Chapter 3237 - Four Hours

Chapter 3237 - Four Hours

“Exactly what is going on here? Could it be that Chu Feng’s cultivation has reached a level that Linghu Lun cannot contend against? Could he be a rank two Martial Immortal?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

The reason why he asked that was because Linghu Lun was a rank one Martial Immortal. Unless he was faced with a rank two Martial Immortal, it shouldn’t be possible for Linghu Lun to be unable to do anything.

“No, that Chu Feng’s cultivation is the same as mine, a rank nine Heavenly Immortal,” Mengyan Wushuang said.

“Rank nine Heavenly Immortal? Impossible! If his cultivation is only that of a rank nine Heavenly Immortal, how could Linghu Lun not be a match for him?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“It isn’t that Linghu Lun is not a match for Chu Feng. Instead, Chu Feng had, through the use of a treasure, made it so that Linghu Lun was unable to approach him, and could only look on helplessly as Chu Feng stripped us of our Symbols of Light,” Mengyan Wushuang said.

“Treasure? What sort of treasure?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“The Fire Qilin Armor,” Mengyan Wushuang said.

“Fire Qilin Armor?!” The crowd were all astonished.

The great majority of the people present had heard about the Fire Qilin Armor.

The Fire Qilin Armor was indeed an extremely precious treasure. That was especially true against people below the Heavenly Immortal realm of cultivation. The Fire Qilin Armor was simply a treasure that they could not contend against.

However, for experts in the Heavenly Immortal realm, the Fire Qilin Armor was not at all impregnable.

This was more so when the person Chu Feng was facing was Linghu Lun, a rank one Martial Immortal.

Unless… unless Chu Feng managed to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize him as its master, and gained the Fire Qilin Armor’s acknowledgement.

“Could it be, Chu Feng managed to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize him as its master?” Someone asked.

“Chu Feng is capable of controlling the Fire Qilin Armor to release a vast amount of powerful raging flames. The sea of flames covered several miles. To be able to do that, the Fire Qilin Armor has most likely recognized him as its master,” Mengyan Wushuang said.

“But, even if that Chu Feng managed to make the Fire Qilin Armor recognize him as its master, it shouldn’t be possible for him to withstand Linghu Lun’s attacks,” someone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan said.

At that moment, many people grew silent. Even Linghu Tiemian grew silent.

Logically, even if the Fire Qilin Armor had recognized Chu Feng as its master, it shouldn’t be possible for it to defend against Linghu Lun’s attacks. After all, Linghu Lun was not an ordinary rank one Martial Immortal. He was someone who possessed a Heavenly Bloodline, and his offensive abilities were also very powerful.

A genius of the Linghu Heavenly Clan was not a joke.

Yet, Chu Feng had managed to, through the use of his Fire Qilin Armor, block Linghu Lun’s attacks.

This meant that Chu Feng possessed outstanding talent. It was thanks to his exceptional talent that the Fire Qilin Armor gained the power it had at that moment.

However, no one from the Linghu Heavenly Clan was willing to admit that.

“Mingye, exactly how much longer are you planning to watch with folded arms?” Linghu Tiemian turned his gaze toward Linghu Mingye.

While it was true that Linghu Lun was unable to do anything to Chu Feng’s Fire Qilin Armor, Linghu Mingye was a rank two Martial Immortal. Moreover, Linghu Mingye’s abilities were even stronger than Linghu Lun’s.

Thus, Linghu Tiemian felt that even if Linghu Lun was unable to take care of Chu Feng, if Linghu Mingye were to act, Chu Feng would undoubtedly be defeated.

That said, even though Linghu Mingye was present from the very start, he did not say a single word. He had decided to not involve himself in the matter.

Even though Linghu Mingye was a member of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, he was acting none of it was related to him. This caused Linghu Tiemian great displeasure.

Suddenly, Linghu Mingye turned to ask the newcomers below, “Who can tell me when Chu Feng unleashed the power of the Fire Qilin Armor?”

His question was immediately answered.

“Big brother Tieman, do not worry. There’s simply no need for me to do anything. In four hours, that Chu Feng will suffer,” Linghu Mingye said.

“Mingye, what do you mean by that?” The Linghu Heavenly Clansmen asked.

Linghu Mingye began to explain to the crowd.

It turned out that Linghu Mingye had heard about the Fire Qilin Armor from an expert. Thus, he knew more about the Fire Qilin Armor than others.

After the Fire Qilin Armor recognized its master, its strength would differ according to the talent of its master.

If its master was extremely talented, it would really make it so that not even rank two Martial Immortals would be able to cause harm to its master.

However, the enormously powerful flames of the Fire Qilin Armor were not boundless.

They had a time limit.

The time limit also differed to some extent. However, the longest limit would not surpass four hours.

“There’s actually such a thing?”

Many people came to a sudden realization upon hearing Linghu Mingye’s words. They finally realized why Linghu Mingye had told Linghu Tiemian to not worry.

“It just so happens that I have mentioned this matter to Linghu Lun in the past. Thus, Linghu Lun knows very well that, no matter how powerful the Fire Qilin Armor might be, the power of the Fire Qilin Armor will eventually disappear.”

“Thus, Chu Feng can only be pleased momentarily. After four hours pass, he will have to pay the price for his actions,” Linghu Mingye said.

Meanwhile. Inside the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Apart from Linghu Lun, everyone else has had their Symbols of Light taken by Chu Feng, and were expelled from the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Knowing that he was unable to cause any harm to Chu Feng, Linghu Lun no longer attempted to rashly attack Chu Feng.

That said, Linghu Lun had a very sinister look on his face. He was itching to devour Chu Feng alive.

That said, Chu Feng was completely unmoved by the murderous-looking Linghu Lun. Instead, Chu Feng said, “Linghu Lun, how was it? Did I, Chu Feng, honor my words? I said that I’ve come to plunder your Symbols of Light, and have done exactly that.”

“As for you, you were unable to do anything but watch from the sidelines.”

“And now, I will be bringing all of them away from here. As for you… you’ll still not be able to do anything. You’ll still continue to stand there and look on helplessly,” Chu Feng said to Linghu Lun.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act arrogant now. Within four hours, I will take your life,” Linghu Lun pointed at Chu Feng and spoke with anger fuming between gritted teeth.

Even though he was extremely unwilling to accept that Chu Feng was able to unleash such overwhelming power from the Fire Qilin Armor, the truth was before his eyes. As such, he had no choice but to believe it.

However, Linghu Lun knew that the power of the Fire Qilin Armor was limited. Thus, although he was furious, he did not become frantic.

He knew that within four hours, the Fire Qilin Armor’s power would disappear. As for that time, it would be when Chu Feng would suffer.