Chapter 636 - Little Fishy Has Disappeared

MGA: Chapter 636 - Little Fishy Has Disappeared

“Only that one sentence? Senior Huangfu didn’t say anything else to you?” asked Chu Feng, unsatisfied.

However, Qiushui Fuyan only shook her head and smiled. “He had always never feared anything. Although he was the Holy Son, his strength had already surpassed the Pope. Is there anyone in the Eastern Sea Region who could defeat him?

“But back then, when he saw me, his face was fraught with terror, as though he had taken a huge shock.

“I can’t imagine what kind of thing, or what kind of event, was able to frighten him to that degree. However, I am sure that all the answers are in the Heavenly Road.”

“I understand. Thank you, Senior, for your pointers.” Chu Feng was no fool, so he understood the meaning behind Qiushui Fuyan’s words. It was that regardless of what Huangfu Haoyue met, and exactly what Chu Feng’s ancestry was, only by going into the Heavenly Road could they be revealed.

Although Qiushui Fuyan wasn’t really able to give Chu Feng an answer, she provided him with an extremely important clue. As Chu Feng speculated, Huangfu Haoyue did indeed meet some sort of change in the Heavenly Road. His own ancestry most likely would be revealed in that place too.

“Okay, Chu Feng. It’s no longer early, rest soon. Tomorrow morning, we will depart,” said Qiushui Fuyan.

“Senior, may I ask where we are heading towards tomorrow?” asked Chu Feng.

“Have you heard of the Misty Peak?” said Qiushui Fuyan.

“I have.” Chu Feng nodded his head. Naturally, he’d heard of the Misty Peak. He knew that there was a preeminent hidden expert at the top of the Misty Peak called Lady Piaomiao.

Though the reason why Chu Feng heard of the Misty Peak wasn’t because of Lady Piaomiao, it was because of her four disciples.

Not only were Lady Piaomiao’s four disciples cultivation geniuses, they were even four beauties with exceptional appearances. They were called Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue.[1]

Not only did those four women have outstanding cultivation, they were even skilled in the Four Arts as well as in singing and dancing. They were the perfect females in the hearts of countless males.

Especially that Qiu Zhu who was recognized as a beauty comparable to Ya Fei. She was praised as one of the three great beauties in the Eastern Sea Region.

“It’s good that you’ve heard of her. Lady Piaomiao is my old friend. Moreover, she is very skilled in Spirit Formation techniques, and she also has a vast understanding regarding all sorts of peculiar monsters. I’m sure if it’s her, she will be able to save your friend,” said Qiushui Fuyan.

“Senior, I still have one thing I want to ask,” said Chu Feng.

“Go ahead,” said Qiushui Fuyan.

“I am not Senior Huangfu’s disciple, so it can be said that I’m not too related to you. Right now, you already know the truth. Why are you still helping me?” asked Chu Feng.

“Hoh.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Qiushui Fuyan smiled, then said, “Putting aside helping you or not, your friend has been bound by a monster, so regardless, it’s my duty to help her. Even if I don’t have the layer of relationship, I wouldn’t just stand on the side and do nothing.

“Besides, even though you’re not Huangfu Haoyue’s disciple, you are Senior Qiu Canfeng’s disciple. There is some friendship between him and I, so for his sake, I should take care of you.”

“I understand.” Chu Feng clasped his hands, then left the room.

But immediately after Chu Feng left, Qiushui Fuyan’s expression suddenly changed. She first sighed, then looking in the direction Chu Feng left at, she murmured to herself, “Back then, it was the first time I saw that type of fear in him.

“Although he didn’t say what he feared, I could tell he feared two things. One, he feared the Heavenly Road. Two, you, in his embrace.

“The two of you are connected by thousands and thousands of strands of relation. One of those must affect his life, so for the sake of his safety, I should protect you safely.”

A soundproof Spirit Formation was laid in Qiushui Fuyan’s room, so obviously, Chu Feng couldn’t hear her mutters. But, immediately after walking out of the palace Qiushui Fuyan lived in, Chu Feng saw a familiar figure. It was Jiang Wanshi.

“Senior Jiang, why are you here? Could it be that something happened?” Chu Feng saw Jiang Wanshi’s tense expression, and determined that something might have happened.

“Junior Wuqing, this isn’t good! Just now, I wanted to bring some sweets to Little Fishy, but discovered that she wasn’t in her room. Afterwards, I pretty much searched throughout the floating island, but I still couldn’t find her.” Currently, Chu Feng was already wearing the Transformational Mask, and had returned to Wuqing’s appearance. So, Jiang Wanshi instantly recognized Chu Feng.

“Little Fishy has disappeared?” asked Chu Feng calmly.

“Yeah, she is truly gone. I’ve already carefully looked all over the floating island, but I can’t find her.

“Moreover, a Spirit Formation has already been laid by my master on this floating island. Logically, she shouldn’t be able to leave, yet I was unable to find her within the island. Where could she have went?” said Jiang Wanshi very anxiously.

“Crap.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart also involuntarily trembled. Although Little Fishy was naturally naughty and had the ability to break open Spirit Formations, so she very possibly went out to play on her own, at present, they were in the Everlasting Sea of Blood! Ya Fei was watching them like a tiger, so Chu Feng was very worried that Little Fishy was taken away by Ya Fei.

Although Chu Feng was worried, he still consoled Jiang Wanshi, saying, “Senior Jiang, don’t worry. Little Fishy has always been special so Spirit Formations cannot stop her. Moreover, she is innately playful, so I’m guessing that she went out to have fun.

“But, Ya Fei has always wanted to harm Little Fishy. If she’s taken away, then Little Fishy will be dead.”

“This won’t do. We must go out to find Little Fishy! Junior Wuqing, wait for me here. I’ll report this to my master now.” As Jiang Wanshi spoke, she ran towards Qiushui Fuyan’s palace.

And after knowing that Little Fishy disappeared, Qiushui Fuyan was very nervous too. Not only did she open the Spirit Formation, she even went out with Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi, and also looked for Little Fishy.

However, the more they searched, the more uneasy Chu Feng felt. It was because the Everlasting Sea of Blood was very large, and Little Fishy’s speed within water was very quick as well. He didn’t know where she went to play. Really, he could not confirm if Little Fishy was safe or not.

Under such uneasiness, time passed by bit by bit. The initially dark night turned bright, then was soon replaced by the night sky filled with starlight. Entering the nighttime, a strange beauty appeared in the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

Though when Chu Feng and the others were flying above the surface of the sea, they didn’t have the heart to admire the scenery because they were worrying, as they could not find Little Fishy.

Coinciding with all these events, a person with powerful strength had arrived in the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

In the living room with Ya Fei, a white-haired, brawny old man who neared three meters in height and was clad in gorgeous clothing sat at the head of the table.

That old man had eyes like an eagle’s, snow-white sword-like brows, a pointed face, and unknowingly, emanated an untaintable domineeringness.

And that person was none other than the head of the Nine Immortals of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Ya Fei’s grandfather, Ya Zongyun.