Chapter 3213 - Not Something Good

Chapter 3213 - Not Something Good

“What if they refuse to listen?” The man named Linghu Xiuming asked softly.

“If they refuse to listen, use the power of the main formation to seal the entrance to the Holy Spirit Light Formation inside the New Excellence Formation,” Linghu Tiemian said.

“But, big brother Tiemian, if they’ve already entered the Holy Spirit Light Formation and we are to forcibly seal it off using the power of the main formation, I fear that we will end up harming them,” Linghu Xiuming said.

“Did you not understand what I meant when I said that they will shoulder the consequences?” Linghu Tiemian spoke in a displeased manner.

Hearing that, Linghu Xiuming immediately started to panic. He hurriedly said, “I understand. I’ll go and handle it right away.”

After he finished saying that, Linghu Xiuming soared into the sky and left the plaza.

Although Dongguo Bingyu and the others did not say anything, their expressions had turned even uglier.

For Chu Feng to open the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, even if he didn’t deserve the credit, he still put in the work. After all, it was all thanks to Chu Feng that the Linghu Heavenly Clan, the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan’s newcomers were able to enjoy the benefits of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, which was several times stronger than the Formation of Light.

It was already very unreasonable for them to refuse Chu Feng entrance. Yet now, they were actually going to use such an unyielding method to prevent Chu Feng and the others from entering. That was simply too excessive.

Unfortunately, even though Dongguo Bingyu and everyone else all felt that Linghu Tiemian’s action was excessive, no one dared to say anything.

Facing the unyielding Linghu Tiemian, the crowd did not dare to voice their anger.


Meanwhile, the people inside the New Excellence Formation had no idea what was happening outside.

Chu Feng and the other newcomers were all basking in the joy of Chu Feng being able to summon the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Praises for Chu Feng were being spoken nonstop.

The crowd had not only surrounded Chu Feng and looked at him with admiring gazes, but they were even treating him like a hero and tossing him into the air.

Seeing this, Chu Qing and Chu Shuangshuang looked to one another. Then, a smile appeared on their faces.

Although the one being revered was not them, he was the little brother that they were immensely proud of, Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng’s clansmen, they were feeling proud of Chu Feng.

Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan were naturally also present.

Merely, when compared to Chu Qing and Chu Shuangshuang, the two of them had quite complicated feelings.

Although they also felt happy for Chu Feng’s success in summoning the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, they were nevertheless felt a bit of desolation..

After all, Chu Feng was their rival in the past. In fact, back then, Chu Feng was inferior to them. They had both looked down on Chu Feng from the bottom of their hearts in the past.

Merely, in a place filled with geniuses, Chu Feng was deemed to be a hero, whereas the two of them were being ignored like bystanders.

This intense contrast served as an enormous shock to their egos.

At the same time, they had no choice but to recognize once again the disparity between them and Chu Feng.

Furthermore, they knew that the disparity would only grow larger and larger.

Suddenly, someone raised their head, looked to the constantly spinning sky and asked out loud, “What’s going on? The Holy Spirit Beast has clearly been defeated. Why isn’t the Holy Spirit Formation of Light opening?”

“That’s true. It’s been so long, why isn’t the Holy Spirit Formation of Light opening? Could there be some sort of problem?”

Following that, the others also turned their gazes upward.

Although the change that was happening in the sky above them indicated the appearance of an entrance, that entrance had yet to appear. This inevitably caused the crowd to become concerned.

Someone from the crowd said, “Everyone, don’t panic. I’ve heard from my seniors that it will take some time to open the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Furthermore, it also takes some time for the New Excellence Formation to connect to the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.”

“Everyone, let us wait patiently. Nothing unexpected will happen. After all, that Holy Spirit Beast has already been defeated by Chu Feng.”

“That’s right, nothing unexpected will happen. After all, that Holy Spirit Beast has already been defeated.”

“Young master Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. You’re no ordinary mortal, no? Otherwise, how could you be able to determine that that spirit formation contained the power to defeat the Holy Spirit Beast?”

“Young master Chu Feng is definitely no ordinary mortal. How could an ordinary mortal be able to compare to young master Chu Feng?”

At that moment, the crowd’s eyes were once again turned to Chu Feng. They were praising him without the slightest reservation.

The praises from the men were still relatively fine. At the very most, they would speak of how much they admired Chu Feng.

However, it was a different story for the women.

They were looking at Chu Feng with gazes filled with unconcealed admiration. In fact, for some women, they were not only looking at Chu Feng with abnormal gazes, but they were even wiggling themselves toward Chu Feng’s side nonstop. They were seeking an opportunity to come into contact with Chu Feng’s body.

With the situation being like that, should Chu Feng be willing, they would definitely devote their lives to him. In fact, they would not even seek reciprocation from him.

Not to mention the women from the other powers, even the women from the Puyang Heavenly Clan and the Li Heavenly Clan, two clans that had conflicts with Chu Feng, were looking at Chu Feng with changed eyes.

It couldn’t be helped. This was how reality was.

Men are generally fond of beautiful women, whereas women are generally fond of great men.

With a man as excellent as Chu Feng standing before them, with how bright and dazzlingly he shone, he caused the geniuses from the various other powers to lose their splendor by comparison.

With this, how could those women not be charmed?

Normally, if a man was capable of tempting the hearts of so many women with both status and beauty, the other men would definitely become jealous, envious and even detest him.

However, at that moment, there were very few people feeling jealous, envious or detesting of Chu Feng. It could not be said that there were no men that were feeling that way. However, very few were feeling that way.

The reason for that was because the men present knew very well that Chu Feng had the strength that was capable of making the women act that way.

Compared to Chu Feng, they knew that they were much inferior.

“Huu, huu, huu~~~”

As the crowd chatted, the spinning gaseous substance in the sky suddenly started to accelerate. Following that, a faint light started to shine from the gaseous substance gathered in the sky.

The gaseous substance covered many thousands of miles of the sky. As it started to shine with light, all living things on the ground were brightened by it. This sight was truly spectacular. However, the crowd had no heart to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The crowd’s eyes were all focused on the central region of that spinning gaseous substance.

A gap was already open there. Furthermore, that gap was gradually widening.

That was a tunnel, a tunnel that left that place and connected to another place.

“It’s opening! The legendary Holy Spirit Formation of Light is opening!”

Seeing the scene in the sky, the crowd became extremely excited.

In fact, even Puyang Han and Puyang Qi, who had hoped for Chu Feng’s failure, had anticipating looks in their eyes.

After all, that was the legendary Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Inside that Holy Spirit Formation of Light were cultivation resources superior to those in the normal Formation of Light.


However, at the moment when the crowd were looking at the opening of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light with excitement, lightning suddenly started to appear above them. The lightning gathered in one place and then formed a small formation.

“What is that?”

Seeing the small formation formed by the gathering of lightning, the crowd’s expressions all changed. For some reason, when they looked to that formation, the crowd had a faint feeling that it was not something good.