Chapter 3344 - The Agreement Between The Two Clans

Chapter 3344 - The Agreement Between The Two Clans

“What’s there to panic about? It’s only been a mere five days. There’s nothing to panic about.”

“Chu Feng is an extraordinary individual to begin with. It is only normal for him to be able to last longer on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform,” Chu Hanqing said.

“Lord Supreme Elder, even you’ve said that Chu Feng is extraordinary.”

“Isn’t that precisely the reason why we’re so worried about him? That Chu Feng once stepped onto the tenth step of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps, and even caused the Bloodline Cultivation Formation to remain open forever.”

“This subordinate is truly worried that he will be tied up on that pillar forever, and not die.”

“That’s right. Lord Supreme Elder, please think of a way. While it is fine for that Chu Feng to continue to delay his death, we cannot afford for him to continue to delay his death,” The crowd spoke in succession.

“What can I possibly do? Chu Hanpeng and Chu Xuanzhengfa have been guarding the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform the entire time. Even if we wanted to directly attack and kill Chu Feng, we would have no chance to do so,” Chu Hanqing spoke in a very helpless manner.

“What are we to do then? If this is to continue, Lord Clan Chief will one day regain consciousness. At that time, we will end up suffering.”

The crowd started to panic even more upon hearing what Chu Hanqing said.

“You all are truly a bunch of useless cowards.”

“It is no wonder that you all will be toyed around with by a person of the younger generation like that Chu Feng,” Right at that moment, an extremely insulting voice was heard.

At the same time, a figure appeared out of thin air.

Seeing that person, the crowd could not help but be startled. The reason for that was because that person looked exactly the same as Chu Feng.

However, the crowd soon managed to react. They knew that the person that had appeared before them was not Chu Feng, as the actual Chu Feng was still suffering the Heavenly Lightnings’ bombardment on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

As for that person, he was naturally the imposter who had disguised himself as Chu Feng and helped them poison their Lord Clan Chief.

As those Chu Heavenly Clansmen were feeling depressed to begin with, they felt extremely displeased after being insulted by that imposter. One among them, in a rage, stood forth and pointed his finger at that imposter’s nose. Angrily, he denounced, “Impudent! You are nothing more than a puppet! What makes you think you’re qualified to denounce us?!”


However, right after his words left his mouth, the imposter Chu Feng narrowed his brows, and that Chu Heavenly Clansman was shot flying. When he landed, blood filled his mouth, and he was seriously injured.


witnessing that scene, the crowd’s expressions all changed enormously, for the person that was seriously injured was a peak Martial Immortal.

That imposter Chu Feng was actually able to, motionlessly, seriously injure a peak Martial Immortal using only his thoughts.

This meant that the imposter must be an Exalted-level expert.

This had truly surpassed their expectations. Even though that imposter’s disguise was so good that they could not see through it at all, the crowd felt that his disguise was made through special means. They truly did not expect for the imposter Chu Feng to actually be that powerful.

“What are you all doing? Are you trying to cause internal strife before we take care of Chu Feng?” Chu Hanyouyou spoke coldly.

Faced with Chu Hanyouyou’s angry rebuke, although the Chu Heavenly Clansmen revealed expressions of fear, that imposter Chu Feng did not concern himself with them at all.

He raised his hand and made a grabbing motion toward that seriously injured Chu Heavenly Clansman. Then, separated by distance and air, that seriously injured Chu Heavenly Clansman was lifted into midair by the neck.

“He was rude toward me. Have him apologize to me. Otherwise… I will take his life,” The Imposter Chu Feng said coldly.

At that moment, Chu Hanqing and Chu Hanyouyou glanced at one another. Worry emerged in both of their eyes.

They knew very little about the imposter Chu Feng. They only decided to cooperate with him because they had no other alternative, as they could not wait any longer. If Chu Feng were to continue to grow, only a road to ruin would await them.

However, judging by things at present, the imposter Chu Feng was an enormous threat to them too. Most importantly, they did not dare to attempt to kill him to silence him. The reason for that was because they were uncertain if they were even able to take care of him.

Not only was the imposter Chu Feng mysterious, but his strength was also… unfathomable.

In the beginning, the imposter Chu Feng was rather compliant. However, at that moment, he had directly attacked their subordinate. Evidently, they were soon to lose control over him.

“Release him first. Otherwise, how is he even able to apologize?” Chu Hanyouyou said. She felt very helpless, and had no choice but to reach a compromise.

“Humph,” The imposter Chu Feng waved his sleeve and tossed the seriously-injured Chu Heavenly Clansman back to the ground.

“I’m sorry. I have misspoken. Milord, please show leniency and forgive me this once.”

The injured Chu Heavenly Clansman immediately crawled back up and apologized to the imposter Chu Feng.

“You all need to understand this. The reason why that Chu Feng is suffering like this today is not because of your contributions. Instead, it is all because of me. Thus, I hope that you will understand the relationship between you and I.”

“I am not a puppet of yours. On the contrary, you all are the ones that are incapable of separating yourselves from me,” The imposter Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the crowd’s hearts all tensed up. It would appear that what they were worried about would soon occur.

This imposter Chu Feng was even more dangerous than they had imagined, for he was simply threatening them with his words.

“We are on the same boat. This is no time for internal strife. Instead, we should be discussing how to take care of Chu Feng,” Chu Hanqing said.

“Apart from me, no one else is capable of curing the poison that your clan chief suffers from.”

“If I do not cure him of his poison, within a month, his body will start to ulcerate, and then he will die. At that time… what is there for you all to be afraid of?” The imposter Chu Feng said.

“Truly?” Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and the others present all asked simultaneously.

“Absolutely true,” The imposter Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the expressions of Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and the others turned much better.

Although they did not wish to kill their Lord Clan Chief so soon, with the situation at hand, they had no choice but to kill him. After all, if their Lord Clan Chief didn’t die, the ones to suffer would be them instead.

“If you all need it, I can also take care of that Chu Hanpeng and Chu Xuanzhengfa for you, removing future worries,” The imposter Chu Feng said.

“Why are you helping us?” Chu Hanqing and Chu Hanyouyou asked.

The more the imposter Chu Feng helped them, the more worried they became. They were afraid that he was plotting something, that he had an alternative plan to begin with.

The imposter Chu Feng naturally managed to see through what Chu Hanqing and Chu Hanyouyou were thinking.

He first chuckled and then said, “Rest assured, I merely do not wish for that Chu Feng to live well. As for you all and your Chu Heavenly Clan, they are nothing of interest to me.”

“Thus, you all do not have to worry that I am plotting something. After this matter is settled, I will leave, and what you all have done will be forever concealed.”

Even though the imposter Chu Feng said it like that, Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and the others were still worried.

The capabilities of that imposter Chu Feng had surpassed their imagination. Furthermore, he possessed detrimental information that could be used against them. Unless the imposter Chu Feng died… they would never be at ease for the rest of their lives.

“Milords, this is bad!”

Suddenly, a person rushed into the palace hall with a worried expression.

“What happened?” Chu Hanqing and Chu Hanyouyou asked.

“The Fang Heavenly Clan, the Zhao Heavenly Clan, the Song Heavenly Clan, Signal Fire Gate City, the Cyan Sword Sect and numerous other powers have all arrived outside our Chu Heavenly Clan,” The messenger stated.

“What? Them?”

“Why would they all appear at our Chu Heavenly Clan at the same time?”

At that moment, Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and all of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were completely baffled. At the same time, they felt very uneasy.

The Fang Heavenly Clan had always been their rival. Their Chu Heavenly Clan was destined to battle the Fang Heavenly Clan one day.

In addition to the Fang Heavenly Clan, the Zhao Heavenly Clan, the Song Heavenly Clan, Signal Fire Gate City and the Cyan Sword Sect were all overlords of their respective Upper Realms.

None of them were weaker than their Chu Heavenly Clan.

For so many powers to appear before their Chu Heavenly Clan, it was evidently not good.

“The Fang Heavenly Clan has stated that the time of the agreement has arrived,” The messenger said.

“What?” At that moment, the crowd were completely bewildered.

The reason for that was because they simply had no idea that there was any sort of agreement between their Chu Heavenly Clan and the Fang Heavenly Clan.