Chapter 3308 - That Man

Chapter 3308 - That Man

Dazzling light illuminated the surroundings.

That light was so bright that if ordinary commoners were there, they would not only be unable to open their eyes, but they would likely lose their sight from a single glance at the light.

After all, that was no ordinary light. Instead, it was light emitted by a Saint-cloak World Spiritist's spirit formation.

Enveloped by the power of the spirit formation, not only were heaven and earth trembling violently, but even the grand defensive formation that protected the Ancient Era's remnant was trembling violently, seemingly on the verge of collapse.

In fact, that defensive formation was indeed on the verge of collapse.

Liangqiu Chengfeng's grand unsealing formation would naturally deserve great credit in the matter.

However, the main reason why the defensive formation was collapsing was because of the spreading cracks, which had already covered over half of the entire defensive formation.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard. Then, the grand defensive formation turned into countless spirit formation fragments and dispersed like a torrential rain.

Following that, sounds of cheers began to be heard from the crowd.

Breached. The grand defensive formation was finally breached.

While basking in joy, the crowd all turned their gazes to that young man.

The crowd all knew that Liangqiu Chengfeng definitely deserved credit in the breaching of the defensive formation. However, if that young man was not present, the grand defensive formation would likely not have been breached so quickly.

It was precisely because that young man had managed to have such a crucial effect in the matter that the crowd all firmly remembered his name: Chu Feng.

"Brother Chu, I truly never would've imagined that such an outstanding person of the younger generation would appear in your clan. Congratulations, truly congratulations," the Wuma Heavenly Clan's Supreme Elder who stood beside the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief praised.

Although he had a joyous look on his face, he was actually feeling very complicated. Never would he ever have imagined that such a genius would appear in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Recalling how he had not wanted the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief to bring that genius there, he started feeling slightly ashamed.

Although he didn't want to admit it, it remained that he had made an error in judgement.

That Chu Feng was not a mediocre person of the younger generation. Instead, he was a rarely seen genius.

He also finally knew why the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief would think so highly of that Chu Feng.

For a genius like Chu Feng, not to mention the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief being fond of him, even he was very fond of him.

When even that Wuma Heavenly Clan's Supreme Elder was acting in such a manner, those people of the younger generation that stood behind Chu Feng felt even more baffled.

After all, the Chu Heavenly Clansman by the name of Chu Feng had evidently produced the most dazzling performance. Even the prophesied child Wuma Shengjie and Grandmaster Liangqiu's two personal disciples were eclipsed by him.

"Chu Xuanyuan's son is truly one to live up to his name."

Right at that moment, Liangqiu Chengfeng's voice was heard again. Looking toward the direction of the voice, Liangqiu Chengfeng and all the other grand characters had exited their formation core.

"Chu Xuanyuan's son?"

"What do you mean?"

"Could he be talking about that Chu Feng?"

"Heavens! Could it be that Chu Feng really is Chu Xuanyuan's son?!"

Liangqiu Chengfeng's sudden comment had baffled everyone. However, the crowd soon managed to react to it.

Wasn't Chu Xuanyuan's son named Chu Feng?

That guy was actually Chu Xuanyuan's son?

At that moment, not to mention the people of the younger generation from the various powers, even the Liangqiu Sisters and that Wuma Heavenly Clan's Supreme Elder began to look at Chu Feng with a different sort of gaze.

Seeing Chu Feng, they finally realized why he would possess such talent at such a young age.

It turned out that he was the son of that man.

He was the son of that... person who had once stirred up the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield, and caused even the experts of the older generation to feel reverence for him, that exceptional genius, Chu Xuanyuan.

With her eyes wide open and staring at Chu Feng, Liangqiu Hongyue asked, "You... you're Chu Xuanyuan's son?"

Before Chu Feng could answer, Liangqiu Chengfeng's voice was heard again. "Hongyue, could it be that you didn't know young friend Chu Feng's identity?"

At that moment, Liangqiu Chengfeng had arrived before the people of the younger generation.

"Chu Feng greets senior," Chu Feng clasped his fist.

Faced with such evidence, the crowd were practically certain that Chu Feng was indeed Chu Xuanyuan's son.

However, they also began to inevitably recall what had happened back then.

Wasn't it rumored that Chu Xuanyuan's son was incapable of martial cultivation?

Wasn't it rumored that Chu Xuanyuan's son had long since died in the Chu Heavenly Clan's forbidden area?

"It would appear that rumors cannot be trusted," the crowd began to sigh in succession.

"No wonder you're so arrogant. Turns out, you're someone with a huge background."

With her hand behind her back, Liangqiu Hongyue landed gracefully before Chu Feng and gently patted his shoulder.

This action of hers was very intimate. It was as if she and Chu Feng were close friends of many years.

Seeing this, those other people from the younger generation all felt deeply envious.

They had known Liangqiu Hongyue for some time now. Yet, it was the first time they had seen her doing such a thing to a man.

Of course, they had no idea how overjoyed Liangqiu Hongyue was.

The way she saw it, it would be a disgrace for her to be defeated by others. However, it was not at all humiliating for her to be defeated by Chu Xuanyuan's son.

After all, Chu Xuanyuan was a legend in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield. Even her master, Grandmaster Liangqiu, had mentioned Chu Xuanyuan's legends to her and her sister on multiple occasions.

Furthermore, both of them would feel great disbelief every time they heard their master's stories about Chu Xuanyuan. However, they knew that their master was not a person that joked around.

Because of that, they knew that the stories about Chu Xuanyuan that their master told them were all real.

Because they believed their master's stories to be real, they admired Chu Xuanyuan from the bottoms of their hearts, and had even lamented at how they were born several hundred years later, and were not able to witness his grace during the days when he traveled throughout the Ancestral Martial Starfield unhindered.

However, they actually managed to meet Chu Xuanyuan's son. This could be considered to have made up for the regret in their hearts.

Thus, to others, perhaps the status of being Chu Xuanyuan's son would only be akin to adding another halo onto Chu Feng, leading them to greater acknowledgement of his talent.

However, for the Liangqiu Sisters, Chu Feng's identity as Chu Xuanyuan's son caused them to have a much more favorable impression of him.

However, as the transformation of Liangqiu Hongyue was too enormous, even Chu Feng was surprised.

He was unable to understand why there would be such a change to the Liangqiu Sisters' behavior. Not only did Liangqiu Hongyue come over and pat his shoulder, but even Liangqiu Lanyue, who had always remained cold and quiet, was looking at him with a gentle gaze.

Chu Feng was very unaccustomed to this sort of change.

After all, neither Liangqiu Hongyue nor her sister seemed like people that would fawn over others.

"Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief, could it be... Chu Xuanyuan, he already...?"

Right at that moment, Liangqiu Chengfeng's voice was heard again. Merely, this time around, he was looking at the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief.

Once Liangqiu Chengfeng's words were said, the crowd all looked over to the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief.

They were all thinking the same thing.

Back then, Chu Feng was imprisoned with Chu Xuanyuan.

Now that Chu Feng had returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan, wouldn't it mean that Chu Xuanyuan had also returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan?

That was the reason why the crowd's gazes turned so serious.

In fact, the Li Heavenly Clan's Supreme Elder Li Taiyi even revealed a trace of unease in his gaze.

If that man were to return, the status of the Chu Heavenly Clan would undergo an overturning change.