Chapter 3288 - Scolding That Shakes The Heavens

Chapter 3288 - Scolding That Shakes The Heavens

“‘The day when the bloodline is comprehended, shall be the day when the altar is invalidated, and the eight formations shall forever open!’”

Seeing the large shining characters floating in midair, Chu Xuanzhengfa’s expression turned stern. He was overwhelmed with emotions.

It was not only him; Chu Hanpeng was also like that.

They both understood what those words meant. It was precisely because they understood what they meant that they were so emotional; so excited. Even people of their caliber were shivering in excitement, and unable to calm their emotions.

“It would appear that we’ve wrongly blamed Chu Feng, we’ve wrongly blamed Chu Feng.”

“It wasn’t that Chu Feng’s talent was insufficient. Rather, it was the complete opposite. His talent is simply unparalleled by anyone before him.”

“Lord Hanpeng, did you see that?! Did you see that?!”

Chu Xuanzhengfa was exceptionally excited. He was so excited he began to shout loudly in the forbidden area.

It was as if his repressed emotions were finally being released.

Chu Feng wasn’t insufficiently talented. On the contrary, his talent surpassed everyone else's!!!

Even Chu Hanpeng, this Supreme Elder who had always remained calm and unflustered, had an expression of astonishment on his face as he exclaimed, “That child is beyond measure, simply beyond measure!”

“I must inform Lord Clan Chief about this matter,” as Chu Xuanzhengfa spoke, he immediately turned around and left to seek out Chu Feng and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

At that moment, Chu Feng had returned to his palace. He appeared to be feeling very downcast.

Right after he entered his palace, he sat down on a chair. Very rarely did Chu Feng act this way. However, at that moment… he acted like that.

His father and his grandfather were the people that he respected and admired the most.

He had believed that it would be very difficult to surpass them. However, it would be a lie to say that he didn’t want to surpass them.

Although he had proved his talent on the Heavenly Lightning Steps, he actually ended up being unable to activate even a single Bloodline Cultivation Formation. This caused him to feel very sad.

‘Could it be that my comprehensive ability was truly that lacking?’

‘Is there really that much of a disparity between my father, grandfather and I?’

Thinking of this, Chu Feng started to clench his fists tightly.

He had clearly managed to reap some harvest from the Bloodline Altar, and had even gained slight comprehension in the control of his bloodline’s power.

Although what he had managed to comprehend was merely a superficial understanding, it remained that he had managed to gain comprehension.

Could it be that the disparity between him and his father and grandfather was truly that enormous?

If that was the case, how could he possibly pursue his father, and possibly rescue his mother?

Something that even his father was incapable of accomplishing, how could he possibly accomplish it?

Chu Feng had always been a confident individual. Yet, at that moment, he began to doubt himself, and very seriously doubt himself on top of that.

This was especially true as the voices outside continued to sound nonstop. Hearing those voices, Chu Feng felt even more upset.

“That Chu Feng is truly an utter disappointment. There’s simply too much of a disparity between him and his father. They simply cannot even be placed on par with one another.”

“This is goddamn infuriating. I’ve wasted a day waiting in vain. And here I thought I would be able to enter the Bloodline Cultivation Formation to train again. Never would I have expected that Chu Feng to be this useless, and incapable of even activating a single Bloodline Cultivation Formation. So what if he managed to become a Martial Immortal before he turned a hundred? Without sufficient talent, he will inevitably die young.”

Those voices were all from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s older generations.

Of course, they were not saying those words right outside Chu Feng’s palace. Instead, they were saying those words elsewhere.

Chu Feng deliberately went out of his way to hear those voices using his strong perceptive power.

Had it been before, those voices would not affect Chu Feng at all. After all, he did not care about how others viewed him.

However, it was different now; those words were affecting him.

Perhaps because he wanted to encourage himself, or perhaps it was for some other reason, but even Chu Feng himself did not understand why he was doing such a thing.

He did not understand why he went out of his way to deliberately hear the negative comments of those Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

More than anything, he did not understand why he would concern himself with their criticisms.

After all, those people did not even have the qualifications to criticize him.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt very dejected. The pain that he was feeling was simply torture.

However, faintly, Chu Feng was able to feel that there was a fire burning in his heart.

It was Chu Feng’s itching desire to prove himself.

If others felt that he was incompetent, he would instead want to prove himself to them, and to himself.

“All of you, shut up! Chu Feng doesn’t owe you all anything, what qualifications do you have to speak of him in such a manner?!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was suddenly heard. That shout exploded throughout the entire Chu Heavenly Clan.

That voice was so stunning that even Chu Feng’s palace, which was protected by a special formation, began to vibrate.

Everyone in the Chu Heavenly Clan was able to hear that shout. Even Chu Feng, who was sitting inside his palace, was able to hear that shout clearly.

Chu Feng hurriedly pushed open his door. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to tell right away that that shout was Chu Xuanzhengfa’s voice.

After Chu Xuanzhengfa’s shout was heard, the people criticizing Chu Feng all shut their mouths and revealed awkward expressions.

Actually, they also felt that it was wrong for them to criticize Chu Feng like that. Because of that, they were whispering their complaints. Merely, they never expected Chu Xuanzhengfa to react in such a furious manner.

“Chu Feng has returned to our Chu Heavenly Clan for some days now. Who among you have ever truly helped him before?”

“Chu Feng doesn’t owe our Chu Heavenly Clan anything; it’s only our Chu Heavenly Clan that owes Chu Feng.”

“When the Li Heavenly Clan came to provoke us, had it not been for Chu Feng, our Chu Heavenly Clan would’ve already been utterly humiliated.”

“At that time, where were you all? What could you all possibly do? Apart from watching from the sidelines, you all were unable to do anything.”

“Could it be that the only thing you all can do is hope for Chu Feng to be able to open the opportunity for you all to train?”

“Are you all going to insult him because he failed to accomplish that? What makes you qualified to insult him?”

Chu Xuanzhengfa was standing in midair with a furious look on his face. Everyone, both those standing in the sky and those on the ground, were able to sense his anger.

Faced with Chu Xuanzhengfa’s furious criticism, the crowd could only listen silently. No matter how unreconciled they might be, they must admit what Chu Xuanzhengfa said to be very true.