Chapter 3245 - Rank Two Martial Immortal

Chapter 3245 - Rank Two Martial Immortal

The Symbol of Light had completely fused with Chu Feng.

The rich natural energies and profound martial comprehension contained within that Symbol of Light now belongs entirely to him.

However, things did not end with just that.


At that moment, rolling thunder filled the sky high above. Boundless nine-colored lightning was galloping in the sky like a herd of beasts. It was as if the sky itself was being torn apart.

That lightning was so strong that people were able to clearly feel their destructiveness even though they were far away.

Faced with that sort of power, fear emerged in even Linghu Mingye's eyes.

That lightning was simply too powerful. It was the first time that he had ever witnessed lightning that powerful.

"Is that lightning from when a Heavenly Bloodline possessor is undergoing their breakthrough?"

"No, impossible. Whilst Heavenly Bloodline possessors will draw forth a sky full of lightning when they make their breakthrough, it's impossible for that lightning to be this terrifying."

"Could that be some sort of power hidden in this Holy Spirit Formation of Light?"

Originally, Linghu Mingye felt that that lightning was drawn there because Chu Feng was going to make a breakthrough. However, he immediately rejected that guess. The reason for that was because he felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to draw forth such overwhelmingly powerful lightning. Thus, he came to a conclusion that that lightning was some sort of power hidden in the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.


Soon, the lightning high up in the sky suddenly struck down. The lightning surrounded Chu Feng.

Due to the fact that he was too close to Chu Feng, even Linghu Mingye was enveloped by the lightning.

The lightning completely covered the two of them. However, the frightening lightning did not cause the slightest bit of harm to Linghu Mingye.

The lightning was only attacking a single target -- Chu Feng.

"That... is actually really lightning drawn from one's breakthrough?!"

"But... how could that lightning be so terrifyingly powerful?!"

Linghu Mingye was extremely familiar with the scene that was happening before him. It was none other than what all Heavenly Bloodline possessors that had trained in Self-punishment Mysterious Techniques would have to undergo when they made breakthroughs in their cultivation.

As such, Linghu Mingye had no choice but to believe that that lightning was caused by Chu Feng.

Merely, how could that lightning be so terrifyingly powerful?

"Could it be, it's the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?"

"This Chu Feng actually trains in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?!"

Suddenly, Linghu Mingye's expression became very complicated.

He had suddenly recalled the Self-punishment Mysterious Technique that was even more powerful than the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique... the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Linghu Mingye had heard of how difficult it was to train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, and knew that it was not something that the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique could compare to.

If one wasn't careful, it was very possible that one would bring about one's own destruction.

Thus, even if the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was placed before them, very few people would attempt to train in it.

Besides, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was a legendary technique. Even if one wanted to learn it, one would not be able to obtain it.

Had it been someone else that trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, even if they managed to provoke such overwhelmingly powerful tribulation lightning, it was likely that no one would believe it to be the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

However, it was different for Chu Feng. After all, both his grandfather and father had trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique successfully.

"Could it be, that really is the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?"

Linghu Mingye's eyes were closely focused on Chu Feng. Even though he was questioning, he was practically certain that Chu Feng had trained in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

At that moment, Linghu Mingye started to have somewhat of a new level of respect for Chu Feng.

If gaining control over the Holy Spirit Formation of Light was still insufficient, then training in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique would already be enough to prove how extraordinary Chu Feng was.

Even Linghu Mingye had no choice but to recognize Chu Feng.

However, for Linghu Mingye, recognizing that Chu Feng was a powerful individual was a painful task. To him, it was a great psychological blow.


"He actually succeeded so quickly?!"

Soon, Linghu Mingye's expression changed again.

He discovered that the tribulation lightning that had surrounded Chu Feng had disappeared.

Linghu Mingye had witnessed this sort of situation many times in the past. It was a sign that a Heavenly Bloodline possessor had successfully reached a breakthrough.


Right at that moment, thunder once again sounded as lightning gathered high up in the sky.

Furthermore, the lightning this time was surging much more violently than before.

"What's going on? Could it be... the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is so extraordinary that it will strike twice in a row?"

Linghu Mingye became very puzzled by the nine-colored lightning that appeared in the sky again.

Like the tribulation lightning from before, this tribulation lightning soon struck down.

The lightning once again enveloped Chu Feng and Linghu Mingye. Not long afterward, the tribulation lightning that seemed capable of utter destruction disappeared once again.

This time around, Chu Feng, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground not only stood up, but also opened his eyes.

"Your aura..."

"So that's the case. So it wasn't that the tribulation lightning struck twice. Instead, you've managed to make a continuous breakthrough."

Linghu Mingye had an extremely unreconciled expression in his eyes as he looked to Chu Feng.

Linghu Mingye was able to sense Chu Feng's aura the moment he stood up.

Chu Feng was no longer a rank nine Heavenly Immortal. Instead... he was a rank two Martial Immortal.

Chu Feng had made a breakthrough. Not only did he break through from rank nine Heavenly Immortal to the Martial Immortal realm, but he even managed to make two successive breakthroughs, to directly become a rank two Martial Immortal.

However, one must know that the Martial Immortal realm was incomparable to the Heavenly Immortal realm. It was extremely difficult for one to make a single breakthrough in cultivation. With each increase in cultivation, the difficulty would increase several fold.

Linghu Mingye was also a rank two Martial Immortal. He knew very well how many cultivation resources and how much effort their Linghu Heavenly Clan had invested to allow him to gain his current level of cultivation.

In fact, he had failed fifty-three times at attempting to make a breakthrough from rank nine Heavenly Immortal to rank one Martial Immortal.

As for rank one Martial Immortal to rank two Martial Immortal, he had failed a total of one hundred and eighty-one attempts.

Even a genius of his caliber ended up failing many times. From this, it could be seen how difficult the Martial Immortal realm was.

Martial Immortal was definitely not a level of cultivation where one would definitely be able to make a breakthrough should one possess sufficient cultivation resources. It was greatly related to one's own comprehensive ability and the martial comprehension one had gained.

As for Chu Feng, he actually managed to make two breakthroughs in succession.

Everything appeared very simple and effortless for him.

Naturally, Linghu Mingye would find this very difficult to accept.


Right at that moment, Linghu Mingye, who was originally being restricted by Chu Feng in midair, suddenly descended to the ground.

"What is this?" Linghu Mingye looked to Chu Feng with a confused look.

The reason for that was because Linghu Mingye had regained his freedom. Chu Feng was no longer restricting him with the power of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

"Although controlling the Holy Spirit Formation of Light is a part of my ability, it’s truly a bit too boring for me to suppress you using the power of the grand formation."

"Now that you and I have the same cultivation, and are both rank two Martial Immortals, why don't we fight using our respective abilities?"

"If you’re able to win against me, I, Chu Feng, will admit defeat, and allow you to punish me as you see fit."

"However, if you’re to lose, then, my apologies, I will return what you've done to my clan's brothers and sister in double," Chu Feng said to Linghu Mingye.