Chapter 3340 - Set Up

Chapter 3340 - Set Up

“Lord Clan Chief!!!”

Seeing the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief losing consciousness before them, the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan all began to panic.

“Impudent Chu Feng! You dare poison Lord Clan Chief?!!!”

“Men! Arrest him!!!”

Chu Hanqing pointed at Chu Feng and shouted furiously.

The people that did not know the truth were naturally baffled by what was happening. They still hadn’t accepted the fact that Chu Feng had poisoned their Lord Clan Chief.

However, Chu Hanqing’s accomplices were already waiting for his signal. Once the signal was given, they immediately rushed toward Chu Feng.


However, after they approached, a loud sound was heard. Chu Feng actually exploded. He turned into black mist that dispersed in all directions.

Seeing this, the crowd were astonished once again.

They all knew that Chu Feng’s self-denotation did not mean that he had died. Instead, he had escaped.

Merely, they had no idea what sort of technique could possibly allow Chu Feng to escape before so many experts. Furthermore, they were left completely helpless, and had no idea where he had escaped to.

“He can’t have escaped far! Activate the sealing formation and seal off all exits! After that, search for Chu Feng! We must definitely capture him!” Chu Hanqing shouted.

In the next moment, his men immediately scattered in all directions. Only Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others that had no idea what was happening remained. They arrived beside the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and began to carefully diagnose his injury.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng had no idea what had happened. He was still inside his palace, and was entertaining some guests.

Those guests were all members of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations. They actually did not have a very familiar relationship with Chu Feng. The only person that Chu Feng knew among them was Chu Yue.

Although Chu Feng no longer concerned himself with what had happened back then, Chu Yue still felt very ashamed of herself, and wanted to have a proper chat with Chu Feng.

Upon learning of his return, many people of the younger generation arrived before his palace to pay a visit.

Generally, Chu Feng would refuse all the people that tried to pay him a visit. However, after Chu Feng returned, he actually opened the entrance to his palace, allowing those Chu Heavenly Clansmen with thin skin to wait outside, and those with thick skin to directly enter his palace with Chu Yue.

Although Chu Feng did not wish to engage in any long conversations with them, he still received them properly, and even chatted with them for a short period of time.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard. The entrance gate to Chu Feng’s palace hall had been smashed apart.

Following that, a figure rushed in and landed behind Chu Feng.

It was Chu Hanqing.

“Lord Supreme Elder?”

Seeing the Supreme Elder, the people of the younger generation all revealed alarmed expressions.

However, before they could have much of a reaction, the Supreme Elder had left. As for Chu Feng, he had also disappeared.

Chu Feng was naturally arrested by Chu Hanqing.

Chu Hanqing did not attempt to privately take care of Chu Feng after capturing him. Instead, he directly brought Chu Feng back to the location where their Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was poisoned.

“Release me! Why are you arresting me?!”

Chu Feng struggled violently with a furious scowl.

“Why have I arrested you?”

“Look at what you’ve done.”

Chu Hanqing snorted coldly. Then, he waved his sleeve and tossed Chu Feng to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s side.

At that moment, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen that were gathered around the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief immediately scattered.

As for Chu Feng, he managed to see the poisoned Lord Clan Chief.


Seeing the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Chu Feng, who did not know about the truth, immediately revealed a look of panic. He was able to tell from a single glance that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was poisoned by a very powerful poison.

“What happened?! Who did this?!” Chu Feng looked around and asked with a stern voice.

Once Chu Feng asked those questions, the people that did not know the truth were also bewildered.

They had clearly witnessed the whole event, where Chu Feng had poisoned their Lord Clan Chief. Thus, why would he ask that sort of question?

“Chu Feng, you dare to have the nerve to ask that sort of question?! Was it not you who did it?!”

“Lord Clan Chief has treated you so well in vain! You dared to cause harm to him! Chu Feng, today… you shall pay with your life!” As Chu Hanqing spoke, he shot forth a palm strike. His boundless martial power was aiming for Chu Feng’s life. If Chu Feng was struck by it, he would undoubtedly die.

Chu Hanqing… was trying to kill Chu Feng.

However, before his palm strike could reach Chu Feng, its power dispersed. A figure stood before Chu Feng. It was Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, are you trying to protect that sinner who dared to plot against the life of Lord Clan Chief?! Could it be… you are his accomplice?!”

Chu Hanqing pointed at Chu Xuanzhengfa and denounced him angrily.

“I am not trying to protect Chu Feng. I merely feel that this matter is fishy,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“What is fishy about this? Chu Feng poisoned Lord Clan Chief, that is something that everyone here witnessed. What else do you wish to ask? Are you perhaps planning to tell me that just because of Chu Feng’s lies saying that it wasn’t him who did it that we should believe him?” Chu Hanqing asked.

“Are you trying to tell me that you do not feel this matter to be fishy?”

“If Chu Feng wanted to poison Lord Clan Chief, he could very well do it in private while they were away from the clan. Why would he wait until they returned to the clan to poison Lord Clan Chief publicly before all these people? Furthermore, he had clearly already escaped. Why would he be captured by you so quickly? Moreover, where did you capture him?” Chu Xuanzhengfa asked.

“Wait,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke. He asked Chu Xuanzhengfa, “Senior, you said that… it’s me who poisoned Lord Clan Chief?”

“Chu Feng, earlier, there was indeed someone who looked exactly like you who poisoned Lord Clan Chief here. Was that person not you?” Chu Xuanzhengfa asked.

“If not him, who else could it be? Are you trying to say that someone was impersonating him?”

“If someone was impersonating him, how could we not detect that? Are you saying that Lord Clan Chief couldn’t determine that it was an impersonator? Chu Xuanzhengfa, are you incapable of seeing through an impersonator?”

Before Chu Feng could respond, Chu Hanqing questioned him aggressively.

Right at that moment, Chu Hanyouyou also added, “Chu Xuanzhengfa, you can stop your attempt to wash away that Chu Feng’s crime. All of us have witnessed what happened earlier. No one will be able to wash away this crime!” 

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart sunk. He had gained a rough understanding of what had happened.

He had been framed!!!

As for the person that had framed him, they were likely related to those two Supreme Elders before him.