Chapter 3211 - Astonished Crowd

Chapter 3211 - Astonished Crowd

The crowd felt that the words spoken by that man were very reasonable.

At that moment, the various powers present in the plaza had all become emotional.

This was especially true for the Puyang Heavenly Clansmen and the Li Heavenly Clansmen.

After all, amongst the Puyang Heavenly Clan’s newcomers were Puyang Han and Puyang Qi. As for the Li Heavenly Clan, Li Anzhi was among their newcomers as well.

The way they saw it, if there was truly someone in the New Excellence Formation that was capable of summoning the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, they felt that it was very possible for it to be someone from their clans.


At the moment when the crowd was pondering who it was that had summoned the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, the abnormal sign in the sky began to change.

The image of an enormous beast that was present in the sky began to transform. Then, it started to disappear.

When the image of that enormous beast disappeared completely, waves and splatters began to appear in the sky. These waves did not die down. Instead, more and more gathered. In the blink of an eye, a vast body of water was created in midair.

The surface of that vast body of water was so very calm that it resembled a mirror. It was as if it were an enormous mirror.

Not only was that mirror extremely beautiful, but an image was also being portrayed on that water mirror.

It was a group of people. They were the newcomers that had entered the New Excellence Formation.

Currently, regardless of their gender or which power they belonged to, they were all surrounding a single person and excitedly cheering and shouting his name.

As they shouted his name, there were even people that began to praise him without holding back at all.

Although the water mirror was only capable of illuminating the image, and was unable to produce sound, the people present were all martial cultivators. They were people that simply did not need to hear any sound to determine what was going on. Merely by looking at the mouth movements of the people being shown on the mirror, they were able to determine what they were saying.

The person whose name they were shouting was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?”

“Wasn’t that the first person to enter the New Excellence Formation this time around?”

“It’s that Chu Heavenly Clan’s Chu Feng?”

Suddenly, someone spoke about Chu Feng with a surprise-filled tone.

At that moment, a person from the Linghu Heavenly Clan asked, “Chu Heavenly Clan? You’re talking about that Eastern Region’s Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“That’s right. The first person to enter the New Excellence Formation this year was that Chu Heavenly Clan’s Chu Feng,” Someone answered.

“Chu Heavenly Clan, hasn’t that clan already fallen into a state of desolation? Didn’t they lose their qualifications to enter the New Excellence Formation? How did they manage to come this year?”

“Furthermore, someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan was actually the first person to enter the New Excellence Formation?!”

The Linghu Heavenly Clan, the Nightmare Spirit Clan, the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan, as well as the clans and powers from the other three regions, all began to ponder the same thing.

Although the Chu Heavenly Clan had already fallen in power and never managed to become the strongest power in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, the Chu Heavenly Clan was an existence known to everyone in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

The reason for that was all because the small and weak Chu Heavenly Clan had managed to produce two exceptional geniuses.

“Exactly what is going on? People from the Eastern Region, do you have an explanation for this?” At that moment, the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen turned their eyes to the Dongguo Heavenly Clansmen and the other powers from the Eastern Region.

“Allow me to offer an explanation regarding this matter,” Dongguo Bingyu stood forth.

“Dongguo Bingyu, you merely need to tell me what the origin of that Chu Feng is,” Linghu Tiemian said.

“That Chu Feng is Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Hanxian’s grandson,” Dongguo Bingyu said.

“What? He really is that Chu Feng?!”

Dongguo Bingyu’s words immediately brought forth a massive uproar.

Shock filled the faces of everyone present.

Actually, the crowd had already thought about Chu Feng being that Chu Feng after hearing his name.

After all, this was all too much of a coincidence. The crowd were unable to help themselves from making the connection.

However, the crowd had heard that Chu Xuanyuan’s son had already died. As such, how could he appear here of all places?

“Chu Feng did not die. Furthermore, he has already returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan. After entering the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, he revealed his overwhelming talent and received the qualifications to enter the New Excellence Formation.”

“Merely, even I did not expect for that Chu Feng to be so talented. Not only was he the first person to enter the New Excellence Formation, but he actually even managed to summon the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.”

“It would appear that Senior Chu Xuanyuan’s son has managed to inherit his outstanding talent,” Dongguo Bingyu said.

Dongguo Bingyu said those words deliberately. The reason for that was because she knew the way the Linghu Heavenly Clan handled things.

Upon finding out that Chu Feng possessed outstanding talent, the Linghu Heavenly Clan would definitely attempt to suppress him.

Under this sort of situation, she could only proclaim Chu Feng’s talent without restraint and make the Linghu Heavenly Clan realize that he was not an ordinary genius, not someone that easily suppressed.

Even though Dongguo Bingyu’s action was quite extreme, she felt that it was the only way for her to help Chu Feng.

Only by having the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen feel an even greater threat would they perhaps decide to compromise with Chu Feng.

Otherwise, they would ruthlessly suppress him.

“It’s no wonder then. And here I was wondering who it was that managed to summon the legendary Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Turns out, it’s actually Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan’s descendant.”

“Chu Hanxian, Chu Xuanyuan, Chu Feng.”

“This generation of three have all managed to summon the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Their talents are truly extraordinary.”

“That said, wasn’t Chu Feng said to be trash incapable of martial cultivation? How did he manage to possess the demon-level genius talent of his father and grandfather?”

“Who cares about that? Who could possibly explain what exactly happened back then? As for the truth of what happened back then, it’s even more mysterious. The only thing I know is that a genius comparable to Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan has appeared in the Chu Heavenly Clan again. The Chu Heavenly Clan will once again enter the line of sight of the various grand powers of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.”

“That’s true. It would appear that the Chu Heavenly Clan will once again become an existence that even the Starfield Master Realm will have to pay attention to.”

“Merely, I wonder, how would Chu Feng’s talent compare to Linghu Hongfei’s talent?”

“That’s true. Countless people felt that it was regretful for Linghu Hongfei to not be born in the same generation as Chu Xuanyuan, as it made it impossible to compare the two of them.”

“However, Chu Xuanyuan’s son has now actually appeared astonishingly out of thin air. He has simply filled the void that is that regret.”

“Although Linghu Hongfei is still unable to exchange blows with the young Chu Xuanyuan, he is able to exchange blows with Chu Xuanyuan’s son. I am truly looking forward to that. Merely, I wonder if Chu Feng’s talent hass reached his father’s level during his youth or not, I wonder if Chu Feng would be qualified to measure himself against Linghu Hongfei.”

“He hass even summoned the legendary Holy Spirit Formation of Light. That is already sufficient to prove how strong that Chu Feng is. I feel that perhaps he might not be a match for Linghu Hongfei now, but he will definitely be able to go head-to-head against Linghu Hongfei in the future.”

At that moment, the people from the various powers were all unable to contain their excitement.

If Chu Feng were only the first person to enter the New Excellence Formation, it would not be able to prove his strength.

However, his defeat of the Holy Spirit Beast and summoning of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light was enough to prove his strength.

After all, Chu Feng had accomplished what the people present were unable to accomplish.

In fact, after being astonished by Chu Feng, the crowd began to compare him with Linghu Hongfei.

Hearing the discussion of the crowd, the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen’s expressions turned ugly.