Chapter 939 - Perfect Royal Armament

MGA: Chapter 939 - Perfect Royal Armament

You Mingdeng, Xue Xiyue, and Fu Liansheng knew the present situation was not assuring.

They, as the Three Protectors, knew very well if they kept the Crippling Night Demon Sect split up, only one result awaited them—eradication.

If they remained ununited, judging by the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s nature, they wouldn’t accept Crippling Night Demon Sect’s surrender. They would only annihilate them.

Therefore, they had to quickly reorganize the Crippling Night Demon Sect and gather the members scattered across the Eastern Sea Region. No matter if they were to live or die, or battle or escape, they were going to do it together.

However, the exact reason why the Crippling Night Demon Sect had split into pieces was because they were akin to a group of dragons that lacked a leader. Even amongst the Three Protectors, none of them were willing to obey each other. It wasn’t that easy to choose a sect head.

In reality, there were many people who didn’t know how they prepared to come to a conclusion, but Chu Feng and Qiu Canfeng did. This was a chance provided to them.

“Master, it seems that we can use their own plan against them,” Chu Feng said smilingly.

“Mm. Disguise yourself. Let’s take a look at this, though there’s no need to rashly do anything. Let me see what these three old things are planning.” Qiu Canfeng nodded his head as he smiled as well.

Just like that, Chu Feng and Qiu Canfeng, the pair of master and disciple, snuck into the vast ocean of people after transforming into ordinary people. They avoided showing themselves.

They headed directly into the Depraved Ravine’s underground palace. They knew the selection of sect head was going to be carried out in the palace that held the Demon Sealing Sword.

On their way, the two of them discovered that the underground palace had been refurbished. Although it hadn’t become all that exquisite, it was quite a bit wider, even several times wider than before. This was most definitely to accommodate for the larger number of people.

One could tell the Three Protectors had spent quite some work and time for today.

But in spite of their efforts, it was still very crowded. There were already a million people squished within the underground palace. By some rough estimations, they found out there was truly quite a few members gathered here today. In addition to those above ground, there were already over ten million people present.

This was evidence of the loyalty the members held towards the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

Their sect had split up, and they scattered throughout the world, lacking any superiors to rely on. However, when the sect’s order was sent, they still hurried over. Risking their lives, disregarding sufferings, and preparing to do all they could for the sect.

Finally, Chu Feng and Qiu Canfeng arrived within the Demon Sealing Sword’s palace. It was reconstructed to become even bigger—right now, there were several hundred thousands of people within the palace. Its vastness could thus be imagined.

However, only those who held some position within the sect could enter that palace. There were even guards at the entrance to check identities. Ordinary members were not allowed entry.

Though it might seem unreasonable on the surface, it was understandable after some thought. This was, after all, the place a sect head was to be chosen. It wouldn’t matter how big this palace became, since there was always a limit. It could not accommodate all the members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

With this checkpoint, it secluded many of those who wished to personally witness the progress of the sect head selection. But that proved no difficult for Chu Feng and Qiu Canfeng as with a bit of trickery, they snuck in.

“Chu Feng, go ahead. I can just wait here,” Qiu Canfeng said via mental messaging.

“Mm.” Chu Feng knew Qiu Canfeng didn’t want to reveal himself yet. So, he alone forced himself into the center of the palace from the very outskirts of the crowd.

The palace was quite enormous, but it was already crammed with people. As such, when a young man like Chu Feng squeezed himself forth so shamelessly as he pushed others aside, that invoked quite a few people’s displeasure. There were many curses and grudgeful words thrown about as Chu Feng advanced.

But as if he heard nothing, he continued these blatant actions.

Finally, he arrived at the forefront of the observers after passing through the crowd. At that moment, several familiar people also appeared within his line of sight.

Xuan Xiaochao, You Tonghan, and Fu Fengming were all there. They were conversing in secret, and chatting quite merrily. But, one could still tell there seemed to be something that pressured them heavily.

Other than the three of them, there were many others who he knew of: the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, Water King, Fire King, Earth King… In reality, all five Elemental Kings were present.

Of the five Elemental Kings, the strongest one was the Gold King—he was a rank three Martial King.

Of course, the ones with the greatest statuses, who possessed the commanding power to call so many members here, were of course the Three Protectors.

You Mingdeng—Chu Feng had seen him before. He naturally recognized this old bastard who held animosity towards him.

He was sitting on a chair made out of Spirit Formations. He appeared to be quite at ease, and by his side were two other people sitting as well.

One was a woman who had a bewitching figure and heavy makeup, while her body exuded an odd fragrance. She looked middle-aged, but everyone knew she was an old granny who’d lived for nearly two hundred years.

The other one was a white-haired old man who wore simple but fitting cloth clothing. He appeared quite ordinary, but within his gentle eyes was an indescribable fierceness. It let people know he was no kind pushover.

Needless to say, those two were the two other Protectors of the Crippling Night Demon Sect—respectively Xuan Xiaochao’s master, Xue Xiyue, and Fu Fengming’s master, Fu Liansheng.

Both of their cultivation was really high—they were the same as You Mingdeng, rank four Martial Kings. Their lips were moving slightly at that moment, but they let out no sound. They were clearly using mental messages for some sort of discussion.

However, rather than concentrating on these famous people, Chu Feng’s gaze was focused more on the center of the palace, because there was one thing that lay there: a large black sword with an overbearing aura—it was the Royal Armament, the Demon Sealing Sword.

Chu Feng was now a person who possessed a Royal Armament. So, when he had a second glance at this Demon Sealing Sword, he could feel its power. This Royal Armament indeed deserved to be called the King of Royal Armaments. An ordinary one was truly no match for the power this sword contained.

“The quality of this Royal Armament is definitely the highest possible. If I’m not mistaken, the person who made it is unlikely a Martial King, but a Martial Emperor. Only a Royal Armament made by a Martial Emperor can hold such quality,” Eggy said.

“A Royal Armament forged by a Martial Emperor, huh? That does make sense. The difference in strength between a Martial King and Martial Emperor is like the heaven and earth. Their comprehension in cultivation is on a completely different level.

“Although they are both creating Royal Armaments, there’s an enormous disparity in quality. If a Martial King’s Royal Armament more or less has imperfections, then a Martial Emperor’s Royal Armament will be absolutely perfect.” Chu Feng nodded, agreeing with Eggy.