Chapter 3350 - I Say He’s Qualified

Chapter 3350 - I Say He’s Qualified

“Chu Feng?”

“How did he get here?”

“Who was it? Who was the one that released him?”

“Men! Arrest him!”

Chu Hanqing and the others were immediately alarmed upon seeing Chu Feng. As they spoke, they released their oppressive might.

It was not only Chu Hanqing who set off to attack Chu Feng; practically all of those that detested Chu Feng but were afraid of him all rushed to attack him.

Oppressive might, like waves, began to rush toward Chu Feng to attack him from all directions.

They were simply not trying to arrest Chu Feng. Instead, they were trying to take his life.


Suddenly, explosions began to be heard from around Chu Feng. Before Chu Hanqing and the others’ oppressive might could reach Chu Feng, they were blocked by an even more powerful oppressive might.

“I shall see who dares to touch him!”

Immediately afterward, several figures descended from the sky and surrounded Chu Feng like guards, protecting him.

They were people from the Law Enforcement Hall. They were led by Chu Xuanzhengfa and the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, you… you damned traitor! You dare collude with an outsider! Sure enough… you are related to the poisoning of Lord Clan Chief!”

“Lord Hanpeng, I hereby request of you… immediately execute the traitors Chu Feng and Chu Xuanzhengfa so as to prevent future worries.”

Upon seeing the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief, Chu Hanqing grew even more panicky. The reason for that was because he knew very well that he was no match for her.

If the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief wanted to save Chu Feng, he would not be able to stop her.

Furthermore, he knew very well that if Chu Feng were to be saved, then, with his talent, he would definitely cause no end of trouble for him.

Thus, forced into a state of having no alternatives, he could only place all of his hopes onto Chu Hanpeng. Only Chu Hanpeng was capable of contending against the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief.

“All of you, quiet down!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. The crowd immediately shut their mouths.

The reason for that was because that furious shout came from Wuming Fenghuo.

At that moment, Wuming Fenghuo was ignoring practically everyone present. His gaze was focused only on Chu Feng. After sizing him up, he asked, “You said that you’re called Chu Feng?”

“Yes Milord, junior is indeed named Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied with his fist clasped.

“Who is Chu Xuanyuan to you?” Wuming Fenghuo asked.

“Chu Xuanyuan is my father,” Chu Feng answered.


While Wuming Fenghuo was able to remain calm at his answer, the Fang Heavenly Clan and the other powers present all, to a greater or lesser degree, revealed astonished expressions.

Immediately, they began to spiritedly discuss the matter.

Chu Xuanyuan’s son was actually really still alive???

“It would appear that the rumors are true,” Wuming Fenghuo nodded.

The news of Chu Feng being alive had actually been gradually spreading throughout the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s eastern region. All the people present had heard the rumors.

However, those remained only rumors. Thus, they were all skeptical. That was the reason why they were so astonished after seeing Chu Feng.

After all, the person standing before them was Chu Xuanyuan’s descendant.

According to the rumors, he should’ve died long ago.

“As you’re a Chu Heavenly Clansman, you are naturally qualified to fight for the Chu Heavenly Clan. Go on in,” Wuming Fenghuo waved his hand.

However, right at that moment, Chu Hanqing immediately spoke out against it, “Milord, you must not!” 

“Why not?” Wuming Fenghuo narrowed his brows. He revealed a slightly displeased look.

“Milord, as matters stand, we have no choice but to report what happened to you. Our clan’s Lord Clan Chief isn’t actually ill. Instead, he has been poisoned by a very powerful poison. As for the person who poisoned him, it is none other than that Chu Feng,” in a moment of desperation, Chu Hanqing confessed what had happened.

Many people, including the Fang Heavenly Clansmen, were all surprised upon hearing Chu Hanqing’s words. After all, a clansman poisoning one’s clan chief was something that happened very rarely.

However, compared to the others, Wuming Fenghuo remained very calm. He continued to ask, “In that case, was he the one who was being punished on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform?”

“Yes Milord, that was him indeed,” Chu Hanqing said.

“No wonder he appears to be in such weak health,” Wuming Fenghuo said. Then, he gestured with his hand to Chu Feng, “Go on in.”

“Milord, you absolutely must not. That child is a disgrace to our clan. He has committed an enormous offense. He does not possess the qualifications to fight for our clan. Instead, he should be put to death immediately,” Chu Hanqing continued to obstruct Wuming Fenghuo. As matters stood, the situation had changed completely. Chu Hanqing could not allow Chu Feng to reveal his talent before Wuming Fenghuo, as that would be very detrimental to him and his accomplices.

However, right after Chu Hanqing’s words left his mouth, Wuming Fenghuo shouted at him angrily, “Shut up!” 

Then, he pointed at Chu Hanqing and spoke angrily, “I do not care what he has done! I only care about what I see!”

“What I see is that you all have deemed him to be a traitor, and severely punished him using the Heavenly Lightning with the intention to kill him.”

“And yet, he has clearly escaped from the Heavenly Lightning, and could’ve escaped from your clan on the spot. However, instead of doing that, he arrived before you all, people that wish to kill him.”

“The reason why he did that is because he considers himself to be a member of your Chu Heavenly Clan, and wants to defend the estate left behind by your Old Ancestor.”

“Thus, braving the dangers of being killed by you all, he decided to bravely step forward and fight for your clan.”

“A person of the younger generation was willing to do all that for your clan. As for you all… exactly what have you done?!”

“Have you all prepared for this match?! Did you all care about the estate left behind by your Old Ancestor?!”

Wuming Fenghuo’s voice was louder than even thunder. As his voice entered the ears of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, many began to feel deeply ashamed.

“I said that he is qualified, thus he is qualified! Who dares to say that he is not qualified?!” Wuming Fenghuo added loudly. His voice was so loud that it shook heaven and earth.

The crowd present all started to shiver in fear upon hearing his voice.

That was the might of one of the Starfield Master Realm’s Ten Great Experts, a peak Exalted-level existence. Who would dare to oppose him?

At that moment, everyone, including Chu Hanqing, had shut their mouths. No one dared to utter another superfluous word.

“Thank you Milord,” Chu Feng bowed respectfully to Wuming Fenghuo, and then directly entered that world created by the treasure’s formation.

Soon, he arrived before the remnants of the Chu Heavenly Clan, their only remaining camp.