Chapter 3128 - Being Tortured

Chapter 3128 - Being Tortured

“Believe in you all? You’re saying that you all are capable of finding an undercurrent of the Immortal River?”

“You actually dare to fabricate such an absurd justification. The way I see it, you’re taking us for fools, right?”

As that person from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan spoke, he waved his sleeve, and a surge of boundless power landed on Chu Ping.


Chu Ping immediately let out a miserable scream. His body was ripped apart, and even his soul was about to scatter.

However, at the moment when his soul was about to scatter, a strange power appeared from the surroundings, gathered Chu Ping’s soul and reformed Chu Ping’s body.

Although there was only a bloody wound on Chu Ping’s body at that moment the attack earlier was sufficient to kill him had it not been for that strange power.

Right at that moment, another person from the group of Cyanfeather Monstrous Beasts said, “Forget about it, just let them go.”

“After all, there’s the protection of the spirit formation in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. It is simply impossible for us to kill them.”

“Humph, it’ll be letting them get off too easily if we are to spare them just like this.”

“Although we are unable to kill them, we must properly punish them for their actions,” The Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast that attacked Chu Ping earlier said.

“Milord, I have truly not lied to you. We truly discovered an undercurrent Immortal River. If you do not believe me, I can show you the way to it. You will know the moment you see it,” Chu Ping pleaded bitterly.

“Follow you there? Your daddy I does not have the time to waste on that.”

“How about this: the four of you kneel on the ground of your own accord and kowtow to me a hundred times. Do that, and I will spare you all,” That Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast said.

However, once that Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast said those words, Chu Qing immediately shouted, “You wish to have me kowtow to you? In your dreams!”

“You dare talk back?! You’re truly trying to die!”

Right after Chu Qing said those words, that Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast waved his sleeve. Chu Qing was sent flying. When he landed, he began to vomit blood nonstop. An expression of pain filled his face.

“Are you going to kneel or not?!” That Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast shouted.

“Pah!” Chu Qing spit out a mouthful of spit and revealed a disdainful expression.

“You dare continue to act so stubbornly?!” That Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast was completely angered. He began to move his hands nonstop.

With each movement of his hand, a violent surge of energy would fly out from his hand and batter Chu Qing’s body.

Chu Qing was like a plaything, and was completely controlled by him. Chu Qing was moving back and forth in midair and smashing into the walls nonstop. He was being tortured.

However, Chu Qing was extremely unyielding. Even though he was being ruthlessly attacked, he gritted his teeth, and did not let out a single scream of pain.

“You have some integrity. Very well, I shall see how much longer you can last.”

Suddenly, that Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast flipped his wrist and began to form hand seals.

Then, he pointed at Chu Qing with his other hand.

In an instant, many dark red lights flew from his finger, and bore into Chu Qing’s body.

After the dark red lights entered Chu Qing’s body, they began to rapidly wander around Chu Qing’s body like bugs.


At that moment, Chu Qing opened his mouth and let out a heart-tearing and lung-splitting scream.

“Stop! Milord, please stop! Please, please spare him!”

“They are still very young. Milord, please do not lower yourself to their level. I beg of you, please spare them,” Seeing this scene, Chu Ping immediately started begging for forgiveness.

“You want me to spare them? That’s not impossible. How about this, you kowtow to your daddy here four hundred times all by yourself. Do that, and I will spare you all,” That Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast said to Chu Ping.

“Okay, I’ll kowtow to you, I’ll kowtow to you.”

Chu Ping did not hesitate towards his demand. He began to nod repeatedly.

Following that, Chu Ping knelt on the ground of his own accord and began to kowtow to the people of the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan.

He was very forceful as he smashed his head onto the ground. Furthermore, with each kowtow, he bowed with his hands held forward while saying, “Milords, we were wrong. Please spare us.”

Just like that, Chu Ping continued to kowtow to the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan.

“I’ve heard rumors that your Chu Heavenly Clan used to rule over the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, rumors of how your Chu Heavenly Clan was capable of calling upon the wind and summoning the rain.”

“How come when it’s your generation, you all became this useless?”

“In the past, your daddy I was unable to understand. However now, your daddy I understands. That’s because you all are too weak, too useless.”


As they saw Chu Ping kowtowing to them nonstop, the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan not only did not show any sign of pity, but they were instead looking at Chu Ping with mocking gazes.

“Big brother Chu Ping, what are you doing?!”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly exploded from afar.

The sudden voice caused everyone’s expressions to change. They all turned their eyes toward the direction of the voice.

When they looked in the direction of the voice, they were able to see a young man with the Chu Heavenly Clan’s title plate on his waist standing in the distance and looking in their direction.

That person was none other than Chu Feng, who had chased after Chu Ping and the others.

“Oh-ho, you dare say that this is not something you all planned in advance. How come another one came so quickly?”

“Men! Capture that brat!” The Cyanfeather Monstrous Beast that had attacked Chu Ping and Chu Qing ordered.


Right after he gave his order, a person immediately started flying toward Chu Feng.

It was a rank one Heavenly Immortal.

Because of his cultivation, he was looking at Chu Feng with an expression of contempt.

It was like he was a divine eagle from the heavens looking down on a little earthly bird.

Suddenly, he attacked with a palm strike. Boundless martial power began to move toward Chu Feng like an oppressive waterfall.

He was not holding back in the slightest. He felt that if that attack were to land, the young man before him would definitely die should he not be under the protection of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s special power.