Chapter 3233 - The Final Way Out

Chapter 3233 - The Final Way Out

“Motherfucker! That bastard Li Anzhi dared to slash daddy’s face! Linghu Lun, if it wasn’t for the fact that you didn’t permit us to kill them, your daddy I would have crippled this bastard!”

A loud crash was heard. Tongtian Yuanming had ruthlessly thrown Li Anzhi to the ground.

At that moment, Tongtian Yuanming’s enormous face was not only covered with injuries, but a thick green liquid was also flowing from his face. It was his blood. Tongtian Yuanming had been injured.

It was not only his face; his body was also in the same sort of state. Furthermore, his aura had also become much weaker than before.

Tongtian Yuanming was seriously injured.

“Slashed your face? If it wasn’t for my prompt arrival, you would’ve been defeated by him,” Mengyan Wushaung spoke in a mocking tone.

“Humph, I was merely careless. Even if you didn’t interfere, I would still have been able to take care of him,” Tongtian Yuanming said.

“Oh? Is that so? If that’s the case, why don’t we heal his injuries so that you two can fight one on one again?” Mengyan Wushuang said.

Hearing those words, Tongtian Yuanming’s expression changed.

Although Li Anzhi’s ranking amongst the Ancestral Martial Decastars was below his, and he had indeed defeated Li Anzhi before, that was during the time when Li Anzhi’s cultivation was weaker than his.

Right now, Li Anzhi’s cultivation was actually at the same level as his own. During their previous encounter, if it wasn’t for Mengyan Wushuang’s prompt arrival, he would really have ended up being defeated by Li Anzhi.

[1. Keep in mind that while Li Anzhi is a rank eight Heavenly Immortal now, he is capable of increasing his cultivation through both his Heavenly Bloodline and his treasure. As such, he’s on par with a rank nine Heavenly Immortal +1 battle power.]

Even now, if he were given another chance to fight Li Anzhi, he would still not have any certainty of being able to defeat him.

Lacking confidence, Tongtian Yuanming decided to snort coldly. He said, “The outcome of the battle has already been determined, why should I bother to fight him again?”

Hearing those words, Mengyan Wushuang did not say anything. However, he let out a ridiculing laugh.

Right at that moment, Linghu Lun shouted, “You two, quiet down!”

Tongtian Yuanming and Mengyan Wushuang had thought that they would be rewarded by Linghu Lun after they captured all of the Li Heavenly Clansmen. Never did they expect that they would be ruthlessly shouted down. This caused the two of them to feel very puzzled.

However, when they paid close attention to their surroundings, they discovered that the people that were being tortured by Linghu Lun were actually not ordinary people. Instead, they were two members of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Most importantly, the Symbols of Light on their foreheads were so bright. Their Symbols of Light were even brighter than Li Anzhi’s Symbol of Light.

Unable to contain himself, Mengyan Wushuang moved toward Linghu Lun and asked with deep concern, “Heavens! Those two Chu Heavenly Clansmen’s Symbols of Light! What is going on here?!”

“It’s Chu Feng. That Chu Feng had obtained some things, and was able to find a great amount of cultivation resources because of that. They were only able to gain those cultivation resources thanks to Chu Feng,” Linghu Lun said.

“That Chu Feng’s ability is quite strong. In that case, where is he?” Mengyan Wushuang asked.

“That’s precisely what I’m trying to get out of them right now. The two of you, quiet down,” Linghu Lun said.

Seeing that, Mengyan Wushuang took a couple steps back and spoke no more.

“Are the two of you still not going to speak? If I am to unleash my following tortures upon you two, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to endure it,” as Linghu Lun spoke, lightning began to surge on his palm. Like a sharp blade, his palm was emitting a cold shine.

At that moment, Chu Haoyan started shivering in fear, and began to shout, “Stop! Stop! I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

“Chu Haoyan, how could you betray Chu Feng?!” Seeing this, Chu Huanyu became furious.

Although the two of them have had previous conflicts with Chu Feng, Chu Feng had shown great consideration for them after arriving in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. As for the two of them, they had accepted all the help from Chu Feng.

That was also the reason why they had refused to betray Chu Feng even after Linghu Lun had tortured them for so long.

However, it would appear that Chu Haoyan was no longer able to endure the torture anymore. However, even with that being the case, Chu Huanyu still felt that they should not betray Chu Feng.

“Shut up!”


However, right after Chu Huanyu said those words, Linghu Lun’s lightning-covered palm was immediately thrust into Chu Huanyu’s dantian.

As the palm pierced into Chu Huanyu’s body, the lightning began to assault his soul.

Chu Huanyu’s expression immediately changed, and he began to let out incomparably painful screams.

Chu Huanyu’s screams grew weaker and weaker. Soon, he was unable to even let out sounds.

When Linghu Lun pulled out his palm from Chu Huanyu’s dantian, Chu Huanyu had become so weak that he seemed to be on the verge of dying.

However, even with this being the case, he still looked over to Chu Haoyan. With an incomparably weak voice, he said, “Don’t… don’t betray Chu… Chu Feng.”

“Huanyu, if this is to continue, we will die, we will die here. I don’t wish to leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. I don’t wish to miss out on this opportunity. Don’t blame me. Don’t blame me for this.”

Chu Haoyan also had a pained expression on his face. It seemed that betraying Chu Feng was a very difficult decision for him to make.

However, he still looked over to Linghu Lun and said, “Linghu Lun, come here. I will tell you where Chu Feng is.”

Seeing that, Linghu Lun walked over to Chu Haoyan and moved his face toward Chu Haoyan’s face.

“Ahh pah!” However, at that moment, Chu Haoyan opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of spit directly onto Linghu Lun’s face.

“You want me to betray Chu Feng? You’re simply dreaming! Hahaha…” Chu Haoyan burst into loud laughter.

As for the incomparably weak Chu Huanyu, he too let out a weak laugh.

It turned out that he had misjudged Chu Haoyan. Chu Haoyan did not plan to betray Chu Feng. He merely wanted to humiliate Linghu Lun.

“The two of you are simply courting death!” Wiping away the spit on his face, Linghu Lun’s face turned green. His eyes were filled with anger. It was as if he wanted to eat Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu alive.

However, right at that moment, Chu Haoyan looked to Chu Huanyu. As for Chu Huanyu, he realized Chu Huanyu’s intention from his gaze. The two of them had decided to use their keys to exit the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm and leave that place.

The two of them had given up on continuing to train in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

The reason for that was because they knew that if they did not give up now, they would likely be tortured insane by Linghu Lun.

Although they were very unwilling, it was their final way out.