Chapter 3348 - I Have Came To Bring Chu Feng Away

Chapter 3348 - I Have Come To Bring Chu Feng Away

Time passed very quickly. In merely the blink of an eye, an incense’s stick worth of time had passed.

“This old man hereby announces that the match shall begin,” Wuming Gangxiong said.


Once Wuming Gangxiong’s words left his mouth, shouts of ‘kill’ immediately began to sound unceasingly. Merely, those shouts were all from the Fang Heavenly Clansmen.

The Fang Heavenly Clansmen had divided themselves into sixty offensive phalanxes. Each with a Fang Heavenly Clan’s banner, they began to cross over river to attack the Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory in orderly formations.

As for the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, they simply had no intention to attack the Fang Heavenly Clansmen. Instead, they had decided to engage in a tactic of hard defense.

In the blink of an eye, the two parties were already fighting one another in close combat.

Originally, the progression of the battle was a bit worrisome. After all, the Fang Heavenly Clan were only three thousand strong, and would have to leave behind a portion of their numbers to protect their own front. As such, their numbers created an enormous disparity against the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

However, this sort of vexing battle progression did not persist for long. In merely a short incense stick’s worth of time, the Fang Heavenly Clan began to gain the upper hand.

Seeing this, Wuming Fenghuo shook his head.

Even though he had determined that the Chu Heavenly Clan would lose from the very start, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s side had many more people, and Fang Hualong still hadn’t set out to attack the Chu Heavenly Clan. For the Chu Heavenly Clan to still end up losing in the battle, it amply illustrated one thing -- there was no qualified successor to the Chu Heavenly Clan present.

Suddenly, someone asked, “Chu Heavenly Clan, what’s going on here? Could it be that you all are planning to renounce your ownership of the Purpletree Ordinary Realm?” 

“How could they be planning to renounce their ownership? If they planned to do that, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief wouldn’t have agreed to the match back then. It’s actually very simple as to why this is happening; they simply do not possess sufficient strength.”

“Even if that’s the case, this disparity is simply too great, no? On the side of the Fang Heavenly Clan, young friend Fang Hualong hasn’t even joined the battle yet.”

“There’s simply no need for him to join the battle. The disparity between the two sides is simply too vast. Even without young friend Fang Hualong joining, the Chu Heavenly Clan will still undoubtedly be defeated.”

“Back then, the Chu Heavenly Clan was very imposing and awe-inspiring. Never would I have ever imagined them to degenerate to such a state.”

Mocking voices and sighs began to be heard nonstop. It was those people from the other powers that had arrived with the Fang Heavenly Clan.

They simply gave no concern for the face of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen. They were also not afraid that the Chu Heavenly Clansmen would be angered by their words. After all, they’d come precisely to enjoy the humiliation of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

At that moment, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were filled with anger. With the situation being like that, some people began to send voice transmissions to Chu Hanpeng.

“Lord Hanpeng, we cannot give up on the ownership of the Purpletree Ordinary Realm like this. If we’re to do that, we’ll have brought disgrace upon our ancestors. Lord Hanpeng, you should release Chu Feng. With Chu Feng present, even if we are to lose, we would not lose this disgracefully.”

The people that were sending voice transmissions to Chu Hanpeng actually did not possess much expectations of Chu Feng either. After they saw Fang Hualong and determined that his cultivation was likely that of a of rank seven Martial Immortal, they knew that even if Chu Feng were to join the battle, their Chu Heavenly Clan would still be destined to lose.

However, they knew that if Chu Feng were to join the battle, those Fang Heavenly Clan’s minor trash would not be Chu Feng’s match. Only Fang Hualong of the Fang Heavenly Clan would be able to defeat Chu Feng.

Although the ultimate result would still be the same, and they would still end being defeated, they would, at the very least, not be defeated so thoroughly, not be humiliated so badly.

However, faced with those voice transmissions, Chu Hanpeng only replied with, “Chu Feng is about to be tortured to death. Do you all not feel shame to have him engage in battle?”

“Lord Hanpeng, that Chu Feng is a criminal. He poisoned Lord Clan Chief, and should have been put to death immediately. You were already extremely benevolent to not kill him right away. To allow him to accomplish a meritorious service to our clan as a criminal is an act of charity,” someone said.

“An act of charity? Do you all really think that the Death Exemption Title Plate is worthless? Did you all really think that Chu Feng had a reason to poison Lord Clan Chief?”

Chu Hanpeng was immediately furious. He was furious because Chu Feng had done so much for their clan, yet only a small portion of their clansmen believed in him, whereas the great majority of them were still extremely on guard against him. Should Chu Feng do something wrong, those people would do their utmost to push him to the bottomless abyss.

It was like that for Chu Xuanyuan back then, and it remained like that for Chu Feng.

This was not the misfortune of Chu Xuanyuan and Chu Feng. Instead, it was the misfortune of their Chu Heavenly Clan. With such a bunch of people lacking in unity, their Chu Heavenly Clan would find it very difficult to rise in power.

“This…” Hearing that Chu Hanpeng’s tone had turned to one of great anger, those people that were trying to urge him to release Chu Feng to have him fight all closed their mouths.

They were completely confused. It was clearly Chu Hanpeng who had decided to punish Chu Feng. Why would he now be speaking up for Chu Feng?

It was only natural that they were confused. After all, Chu Hanpeng was helping Chu Feng from the very start. He had punished Chu Feng not because he wanted to make it appear as if he were very fair and impartial, but rather because he wanted Chu Feng to benefit through the power of the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

Even though it was very dangerous, he wanted Chu Feng to give it a try. After all, the path of martial cultivators was a path against the current. If one did not advance, then they would be pushed back.

If a cultivator only wished to do everything with safety in mind, then they would never be able to make great progress. Furthermore, they would not be able to obtain the safety that they wanted, for they would be destined to be trampled upon and stifled by other martial cultivators.

At that moment, the situation on the battlefield was growing worse and worse. Before, the Chu Heavenly Clan might have had a trace of hope. However, that hope had now been extinguished.

However, no one knew that an unexpected guest had arrived before the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

“Who is it?!”

Chu Xuanzhengfa had been guarding the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform the entire time. He felt an aura that did not belong to their Chu Heavenly Clan, and immediately shouted out.

“Chu Heavenly Clan, could you all still be considered to be human?”

A voice sounded from the direction that Chu Xuanzhengfa was looking at. Then, the surrounding space in that direction started to distort. After that, a figure emerged from the space.

Seeing that person, all of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen guarding the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform immediately drew their weapons. They reacted as if they were confronted with a great enemy, and had greatly alarmed expressions on their faces.

“Senior, it’s you?! Why have you come here?!” Chu Xuanzhengfa cried out in alarm. He did not expect that person to appear there.

“I have come to take Chu Feng away,” that person said.