Chapter 3229 - Lovers’ Embrace

Chapter 3229 - Lovers’ Embrace

With an emotional expression on his face, Chu Feng looked to the two people before his eyes. Very rarely did Chu Feng act like that. The reason why he was acting in such a manner now was purely because the two women before him were simply too important to him.

“Lil’ Rou, Lil’ Mei, is it truly the two of you?” Chu Feng asked.

Actually, Chu Feng was already able to tell that it was really Su Rou and Su Mei that were standing before him. The two sisters had regained their consciousness.

Standing before Chu Feng were the familiar sisters.

However, Chu Feng still questioned if they were truly Su Rou and Su Mei.

The reason for that was because he felt this to be hard to believe. Everything had happened too suddenly, and caught him off-guard.

After all, just then, Chu Feng was grieving for failing to rescue them. However, they had instead appeared before him.

“Lil’ Rou, Lil’ Mei?” Seeing that Su Rou and Su Mei did not respond, Chu Feng spoke again. He seemed to not dare to believe they were really Su Rou and Su Mei, since they had yet to say anything.

As for Su Rou and Su Mei, their delicate bodies were trembling, and their eyes had turned red.

The two of them were looking at Chu Feng with grief and worry-filled gazes.

Seeing Su Rou and Su Mei like this, Chu Feng’s heart started to ache. He knew that it wasn’t that they didn’t want to say anything; rather, they were overwhelmed by emotions, and unable to say anything after seeing him.


Suddenly, Su Mei’s delicate body shifted. She had pounced toward Chu Feng.

She was trying to throw herself into Chu Feng’s bosom.

At practically the same moment as Su Mei moved toward him, Chu Feng also moved toward the sisters.

Chu Feng’s speed was very fast. At the moment when Su Mei took her first step toward him, Chu Feng had arrived before both of them.

Chu Feng opened his arms and tightly hugged the sisters at the same time.

At that moment, Su Rou and Su Mei were like two little sheep, and laying their heads on Chu Feng’s chest obediently. Tears were rushing out of their eyes and sliding down their cheeks like rain.

Their delicate bodies were trembling as they were hugged by Chu Feng. At that moment, they appeared very weak. However, being within Chu Feng’s bosom, they felt a great sense of security.

Chu Feng continued to tightly hug the two beauties. He did not say anything. He was emotionally feeling the contact with the two sisters.

Everything was so very real, so very peaceful and beautiful. It was simply perfect, so perfect that Chu Feng felt as if he wanted nothing else.

Because of how much he enjoyed the moment, Chu Feng wished for it to continue forever. He wished that time would stop for him.

Under the bright moon, Chu Feng, Su Rou and Su Mei stood on top of the palace and tightly hugged one another.

After hugging for a long time, their emotions gradually calmed down.

Finally, Su Rou raised her head and looked to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, don’t blame big sister Moon Immortal.”

“Lil’ Rou, there was originally no conflict between the Moon Immortal and I. Furthermore, she even helped us back then. But… she has taken away the two of you and occupied your bodies. No matter what reason she might have for doing that, it’s impossible for me not to blame her.”

Chu Feng released Su Rou and Su Mei from his bosom and spoke with resolution in his eyes. He refused to allow others to occupy the bodies of Su Rou and Su Mei.

Whilst he was unable to retrieve their bodies at present, he would definitely retrieve their bodies in the future. Chu Feng would not compromise on the matter.

“Chu Feng, big sister Moon Immortal is not evil. If she was, she could very well kill us sisters and gain complete control over our bodies should she wish for it,” Su Rou said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, big sister Moon Immortal is truly not evil. Besides, she has only occupied our bodies because she has no other choice. Due to the Fire and Ice Pearls, we sisters are already incapable of separating ourselves from her,” Su Mei said.

“Incapable of separation? Are you two supposed to continue to live like this forever?” Chu Feng frowned. He sensed that the situation was very bad.

“Big sister Moon Immortal needs to do one thing. After she finishes doing that thing, she will return our bodies to us,” Su Rou said. As she said those words, Su Mei was also nodding her head.

Seeing that Su Rou and Su Mei were actually dissuading him, Chu Feng felt very complicated inside.

He was able to tell that they were not dissuading him because they were threatened. Instead, they were doing so earnestly, and doing lt from the bottom of their hearts.

Furthermore, the two of them addressed the Moon Immortal intimately, as big sister Moon Immortal. From this, it could be seen that they really did possess quite a good relationship with the Moon Immortal.

Most importantly of all, Chu Feng knew very well that if the Moon Immortal was evil, she could very well erase Su Rou and Su Mei completely. There was no need for her to keep them alive. In fact, she was capable of even killing Chu Feng himself. There was simply no need for her to do all this.

“In that case, exactly what is it that she wants to do?”

“How long will it take for her to accomplish that thing?” Chu Feng asked.

“We are also uncertain about the matter. Big sister Moon Immortal is unwilling to tell us about it,” Su Rou and Su Mei said.

“Senior Moon Immortal, I need to know exactly what it is that you want to do, and how long it will take for you to accomplish your task,” Chu Feng’s voice turned serious.

He wanted the Moon Immortal to tell him the truth.

“Chu Feng, don’t force big sister Moon Immortal. If she were able to tell us about it, she would’ve told us about it to begin with. She has truly treated us well. She really considers us her younger sisters,” Su Rou said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, big sister Moon Immortal is really…” Su Rou also began to speak. She was trying to talk about how good the Moon Immortal was. However, before she could finish, Su Rou and Su Mei’s gazes suddenly changed.

“Senior?” Chu Feng asked with a stern voice. He had noticed the change in Su Rou and Su Mei’s gazes, and knew that their bodies should be currently controlled by the Moon Immortal.

“Chu Feng, I am truly apologetic in causing you and your lovers to be separated for so long. However, I must still tell you, with apologies, that I still need their bodies. Furthermore, I also do not know how long it will take.”

Not only did the Moon Immortal have a very apologetic tone as she spoke to Chu Feng, but her manner and movements were also very apologetic and remorseful.

Seeing such a Moon Immortal, Chu Feng felt a bit soft-hearted.

He finally realized why Su Rou and Su Mei were dissuading him like that. It turned out that the Moon Immortal was truly an extremely sincere person. She had only occupied Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies because she was forced with no alternative. Furthermore, what she wanted to do should be extremely important for her.

“Senior, in that case, exactly what is it that you want to do? Is it possible for you to tell me about it? Perhaps I might be able to help you?” Chu Feng asked.

“I need to find a person. However, I do not know where he is right now,” the Moon Immortal said.

Chu Feng felt a sense of joy upon hearing those words. If it was finding someone, then it might not be too hard. Furthermore, he might also really be able to assist in the Moon Immortal. Thus, Chu Feng asked, “Senior, who is it that you want to find?”

“You know of him,” the Moon Immortal said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed. Immediately, he asked, “Who?”

“Qing Xuantian,” The Moon Immortal replied.