Milord, everything I said is true.”

“What I’ve said is the truth. Not only am I able to prove it, but they too are able to prove it. They went to pay little brother Chu Feng a visit together with me.”

Chu Yue began to mention the names of the people of the younger generation that had gone to visit Chu Feng together with her that day.

“Men!” Chu Xuanzhengfa shouted. He planned to order his men to bring all those people of the younger generation over.

“Men! Go and bring those people over here! I shall see if they are going to say the same thing as you!”

However, before Chu Xuanzhengfa could finish his order, Chu Hanqing interrupted him.

Seeing this, Chu Xuanzhengfa started to frown. Then, he said, “Law Enforcement Hall, accompany them.”

He did that because he was worried that Chu Hanqing’s men would try to threaten those people. That was why he ordered his men to accompany Chu Hanqing’s men.

However, Chu Hanqing revealed a cold sneer at Chu Xuanzhengfa’s action.

Soon, the people of the younger generation that had gone to visit Chu Feng together with Chu Yue that day were all brought to the plaza by Chu Hanqing’s subordinates and the people from the Law Enforcement Hall.

“All of you, speak the truth. Do not feel pressured. Lord Wuming Fenghuo is here, no one will dare to make things difficult for you,” Chu Xuanzhengfa was afraid that those people would be afraid, and thus reminded them.

“Milord, I am telling the truth. That day, I was at home undergoing closed-door training. I simply never went to pay Chu Feng a visit.”

“What?” Hearing those words, not only did Chu Yue’s expression change greatly, but even Chu Xuanzhengfa’s expression changed greatly.

Following that person, the other people of the younger generation also began to speak.

“Chu Yue, what you mentioned simply never happened. Even if you want to protect Chu Feng, you shouldn’t drag me into this.”

“That’s right. Chu Yue, no matter what, we are brothers and sisters of the same clan. How could you harm us like this?”

In unison, those people all denied what had happened back then with earnest expressions.

“You all, you all…”

Chu Yue turned deathly pale. She did not expect those people to deny what had happened that day.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, had already anticipated this. He knew very well that those people would not help them because they were afraid of Chu Hanqing.

That was also the reason why Chu Feng had tried to keep Chu Yue from mentioning the truth from the very start.

As for Chu Xuanzhengfa, he was bewildered.

He had been carefully observing those people, observing their expressions and body movements out of fear that they were telling lies.

However, from his observation, those people’s behavior did not appear to be abnormal at all. This meant that they did not lie, and were telling the truth.

But, if they were telling the truth, wouldn’t it mean that Chu Yue was the one who was lying?

At that moment, Chu Xuanzhengfa was a bit perplexed.

Seeing the perplexed look on Chu Xuanzhengfa’s face, Chu Hanqing and his accomplices started to sneer in their hearts.

It was Chu Hanqing who had personally captured Chu Feng from his residential palace that day. As such, how could he not know that there were people present that could prove Chu Feng’s innocence?

In order to keep those people from testifying for Chu Feng, Chu Hanqing did not choose to silence them, and instead made threats and promises to them. He found all of them and made them sing the same tune.

The only person he did not bother to seek out was Chu Yue. The reason for that was because he felt that Chu Yue would not dare to bring up the matter.

After all, Chu Yue had betrayed Chu Feng for the sake of her own self-interest. As such, she would naturally not dare to make an enemy of him. On top of that, Chu Yue’s mother was a member of the Law Enforcement Hall. Thus, Chu Hanqing decided to disregard Chu Yue.

However, he actually ended up miscalculating. He did not expect for Chu Yue to actually attempt to redress Chu Feng’s injustice.

However, although he had miscalculated, it didn’t matter. After all, the others were all unified and singing to his tune.

Chu Hanqing had already fed those people of the younger generation poison. Thus, they simply did not dare to disobey him.

Furthermore, Chu Hanqing had not only made them swallow poison, but he also fed them a special sort of medicinal pellet. That medicinal pellet was capable of reigning in their emotions, allowing them to lie in plain sight.

That was also the reason why Chu Xuanzhengfa and even Wuming Fenghuo were unable to determine that those people of the younger generation were lying.

All of this was due to the fact that Chu Hanqing was already prepared for this.

“Chu Yue, what else do you have to say?!” Chu Hanqing asked angrily.

At that moment, Chu Yue turned ashen. She didn’t know how to explain herself. What she had said was clearly the truth. Yet, she was felt very powerless.


Chu Yue sat paralyzed on the ground. She seemed to have received an enormous shock.

Seeing Chu Yue like that, Chu Hanqing and his accomplices felt extremely pleased with themselves.

This was the result of going against them.

“I can testify for Chu Feng.”

Right at that moment, another voice was heard.

Once that voice was heard, the crowd’s hearts all tightened. The reason for that was because that voice was nearly identical to Chu Feng’s voice. Yet, it had sounded from outside the plaza.

The crowd turned toward the direction of the voice. Immediately, their expressions changed to ones of shock.

Many people began to look back and forth between Chu Feng and the person who had just arrived.

However, compared to the crowd’s surprise, Chu Hanqing and his accomplices were feeling extremely tense.

Their complacency instantly disappeared, and was replaced with utter panic.

Some among them immediately began to sweat cold bullets and shiver in fear.

The reason for that was because the person who had arrived looked identical to Chu Feng.

Chu Hanqing and his accomplices knew very well that he was the one who had disguised himself as Chu Feng and poisoned their Lord Clan Chief.