Chapter 3282 - Fighting Over Techniques

Chapter 3282 - Fighting Over Techniques

After Chu Feng entered the Bloodline Altar, the younger generations of the Chu Heavenly Clan also became especially excited and stirred up. One by one, they became eager to immediately enter the Bloodline Altar.

However, none of them dared to act without permission. Instead, they all turned their eyes to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

They were all waiting for his order.

“Younger generations of our clan, listen up.”

“There are many spirit formation gates inside the Bloodline Altar. Contained inside every spirit formation gate is a technique.”

“As the inside of the Bloodline Altar is restricted by a grand formation, a person can only enter a single spirit formation gate.”

“Regardless of whether it might be an Immortal Technique, a martial skill or a secret skill, everyone will only be able to comprehend a single technique. As such, you all must choose carefully, for you will all only have one opportunity.”

“Furthermore, there is a certain amount of difficulty to opening the spirit formation gates. Perhaps the spirit formation gate you choose might require spirit power to unlock it, or perhaps it might require you to find the unsealing method. It might also be possible that you will be able to unlock the spirit formation gate using purely martial power. In short, every spirit formation gate is different.”

“You will all have to assess your capabilities and act accordingly. Should you feel that you can unlock the spirit formation gate you chose, then go ahead and do your best to unlock it. If you cannot unlock it, then seek out another spirit formation gate before it’s too late. Otherwise, once the time limit arrives, you will all be forcibly sent out by the Bloodline Altar.”

“Finally, there’s the most important thing that I need to tell you. If many people take a fancy to the same technique inside a spirit formation gate, do not fight over it. The person who stood before the gate first shall have seniority in attempting to unlock the gate. Should anyone try to forcibly plunder another’s spirit formation gate, they can go and report to the Law Enforcement Hall, and will definitely be punished severely.”

“Do you understand?!” The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked loudly.

“Lord Clan Chief, we understand!” The Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation replied with voices many times more resounding than thunder.

“Very well then, go on in,” the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief waved his hand.

In the next moment, countless silhouettes, like ten thousand arrows being shot out simultaneously, shot towards the Bloodline Altar.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations within a hundred years of age were all flying toward the entrance of the Bloodline Altar at their fastest speed.

Inside the Bloodline Altar was a long corridor, so long that the end could not be seen.

On either side of the corridor were various spirit formation gates.

A signboard was present above every spirit formation gate.

Written on every signboard was the name of the Immortal Technique, martial skill or secret skill contained inside.

The signboards revealed what sort of technique was inside the spirit formation gate.

The signboards were the thing that had the greatest enticement to the people of the younger generation.

However, it was as the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had said, opening a spirit formation gate was no simple task.

Furthermore, the more precious the technique inside was, the more difficult it was to open the spirit formation gate.

However, even though they knew that was the case, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were still choosing spirit formation gates that caught their interest.

Meanwhile, as the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were all choosing their spirit formation gates, Chu Feng had entered a spirit formation gate himself.

This spirit formation gate was not far from the entrance of the Bloodline Altar.

On the signboard was written the words: ‘Secret Skill: Truesoul Division.’

That secret skill’s ability was actually very simple to describe; it was merely a cloning technique.

To the great majority of people, this secret skill did not have any sort of enticement at all. As such, when the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations arrived before the Secret Skill: Truesoul Division’s spirit formation gate, no one bothered to pay attention to see if anyone had entered it; they all simply ignored it.

The reason for that was because, to people of their level of cultivation, creating clones was simply a child’s task. It was something that everyone was capable of doing.

However, that was precisely the reason why Chu Feng chose this technique.

Chu Feng felt that because this Secret Skill: Truesoul Division was in the Bloodline Altar, it must be extraordinary.

As for the reality, it was as Chu Feng had imagined it to be. This Secret Skill: Truesoul Division was truly extraordinary.

If one were to activate the Truesoul Division, the clone that was created would not only possess identical battle power to its master and be able to fight alongside its master, but it, most importantly, would mimic its master’s soul; making it so that even expert world spiritists would not be able to determine whether or not it was a clone.

Chu Feng felt that using the Truesoul Division as a direct offensive ability would not have much effectiveness. However, should the Truesoul Division be used when one’s opponent was off guard as a diversionary tactic or a surprise attack, it would have an extraordinary effect.

Secret skills had souls. Subduing secret skills was no easy task.

However, perhaps because of the Bloodline Altar or perhaps because of Chu Feng’s charm, the Truesoul Division immediately assimilated with Chu Feng the moment it appeared. Without even interacting with it, the Truesoul Division had already become Chu Feng’s possession, allowing itself to be used by Chu Feng.

After obtaining the secret skill, Chu Feng walked out from the spirit formation gate. After he walked out, the spirit formation gate disappeared.

That was normal. After all, secret skills were different from Immortal Techniques and martial skills. They were not things that martial cultivators could comprehend. Instead, they were completely unique, and could only follow a single master.

After obtaining the secret skill, the spirit formation gate had become empty. It would have no use in remaining there.

Chu Feng continued onward. As he made his way further down the corridor, Chu Feng would observe the techniques on the signboards above the gates on either side. However, regardless of what sort of technique was present, Chu Feng did not stop. It wasn’t that Chu Feng wasn’t interested in those techniques. It was merely that the power of the Bloodline Altar controlled the entire place.

Every person could only enter a single spirit formation gate. After exiting it, one would no longer be able to enter another spirit formation gate. Even if one were able to open another spirit formation gate, one would not be able to enter it.

As Chu Feng proceeded onward, he encountered others of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations. All those that saw him greeted him enthusiastically.

In fact, many among them thanked Chu Feng, which was understandable. After all, it was Chu Feng who had opened the Bloodline Altar. Had it not been for him, they would not have the opportunity to enter the Bloodline Altar to choose a technique.

One must know that none of the techniques there belonged to the Chu Heavenly Clan. They were all techniques left behind by that mysterious excellency.

As Chu Feng continued to proceed onward, his expression suddenly changed.

Even if others greeted him after encountering him, they would only give him a brief greeting before immediately returning to focus on thinking of ways to unlock their spirit formation gate.

After all, the opportunity was rare to come by, and time was limited. No one would wish to leave empty-handed.

However, at that moment, a group of people were actually gathered before Chu Feng. That group of people blocked the entire corridor.

They seemed to be enjoying some sort of show.

Chu Feng became curious as to what it was that could cause those people to waste their valuable time to enjoy it.

Overcome by curiosity, Chu Feng eyes changed. Upon doing so, the crowd that blocked Chu Feng’s path began to disappear from his sight.

Finally, Chu Feng saw what the group of people were focused on.

Before them was a spirit formation gate. On the signboard of the spirit formation gate were the words: Immortal Taboo: Void Splitting Axe.

Seeing the name, Chu Feng knew that it was a very exceptional Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.

Standing before that Immortal Taboo: Void Splitting Axe’s gate was a man. However, not only was that man not attempting to decipher the method to open the spirit formation gate, but he was even facing the spirit formation gate with his back.

It turned out that there was a woman lying before that man.

That man should’ve fought over that spirit formation gate with someone. As for the person that he fought against, it was clearly that woman.

Currently, it was that man who had won.

Even though the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had explicitly said that fighting over the spirit formation gates was not allowed, this sort of thing still happened multiple times.

Chu Feng had seen a lot of people that fought over spirit formation gates as he proceeded onward through the corridor.

However, it was the first time he has seen such a large crowd gathered.

Perhaps it might be because of the woman that was lying on the ground that such a vast crowd had gathered.

That woman was actually someone that Chu Feng knew.

She… was Chu Yue.