Chapter 3268 - Unsealed Power

Chapter 3268 - Unsealed Power

“What… what is he talking about?”

Many Chu Heavenly Clansmen revealed confused expressions after hearing what Linghu Tiemian said.

They did not understand why Linghu Tiemian would say such arrogant things after being seriously injured by Chu Feng.

“Huu, huu~~~”

The very next moment, blue flames ignited on Linghu Tiemian’s body.

The blue flames covered Linghu Tiemian’s body completely. Even his hair was emitting blue flames. The current Linghu Tiemian resembled a blazing, fiery blue humanoid.

The blue flames were very powerful, and emitted an extremely dangerous aura. Even the surrounding air was being burned by the flames, and letting out cyan smoke.

However, the frightening blue flames did not cause the slightest bit of harm to Linghu Tiemian. It was as if he was one with the flames.

Most importantly, after the blue flames appeared, Linghu Tiemian’s aura increased once more, from rank seven Martial Immortal to rank eight Martial Immortal.

At that moment, Linghu Tiemian’s battle power had once again surpassed Chu Feng’s by an entire level.

Linghu Tiemian had gained the power of absolute suppression against Chu Feng.

“It’s the Soulflame Lifepearl!”

“The Soulflame Lifepearl is a treasure from the Ancient Era that is able to increase its user’s cultivation by an entire level, even at the Martial Immortal realm.”

“I’ve long heard rumors that the Linghu Heavenly Clan managed to obtain the Soulflame Lifepearl. It turns out it’s actually with Linghu Tiemian.”

“That Soulflame Lifepearl is no ordinary treasure. It’s extremely difficult for one to harmonize and fuse with it. However, should one be able to succeed in doing so, the power of the Soulflame Lifepearl would belong to that person. Even if someone wishes to snatch it away, they will not be able to do so, for the Soulflame Lifepearl will perish should its master die.”

At that moment, many people began to exclaim in astonishment.

They already knew what sort of ability Linghu Tiemian had used; it was a priceless treasure, the Soulflame Lifepearl.

The Soulflame Lifepearl was a treasure that could increase one’s cultivation by an entire level for cultivators in the Utmost Exalted realm and below.

Although one would certainly suffer a backlash after using the Soulflame Lifepearl, the backlash from using it was of a tolerable level.

Merely, to successfully harmonize and fuse with a treasure like the Soulflame Lifepearl would require an enormous investment. Not only did it require a lot of treasured resources, but it also required a lot of powerful cultivators to exhaust their own cultivations to assist in the harmonization.

For Linghu Tiemian to have successfully fused with the Soulflame Lifepearl, one could tell how great of an expectation the Linghu Heavenly Clan had for him.

Else, they wouldn’t possibly invest that much to help him harmonize with the Soulflame Lifepearl.

“Whilst Chu Feng’s strength is exceptional, his background is, unfortunately, not as robust as Linghu Tiemian’s.”

At that moment, many people began to sigh.

At that moment, the crowd, regardless of whether they were opposing, friendly or neutral toward Chu Feng, had all realized that even though Chu Feng and Linghu Tiemian were both peak geniuses of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, Chu Feng was stronger than Linghu Tiemian.

Should the two of them possess the same level of cultivation, Linghu Tiemian would definitely not be a match for Chu Feng.

Although Linghu Tiemian currently held absolute dominance over Chu Feng, it was not due to his own strength. The reason for that was because both obtaining that Soulflame Lifepearl and harmonizing with it were things that would be impossible for Linghu Tiemian to accomplish on his own.

Instead, they were all accomplished thanks to the backing of his enormous clan, the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

As such, the reason why Chu Feng would lose to Linghu Tiemian was because the clan behind his back was not as powerful as Linghu Tiemian’s Linghu Heavenly Clan.

“Chu Feng, do you realize the disparity between you and me now?”

“Say, are you planning to scram on your own, or do you want me to do it for you?”

Linghu Tiemian’s tone had become extremely arrogant. His words were even filled with insult toward Chu Feng.

The reason why Linghu Tiemian was acting that way was because he had been suppressed by Chu Feng the entire time during their previous confrontation. This had caused him extreme displeasure.

But at present, Linghu Tiemian had finally gained dominance over Chu Feng; it was only natural for him to vent his resentment.

As for insulting one’s opponent, it was the most effective way to vent one’s resentment.

“What makes you think you can make me scram with merely that cultivation?”

However, Chu Feng actually laughed at Linghu Tiemian’s insult.

“Chu Feng, could it be that you’re planning to go back on your word?”

“There are so many witnesses here today. Are you planning to disgrace your father and grandfather?”

Linghu Tiemian started to panic after hearing what Chu Feng said.

Although he had gained dominance over Chu Feng, he knew that Chu Feng controlled that enormously powerful spirit formation.

If Chu Feng insisted on dishonoring his promise, there was nothing that Linghu Tiemian could do about it, as his power was simply incapable of contending against Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

In this sort of situation, Linghu Tiemian could only try to restrain Chu Feng with honor and trustworthiness.

“Heh. I, Chu Feng, am not one that will break my promise. The thing is… you still haven’t defeated me yet,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you are truly one who refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Since that’s the case, I will have to have you bleed.”

Linghu Tiemian realized what Chu Feng meant; he realized that Chu Feng actually wanted to have a final struggle against him.

With Chu Feng planning to do this, Linghu Tiemian felt that it would be a great opportunity for him to retrieve his lost honor from earlier and make Chu Feng pay for his arrogance.

With this in mind, Linghu Tiemian’s body shifted. He began to fly toward Chu Feng.

“Oh no!”

Seeing this scene, Dongguo Bingyu, Li Anzhi and the others all cried out ‘oh no,’ in their hearts.

With Linghu Tiemian attacking, Chu Feng would surely enter dire circumstances.

Should Chu Feng use the power of the spirit formation to protect himself, it would make him unfaithful, as he had promised not to use the power of the spirit formation in the match against Linghu Tiemian.

However, should Chu Feng not use the power of the spirit formation, what awaited Chu Feng would be a fierce beating.

Currently, there was nothing Chu Feng could do.

In the blink of an eye, Linghu Tiemian arrived before Chu Feng. He did not use the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge that he held in his hand to attack Chu Feng. Instead, he shot a fist directly at Chu Feng’s face.

Linghu Tiemian felt that the best way to vent his anger and resentment would be to beat Chu Feng to a state beyond recognition using his fists.


Right at the moment when Linghu Tiemian’s fist was about to reach Chu Feng’s face, the complacent expression in Linghu Tiemian’s eyes instantly turned to one of astonishment.

“That is?!”

At the same time, the crowd’s expressions also changed.

They were astonished to discover that Linghu Tiemian’s fist was actually caught by Chu Feng’s hand.

Chu Feng had actually managed to block Linghu Tiemian’s attack.

Most shockingly, there was a change to Chu Feng’s body.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s body was covered in surging lightning. The lightning formed an incomparably magnificent and overwhelmingly mighty armor of lightning that covered his entire body.

Moreover, after that armor appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation also increased from rank six Martial Immortal to rank seven Martial Immortal.

Shortly after being astonished, someone uttered in disbelief, “Lightning Armor? That armor on Chu Feng’s body, could it be the Lightning Armor?!”

It was not only that person; everyone present, including Linghu Tiemian, Dongguo Bingyu and Li Anzhi, also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

After all, the Lightning Armor was a sealed power.

At the Martial Immortal realm, it should be impossible for anyone to be able to use the power of the Lightning Armor!!!