Chapter 3326 - Appearance Of The Moon Immortal

Chapter 3326 - Appearance Of The Moon Immortal

The scene that suddenly occurred caused everyone to be greatly taken aback.

At that moment, the crowd subconsciously turned their eyes to Chu Feng. They thought to themselves, ‘Could it be… was that caused by Chu Feng?’

‘Chu Feng really possesses this sort of power?’

‘No wonder he dared to challenge Song Boqiu like that. Turns out, he has such a trump card.’

Even though they felt it to be very incredible, the crowd all felt that it was done by Chu Feng.

“Who are you?!”

Suddenly, someone shouted loudly. Furthermore, that person stared ahead with an expression of alarm.

Turning toward the direction that person was looking, the crowd were surprised to discover that there were two extra figures in the direction of the spirit formation gate. They were two women. Not only were they extremely beautiful, but they also possessed extraordinary airs, and resembled celestial faeries.

However… they had no idea who those two women were.

“It’s you two?”

Suddenly, many Wuma Heavenly Clansmen revealed angry looks on their faces.

However, the one that was most emotional at that moment was none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was able to recognize with a single glance that those two… were the people that he yearned for day and night, Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Capture those two demonesses!”

At practically the same moment, the various Wuma Heavenly Clansmen present all rushed toward Su Rou and Su Mei.

They would naturally not let the two criminals that had robbed their cultivation resources and injured their clansmen escape.


Su Rou gently waved her arm, and the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen that had just rushed forward reacted as if they were leaves that had encountered a violent gale, and were blown away. In a sorry state, they fell to the ground.


At that moment, the crowd, including even Liangqiu Chengfeng, revealed serious gazes.

The reason for that was because among the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen that were knocked down was the strongest expert from the Wuma Heavenly Clan, their clan chief.

The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was a rank five Exalted. However, that woman managed to repel him with a casual wave of her arm. This disparity in strength was not something to look down upon.

Most importantly, Liangqiu Chengfeng could tell that those two women were both people of the younger generation.

Two people of the younger generation within a hundred years of age actually possessed such overwhelming power?

“Who are you?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was Song Boqiu.

Song Boqiu was still kneeling on the ground. He was simply incapable of standing up. However, he was able to turn his head, and was looking at the two people behind him with a furious look on his face.

Once Song Boqiu spoke, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that the one who had caused Song Boqiu to kneel before Chu Feng was not Chu Feng. Instead, it was those two young women of unknown origin.

“Quickly, release this old man. Otherwise, I will have your…!”

Song Boqiu continued to shout angrily, and began to threaten Su Rou and Su Mei. However, his words had only just left his mouth when Su Mei, who stood beside Su Rou, raised her arm, sending a ray of light straight toward Song Boqiu.

That ray of light was extremely fast, and pierced through Song Boqiu’s mouth.

Blood splattered everywhere. Song Boqiu began to snarl miserably. Not only was his tongue destroyed and his mouth pierced through, but that ray of light actually turned into runes and symbols that began to invade his body through his pierced mouth.

At that moment, Song Boqiu was enduring miserable pain.

After taking care of Song Boqiu, Su Rou raised her hand and sucked the cultivation treasure directly into her hand.


Seeing that Su Rou and Su Mei had actually come for the cultivation resource, the crowd’s expressions all changed. A person among them even subconsciously flew toward Su Rou with the intention to snatch that cultivation treasure back.

After all, that treasure was something that they’d gone through great difficulty to obtain.

Furthermore, that treasure contained such profound martial comprehension. Naturally, they would not allow it to be plundered by others.

However, before that person or any other could approach Su Rou, Su Rou shifted her gaze toward them and immediately caused the air to turn threateningly cold. As for the person that had rushed toward her, he was met by a burst of cold air, and froze in midair.

It was only after he fell to the ground that the ice that covered his body shattered. However, his face was still covered in frost, and he was shivering all over. Not only had he lost all his fighting ability, but he was even on the verge of death.

“I do not wish to kill, you all had best not force my hand.”

At that moment, a voice sounded from Su Rou’s mouth. That voice was extremely ice-cold, and filled with killing intent.

Seeing the person that had fallen to the ground and hearing that voice, the crowd’s bodies all trembled. Then, even though they were unwilling, they did not dare to say anything.

Seeing that, Su Rou and Su Mei turned around and prepared to leave.


However, at that moment, another voice was heard.

It was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was able to tell that the one who had spoken earlier was not Su Rou, but the Moon Immortal.

However, the others did not know that Chu Feng knew of the Moon Immortal. Thus, after Chu Feng spoke, they all began to worry for his safety.

However, to their surprise, Su Rou and Su Mei turned around. They merely looked at Chu Feng, and did not seem to have any intention of attacking him.

“Chu Feng, I know what you want to say. I will definitely return their bodies to you. However… it is still not time yet,” Su Rou and Su Mei spoke at the same time. However, their voices were identical. It was the Moon Immortal’s voice.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you know them?”

After the Moon Immortal spoke, everyone began to question Chu Feng.

Never did they anticipate that Chu Feng would know the two of them. This was especially true for the people from the Wuma Heavenly Clan.

However, Chu Feng had no heart to respond to the crowd’s questions. He stared at the Moon Immortal and said, “You can very well occupy the bodies of others. There is no reason for you to insist on occupying their bodies.”

“If I could, I would’ve switched bodies already. Unfortunately, only the two of them are capable of being used by me,” the Moon Immortal said.

“If that’s the case, I cannot allow you to leave this place,” as Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly opened his arms. On his palms, two formation symbols began to blossom with bright light.

At the same time, boundless spirit power was unleashed from his body.

That power was overwhelmingly powerful. Everyone present was able to feel fatal danger from Chu Feng’s spirit power.

“How could Chu Feng possibly possess such power?” At that moment, confusion filled the crowd’s faces. However, they were also pleasantly surprised.

Although they had no idea where Chu Feng had obtained that overwhelming power, they understood that, since Chu Feng possessed that power, he would be able to snatch the cultivation treasure back from those two demonesses.

“He actually really accomplished it?”

Compared to the others’ confusion, Liangqiu Chengfeng had an overjoyed expression.

He knew that Chu Feng had managed to acquire the power of that grand formation. However, he also knew that gaining the power of that grand formation was an extremely difficult task. That was the reason why he was so overjoyed.


Suddenly, boundless spirit power, like a tide, rushed toward Sou Rou and Sou Mei.

Chu Feng did not bother with superfluous words, and directly attacked. He was trying to utilize the power of the grand formation to forcibly retrieve Su Rou and Su Mei from the Moon Immortal.

However, at the moment Chu Feng attacked, Su Rou and Su Mei shook their heads at the same time. Then, Su Rou gently waved her arm, and a loud ‘boom’ was heard.

Following the loud boom, Chu Feng took several steps back. At the same time, the overwhelming spirit power that Chu Feng released had been dispersed in an instant.

“Heavens! That demoness?!”

At that moment, fear filled the eyes of everyone present.

No matter what, they had never expected Chu Feng’s power that was capable of obliterating every one of them to collapse with a single attack from that demoness.

In that case, exactly how powerful was she?