Chapter 3331 - The New Decastars

Chapter 3331 - The New Decastars

“I will give you all some private time now,” after the Moon Immortal finished saying those words, she released Su Rou and Su Mei’s consciousness again, allowing the two sisters to regain control over their bodies.

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Su Mei fell into Chu Feng’s bosom with a ‘putt.’ Her charming little face was buried deep into Chu Feng’s chest. She did not say anything, but was tightly grabbing onto the corner of Chu Feng’s clothes.

There was no need to describe with words how reluctant she was to part with Chu Feng. After all, her reluctance to part with Chu Feng was completely manifested through her physical behavior.

As for Su Rou, she stood where she was and looked to Chu Feng with a smile on her face. Although she appeared to be very calm, her eyes were filled with unwillingness to part. Her eyes were actually becoming more and more wet.

“It would appear that the two of you have already agreed to senior Moon Immortal’s conditions?” Chu Feng asked Su Rou.

“It has also been difficult for big sister Moon Immortal. Furthermore, she has treated us sisters very well. Thus, we have already agreed to her condition long ago.”

“Merely, I never expected big sister Moon Immortal to only give herself a hundred years’ time limit, that she will return our bodies to us after a hundred years. It would appear that you have greater face and reputation than us,” Su Rou smiled sweetly. She who was not fond of joking around was actually making a joke.

Although her smile was very beautiful, it started to become a forced smile as glistening teardrops began to gather in her eyes. This girl was clearly reluctant to part with Chu Feng, yet she was worried about his feelings, and pretended to look happy.

“For others, a hundred years might not be long. However, a hundred years is a very long time for me. I, Chu Feng, have a lot of things that I need to do, a lot of things that I need to shoulder.”

“However, from today on, finding senior Qing Xuantian’s whereabouts will become one of the most important things for me. I will, with all my capabilities, seek to allow the two of you to return to my side sooner,” Chu Feng was extremely serious as he said those words. He was making an oath.

“It’s been so many years now, I understand your character very well. You’ve never let me down. Thus… I trust you,” Su Rou was still smiling. However, she was no longer capable of containing her tears. Two streams of glistening, sparkling and translucent tears rolled down her beautiful cheeks.

Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his arm and pulled Su Rou into his chest, hugging her too. Chu Feng hugged the sisters very tightly as he was overwhelmed with emotions.

Although all three of them were quiet, they were reminiscing over the same image in their minds.

That year, in the Nine Province Continent’s Azure Province’s Azure Dragon School...

Su Rou was an elder of the inner sect.

Su Mei was a disciple of the inner sect.

The two sisters were targets of admiration for countless male elders and male disciples. However, not a single man was capable of entering the sisters’ hearts.

No one ever imagined that the rise to power of an outer sect disciple would actually change everything.

A youngster who was originally mediocre and possessed no special talent opened up a heaven-defying path and created miracle after miracle that astonished everyone. Even Su Rou and Su Mei ended up falling for that youngster, so much so that they were even willing to sacrifice themselves to protect him.

Scenes from the past appeared in the minds of the three continuously.

The youngster from back then not only became a legendary character that saved the Nine Provinces Continent, but he even became a hero who saved the Holy Land of Martialism.

The speed of his growth surpassed everyone’s expectations. Even though the crowd were already prepared, they never imagined that he would be able to reach such heights.

And, the current Chu Feng was even more incomparable to how he was back then. Unfortunately, even though he had made such lightning fast progress, he was still unable to protect the people that he cared about the most.

He was only able to briefly embrace them at this very moment.

“Chu Feng, let us meet again in a hundred years,” suddenly, Su Rou and Su Mei raised their heads at the same time. They looked to Chu Feng with reluctance in their eyes.

After saying those words, Su Rou and Su Mei’s gazes started to change.

Chu Feng immediately let go of the two of them. He knew that the Moon Immortal had returned.

“Chu Feng, to be unable to be beside one’s lover, I know that pain very well,” Su Rou and Su Mei looked to Chu Feng at the same time. “Because I know it very well, I feel very guilty and ashamed of my actions. However, I have no choice. I hope that you do not blame me for it.”

After the Moon Immortal finished saying those words, she disappeared. The martial power barrier that had sealed Chu Feng also disappeared alongside her.

The Moon Immortal had left. Su Rou and Su Mei had also left alongside her.

At that moment, although Chu Feng was feeling reluctant to part, he no longer felt as pained as he had earlier.

At the very least, he had learned that the Moon Immortal would not bring harm to Su Rou and Su Mei. Furthermore, the hundred year promise also served as hope for Chu Feng.

Most importantly, after what had happened, Chu Feng had come to determine that the Moon Immortal was most definitely not an ordinary human. Although he did not know what sort of existence the Moon Immortal was, the speed at which her cultivation increased had illustrated how terrifying of an existence she was.

It might be possible that the Moon Immortal would become an existence capable of moving about the entire martial cultivation world unhindered.

“So you’re here.”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice was heard beside Chu Feng’s ear.

Chu Feng turned his head, and saw that Li Rouchu had landed beside him completely undetected.

“It’s you?” Seeing Li Rouchu, Chu Feng revealed a slightly surprised expression.

“Is it that unexpected?” Li Rouchu looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile. Although she was much older than Chu Feng, she had a very youthful appearance. She was a rarely seen beauty. Furthermore, her looks greatly resembled Li Yue’er.

“Didn’t you leave already?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can also return after leaving,” Li Rouchu said.

“You couldn’t possibly have come here to take care of me to avenge Li Taiyi, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“How could I attack my little sister’s friend?” At that moment, Li Rouchu’s gaze turned meaningful.

At that moment, Chu Feng came to a realization. Rather than being an enemy, Li Rouchu was more of a friend. After all, she never had any hostility toward Chu Feng to begin with.

As for the reason for that, it was very possibly because she knew that Chu Feng was Li Yue’er’s friend from the very start.

It would appear that Li Yue’er had mentioned the matters between Chu Feng and her to Li Ruochu.

“How is Li Yue’er doing right now?” Chu Feng asked.

“My little sister is doing very well, you need not worry about her.”

“Actually, I came to ask you this. Soon, the selection for the new Ancestral Martial Decastars will be held. You, the prophesied child, will be going to participate in it, no?” Li Rouchu asked.