Chapter 3314 - Opening Of The Mysterious Place

Chapter 3314 - Opening Of The Mysterious Place

"This girl, exactly what is her origin?"

With a serious expression, Chu Feng stared at Wuma Shengjie, who could pounce at him to kill him at any moment. He was unable to keep himself from wondering exactly what the power that Wuma Shengjie was emitting at that moment was.

The reason for that was because that was most definitely not Divine Power. It was even more impossible for it to be the power of a Heavenly Bloodline.

That disturbing and sinister aura caused Chu Feng to be unable to help but think of a possibility. That is... Wuma Shengjie might've trained in some sort of demonic technique.

However, even if it was a demonic technique, for the demonic technique to be able to increase her cultivation by two levels at the Martial Immortal realm, that demonic technique must possess an extraordinary origin.


At the moment when Chu Feng was analyzing things, Wuma Shengjie's expression changed enormously. Following that, she sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Then, the crimson gaseous flames that she emitted began to dissipate. However, the crimson patterns that covered her body were still present.

At that moment, Wuma Shengjie's cultivation had returned to that of a rank five Martial Immortal. Furthermore, she had completely lost her ability to fight. She had curled up on the ground, and was shivering with a fierce expression of pain.

Chu Feng arrived before Wuma Shengjie and asked her, "Girl, are you alright?"

He was very cautious in the beginning, because he did not know if she had truly received a backlash, or was pretending that she had received a backlash so as to deceive him.

After all, Chu Feng had used a lot of deception himself in his battles.

However, upon inspecting her, he soon came to the conclusion that she was not pretending. That girl was truly suffering from a backlash. Furthermore, the backlash was very serious, and was already threatening her life.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate. He first fed Wuma Shengjie several medicinal pellets capable of retarding the intensity of the backlash. Then, he began to set up a healing formation.

With his efforts, Wuma Shengjie's backlash was finally alleviated.

However, she ended up in a state of unconsciousness. At that moment, her body was extremely hot. Like a child with a very high fever, she would even mumble words from time to time.

She was calling for her parents the entire time. Her tone was filled with longing and reluctance to part.

"This girl, it seems like her origin is quite extraordinary," after hearing some of Wuma Shengjie's mumblings, Chu Feng started to frown.

Although those were merely unconscious mumblings, Wuma Shengjie's words had revealed one thing. That is, her crimson veined patterns were related to her parents. Furthermore... they were also related to the Wuma Heavenly Clan.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to determine any concrete details from mere words and scattered sentences.

That said, he was practically certain that Wuma Shengjie had experienced some sort of grievance that ordinary people had not experienced.

Whilst she was unconscious, Chu Feng did not forget about his proper business. He solved the spirit formation in the isolated space by himself at the agreed-upon time.

After the spirit formation was solved, the sealed spirit formation entrance naturally opened. This meant that they'd succeeded.

However, Chu Feng did not exit immediately. Instead, he forged a fake spirit formation entrance using his spirit formation techniques, making it so that the people outside would think that his spirit formation entrance was still closed.

Furthermore, it would not be easy for the people outside to enter it.

"What's going on? How come the spirit formation entrance that Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie entered is still sealed?"

"Chu Feng, are you two alright?"

Sure enough, Liangqiu Hongyue and the others' voices soon began to be heard from outside.

They'd exited their respective spirit formation entrances. Upon seeing that Chu Feng's spirit formation entrance was still closed, they would naturally start to worry.

However, there was nothing that Chu Feng could do about that. With the state that Wuma Shengjie was currently in, it would be simply impossible for him to bring her out. Otherwise... how would he explain the matter?

He could only wait for Wuma Shengjie to wake up. Fortunately, according to Chu Feng's deductions, she would soon do so.

"Why did you help me?"

Suddenly, Wuma Shengjie's voie was heard. Chu Feng turned around and saw that Wuma Shengjie was already sitting on the ground and rubbing her head while staring at him.

"If I had known that noise would wake you up, I would've attempted to wake you up with noise sooner," with a smile on his face, Chu Feng walked over to Wuma Shengjie. He felt that it was very possible that the shouting from the Liangqiu Sisters and the others outside had managed to wake her up by accident.

"I tried to kill you, why did you save me?" Wuma Shengjie repeated her question. It would appear that even though she had received a backlash, she still remembered the fact that Chu Feng had saved her.

That was the reason why she was so shocked. She was unable to understand Chu Feng's actions.

"Truth be told, normally, I, Chu Feng, would absolutely not spare someone who tried to kill me, much less save them."

"However, as it is you, I can pardon it. After all, it is true that I've seen what I shouldn’t have."

"However, I truly did not do it on purpose. Furthermore, I guarantee that I will definitely not mention this matter to anyone," Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Wuma Shengjie frowned slightly. She became silent. It was unknown what exactly she was thinking.

That said, it was clear that Chu Feng's words had managed to move her.

Had it been before, she simply would not believe Chu Feng's apology and desire for reconciliation. However… at that moment, she believed him.

"Don't think that I will spare you just because you've saved me. Consider it that I owe you a favor for today. I’ll return you this favor one day. However, once I return you the favor, I will kill you," Wuma Shengjie said.

"In that case, it would mean that this favor is my shield then? With it being here, you will not kill me?" Chu Feng asked.

"You can consider it that way. However, it will only be able to shield you temporarily, not forever. Even if you do not seek out my help, I will still seek out an opportunity to help you. In short, I will not owe you a favor forever," Wuma Shengjie said. Her stubbornness filled her words.

"In that case, you might as well pay that favor back right now," Chu Feng said.

Hearing that, Wuma Shengjie's expression turned sluggish. She did not understand what Chu Feng was planning.

She had told him that she would attack him with the intention to kill him again should she return his favor.

Yet, Chu Feng actually wanted her to return the favor right Away.

In that case, did Chu Feng plan to reconcile with her or not?

Could it be that there was something wrong with Chu Feng's head?

That was what Wuma Shengjie was pondering.

Only Chu Feng himself knew that his Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram had a change again during the time when Wuma Shengjie was unconscious. At present... Chu Feng already knew the location of the mysterious place recorded in the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram.