Chapter 3123 - Split Into Factions

Chapter 3123 - Split Into Factions

The reason for this, was because the crowd had discovered that Chu Feng’s cultivation actually surpassed Chu Hongyi’s. Furthermore, he was not only a bit stronger.

Because of this, Chu Feng became a competitor for the title of leader among the Chu Heavenly Clansmen inside the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

Likely, Chu Hongyi had also recognized this. That was why he brought up the topic of leadership.

Had it been before, there might have been people that would attempt to recommend Chu Feng should Chu Hongyi bring up the topic of leadership. However, faced with the Immortal River’s appearance, the precious opportunity for training, the crowd was truly baffled by Chu Hongyi’s question.

Suddenly, someone spoke, “Big brother Hongyi, you have always been our leader.”  Furthermore, the person that spoke had determined Chu Hongyi to be their leader from the very start.

Before such a precious cultivation opportunity, that person had decided to reach terms with Chu Hongyi without the slightest hesitation.

“That’s right. Big brother Hongyi, why are you even asking that? You are clearly our leader.”

“That’s right. Big brother Hongyi, you’ve led us for so long, and made so many contributions. It is only natural for you to lead us. If it were someone else, I would not be able to accept it.”

After that, more and more people began to express their opinions to Chu Hongyi.

One side was Chu Hongyi, someone that they had relied on for a long time. The other was Chu Feng, someone that had just arrived, someone that they did not know well, and someone that they had offended previously.

To the Chu Heavenly Clansmen that had trained in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm for a long time, the decision was not hard at all.

“Very well, since everyone trusts me, Chu Hongyi, this much, I will definitely shoulder this responsibility, and not disappoint everyone.”

“Of course, those that do not have confidence in me, Chu Hongyi, need not follow me. After all, I do not want to waste their time.”

When Chu Hongyi said those words, he deliberately looked to Chu Feng, Chu Qing and the others.

He wanted to make them acknowledge allegiance to him. Otherwise, he would not bring them to the location of the Immortal River.

However, faced with Chu Hongyi’s gaze, not only did Chu Qing and Chu Shuangshuang pay no attention to him, but even Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu, the two fellows that hated Chu Feng enormously, did not bother to pay attention to him either.

Even though they detested Chu Feng, they would still not give up such a precious cultivation opportunity.

Furthermore, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had already spoken harshly to them before they left, and they had also pledged that they would let go of their grudges against Chu Feng.

Even though they still hated Chu Feng enormously, they, at the very least, could not show their hatred for Chu Feng too openly.

After considering their options, they decided to follow Chu Feng.

“It would appear that the several little brothers that just came do not have confidence in me at all. Since that’s the case, you do not have to follow me,” Chu Hongyi sneered. His tone was filled with a threatening nature.

However, Chu Qing and the others still completely ignored Chu Hongyi’s threat.

This caused Chu Hongyi to feel extremely displeased. Thus, he cast his eyes to Chu Ping, who stood beside Chu Feng and the others.

“Chu Ping, are you also not willing to put your confidence in me?!” Chu Hongyi shouted angrily.

“Little brothers, the opportunity to train in the Immortal River is truly hard to come by. Furthermore, Hongyi’s analysis has been very accurate every time. Thus…” Chu Ping immediately started to speak. He wanted to urge Chu Feng and the others to not miss the opportunity.

Even though Chu Ping had learned of how extraordinarily talented Chu Feng was in terms of martial cultivation from Chu Shuangshuang, he did not know that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were also at a heaven-defying level.

Because of that, he wanted Chu Feng and the others to endure the humiliation of following Chu Hongyi for the benefits that it would provide.

Chu Ping felt that they were all family, that it didn’t matter who the leader among them was. He felt that what was important was obtaining cultivation resources and increasing their cultivation. Only by increasing their cultivation would they not waste the opportunity of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

“Big brother Chu Ping, there is one thing that I wish to ask you,” suddenly, Chu Feng turned his eyes away from the sky and looked to Chu Ping, who stood beside him.

“Little brother Chu Ping, what is it? You can ask away,” Chu Ping said.

“Is the range of our movement limited to our territory?” Chu Feng asked.

“For some cultivation resources, all of us could enjoy it together. However, for cultivation resources like the Immortal River that appears at random, we can only search for it within our own territory, and cannot enter other people’s territory. If we are to enter another power’s territory, we will end up creating trouble,” Chu Ping said.

“In that case, big brother Chu Ping, can you tell me how big our Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory currently is? What areas does our territory comprise?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. I should’ve told you all about it yesterday. After all, they are things that you all must know,” as Chu Ping said those words, he began to tell Chu Feng the range of their Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory inside the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

As Chu Feng was a world spiritist, his comprehension ability was extremely strong. After hearing what Chu Ping said, Chu Feng immediately calculated the size of the area that they could travel at will.

“Why is the territory of our Chu Heavenly Clan in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm so small?” Chu Feng frowned slightly. A displeased expression appeared in his eyes.

Even though he had already guessed the Chu Heavenly Clan possessed a very insignificant amount of territory in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, he had not expected it to be much smaller than he had anticipated.