Chapter 3248 - Driven Mad By Anger

Chapter 3248 - Driven Mad By Anger

“What do you mean by that?!” Linghu Tiemian asked furiously.

"Chu Feng didn’t use the power of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Instead, he defeated Linghu Mingye with his own strength," that Nightmare Spirit Clansman said.

"You said that Chu Feng defeated Linghu Mingye using his own strength?!" Linghu Tiemian asked.

"That's correct," that Nightmare Spirit Clansman answered.

"Bullshit! Didn't you say earlier that Chu Feng was no match for Mingye?! Didn't you say that Chu Feng was only able to suppress Mingye with the power of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light?!"

"Yet now, you're saying that Chu Feng defeated Mingye with his own strength?!"

"Were you scared senseless by that Chu Feng, and became unable to even speak clearly now?!"

Linghu Tiemian shouted furiously.

The reason for that was because Linghu Tiemian felt that Nightmare Spirit Clansman to be completely nonsensical, and simply speaking a bunch of bull.

In fact, it was not only Linghu Tiemian who was thinking that way. Many of the other people present were also thinking that way.

After all, that Nightmare Spirit Clansman's story was truly inconsistent, and didn't make sense.

"Lord Tiemian, please hear me out. It was true that Chu Feng was originally not a match for Linghu Mingye. However, after he fused with the power of his Symbol of Light, his cultivation increased greatly."

"When his cultivation increased to that of a rank two Martial Immortal, Linghu Mingye was no longer a match for him," that Nightmare Spirit Clansman said.

Once that Nightmare Spirit Clansman's words were heard, the crowd's expressions all changed.

Originally, the crowd all felt that Nightmare Spirit Clansman's words to be completely nonsensical. However, upon hearing what he said, everything made sense.

It turned out that Chu Feng had relied on the power of the Symbol of Light to greatly increase his cultivation.

Upon finding this out, the crowd were unable to keep themselves from gasping in admiration.

This was especially true for Li Anzhi and the others. Earlier, Chu Feng was still only a rank nine Heavenly Immortal. However, he was a rank two Martial Immortal now. This sort of progress was simply astonishingly fast.

The people of the younger generation were not only astonished, but they also felt great envy.

After all, as people of the younger generation, they knew very well how difficult it was to reach the Martial Immortal realm.

As for Chu Feng, not only had he become a Martial Immortal, but he actually directly became a rank two Martial Immortal. They not only felt envious of Chu Feng, but they were simply feeling deep jealousy toward him.

When Li Anzhi and the others were already astonished like that, the people of the Dongguo Heavenly Clan that already knew about Chu Feng were even more astonished.

The Mighty Dongguo Duo and Dongguo Bingyu looked to one another. A pleasantly surprised expression filled their eyes. At the same time, they all felt great disbelief.

Chu Feng was able to become a rank two Martial Immortal in such a short period of time. His progression speed was simply too frightening.

Even though they were already very hopeful of Chu Feng's future accomplishments, they were still unable to contain their shock.

Actually, all the people present were greatly surprised by Chu Feng.

Without a doubt, even though so many newcomers had entered the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, only a single person managed to profit from it.

As for that person, he was Chu Feng.

"Your words are true right?" A Linghu Heavenly Clansman asked that Nightmare Spirit Clansman.

It seemed like the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen were unwilling to believe that Nightmare Spirit Clansman's words. That was the reason why they asked for verification.

"This matter is absolutely true. We all witnessed it with our own eyes and can testify to it," at that moment, the newcomers from the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan spoke in unison.

"Even if he's a rank two Martial Immortal, it's still impossible for him to be a match for Mingye!" Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. It was Linghu Tiemian again.

Linghu Tiemian knew very well what Linghu Mingye was capable of. Thus, even if Chu Feng became a rank two Martial Immortal like Linghu Mingye, Linghu Tiemian still firmly believed that Chu Feng couldn't possibly defeat him.

In fact, it was not only Linghu Tiemian who thought this way. Everyone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan and a great majority of the people present all firmly believed that even if Chu Feng’s cultivation was also that of a rank two Martial Immortal, he still couldn’t possibly defeat Linghu Mingye.

As for the reason why, it was purely because Linghu Mingye was simply too strong.

“We were simply unable to even see the battle between the two of them clearly. However, we were able to feel how powerful they were.”

“That Chu Feng’s abilities are not at all weaker than Linghu Mingye’s. In fact, his abilities are even stronger than Linghu Mingye’s. It was indeed Linghu Mingye who was defeated,” that Nightmare Spirit Clansman said.

The other newcomers from the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan also echoed and testified to that Nightmare Spirit Clansman’s claim.

“Impossible, that’s impossible!”

Seemingly as if he was unwilling to accept the truth, Linghu Tiemian started to shout in an unreconciled manner.


Right at that moment, a Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman that had just left the Holy Spirit Formation of Light suddenly knelt onto the ground and began to scream whilst holding his head.

That Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman was enormous to begin with. As for his voice, it was also extremely loud. As such, his screams were simply even more ear-piercing than thunder. His screams caused even the earth to tremble.

“What’s that?!”

At the same time as that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman started screaming in pain, the crowd noticed that a body of light had appeared on his forehead.

“That’s spirit power! Someone condensed a spirit formation on his body!”

As there were a lot of experts in the crowd, someone immediately realized that the body of light was a sort of spirit formation.

Soon, that body of light dissipated. It seemed to have fused with the body of that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman.

As that body of light disappeared, that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman also stopped screaming in pain.

“Chu Feng, it’s Chu Feng!”

After he gradually calmed down, that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman spoke again.

“Chu Feng?!”

“Could that spirit formation have been left behind by Chu Feng?” Someone immediately asked.

“That’s right. It’s a message from Chu Feng. He wants me to pass on his words to the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen,” that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman spoke.

“What does he want to say?” The crowd asked in unison.

“Chu Feng wants me to tell the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen to stay here obediently and wait for him. He said that he will soon come and settle his debt with the Linghu Heavenly Clan,” that Heaven-reaching Beast Clansman said.


The crowd’s expressions all changed upon hearing those words. Then, they all looked over to Linghu Tiemian.

As the they had anticipated, Linghu Tiemian’s expression was very ugly. No, not only was it ugly, his expression was also very scary.

His distorted expression seemed like that of a ferocious beast that had gone berserk. He simply seemed like he was capable of devouring people alive.

That said, his expression was understandable too.

Firstly, their interception formation was breached by Chu Feng.

Then, all their Linghu Heavenly Clan’s newcomers had their Symbols of Lights stripped away by Chu Feng.

Even a genius of Linghu Mingye’s caliber was defeated by Chu Feng.

In one day, their Linghu Heavenly Clan had been utterly humiliated. As for the source of all their humiliations, it was Chu Feng.

Linghu Tiemian was furious to begin with, and was likely determined to seek out Chu Feng to settle his debt with him.

However, at such a time, not only did Chu Feng not plan to beg for forgiveness, but he even issued a provocation, stating that he would seek out the Linghu Heavenly Clan to settle the debt with them.

Not to mention the fiery-tempered Linghu Heavenly Clan, even if it were to happen to any of the other clans present, they would find it very unacceptable too.

However, at the moment when the crowd felt that Linghu Tiemian was about to erupt with anger, a dramatic scene suddenly occurred.


Linghu Tiemian suddenly burst into loud laughter.

The crowd were all flabbergasted by his sudden laughter. They did not understand why Linghu Tiemian suddenly started laughing.

Could it be that Linghu Tiemian had been driven mad with anger by Chu Feng?