Chapter 900 - Horrifying Formation

MGA: Chapter 900 - Horrifying Formation

“Not only the Immortal Execution Archipelago, even the Three Great Monstrous Clans have come?

“Could it be… Could it be that the Three Great Monstrous Clans have already allied with the Immortal Execution Archipelago?” When she looked at the figures in the sky and in the sea, Dong Xue felt very shocked. She couldn’t even help but trembled slightly. One could tell how scared she was.

“Is there even a need to ask? The Three Great Monstrous Clans have always kept a low profile and they’ve never participated in the battles between humans. Today, they’ve pretty much sent out their entire battle strength by sending so many experts here.

“Without much thinking, they’ve definitely already allied with the Immortal Execution Archipelago. It seems that this time, they have truly not come with any kind intentions.” Although Xia Yu did not panic as much as Dong Xue, she still knitted her brows tightly as her eyes were filled with uneasiness.

“It’s you! They must have come here to capture you! Get out, don’t drag us down with you!” After hearing that, Dong Xue felt even more afraid. She directly pointed all the blame towards Chu Feng as she fiercely shouted at him.

“Senior Dong Xue, this is not the time for internal arguments. Besides, our master is still here. Even though they are large in numbers, we may not need to be afraid of them. You don’t need to be so nervous,” Qiu Zhu urged.

“Senior Qiu Zhu is correct. Master is the one who will decide what to do. Who needs you to talk so much?” Chun Wu berated and coldly snorted.

“You…” Dong Xue felt furious at Chun Wu’s words, but her current fear greatly overwhelmed her anger. So, she did not argue with Chun Wu. Instead, she kept on looking behind her, awaiting Lady Piaomiao appearance.

The army outside was really too powerful. Not only were there many people, they were all cultivation experts—over several tens of millions of cultivation experts. They covered up the entire sky; it was really too horrifying.

Even though the people here had seen quite a bit of the world, they had never seen such a formation of people. It would most definitely be a lie to say they were not afraid.

After all, the Immortal Execution Archipelago was the publicly recognized number one force in the Eastern Sea Region.

As for the Three Great Monstrous Clans, they had always been low-profile and rarely associated with humans. They had always just guarded their own land, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say they were cut off from the world.

However, their strength was undoubtable. Right now, the Immortal Execution Archipelago had allied with the Three Great Monstrous Clans and they had come here together. Who could stop them? Even though their Misty Peak’s defensive formations were firm, even though their strength was powerful, the crowd’s hearts were lacking of confidence.

Despite being calm on the surface, nearly everyone’s hearts were drumming. Fear and uneasiness were the emotions echoing within their hearts.

Chu Feng did not mind Dong Xue and the others’ remarks, because he simply didn’t have the mind to bother with them. He was carefully observing the army that had arrived at the Misty Peak, and what sort of power it had.

There was a total of five Martial Kings from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

One of them was the Sixth Immortal, and Chu Feng could not possibly be more familiar with him. At that moment, he was standing there in perfect condition. Which meant the Forbidden Medicines he consumed back then didn’t do much damage to him. At least, his injuries should have all recovered since he was prepared for battle.

There was another who was also a rank one Martial King like the Sixth Immortal. Chu Feng hadn’t seen this person before, but judging by the strength of his aura, Chu Feng felt he was very possibly the Seventh Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Back then, Chun Wu’s report stated the Immortal Execution Archipelago sent their Martial Kings to the Depraved Ravine, and one of them was this Seventh Immortal. However, for some reason, he hadn’t appeared, which was why the battle dragged out, leading to Chu Feng activating the formation and bringing victory for the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Today, he had finally seen the appearance of this Seventh Immortal.

At that moment, by the sides of the Sixth and Seventh Immortal, there were two more elders who wore the robes of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They were quite old, but they were not rank one Martial Kings, but rank two Martial Kings.

Although they were rank two Martial Kings, their auras were a bit weaker than the Third Immortal who fought Tantai Xue back then in the Burning Heaven Church. So, Chu Feng deduced that they were likely the Fourth and Fifth Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Nine Immortals, only seven remained, and today, four had appeared.

As for why only four and not five, it was because the remaining Martial King from the Immortal Execution Archipelago clearly wasn’t one of the Nine Immortals.

That old man also had white hair, but there wasn’t a single wrinkle on his face. He appeared especially spirited, and the clothes he wore were also different from the others.

Although they were different, there was still a symbol of the Immortal Execution Archipelago sown into them. The hat on his head was even quite similar to a crown, and on it there was also the symbol of an Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Most importantly, that old man’s aura was extremely powerful, even more powerful than You Mingdeng. Since he did not conceal his aura, Chu Feng could tell his strength was far above the four Immortals—he was a rank five Martial King.

With such powerful strength, his special and noble clothing, his overbearing hat, and also the respectful attitude from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, without much thought, Chu Feng knew who that person was.

Most definitely, he was Murong Xun’s father, the master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Niekong!

Other than the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, there were also many experts from the Three Great Monstrous Clans.

The two Protectors of the Inferno Divine Bird clan had come, and other than those two, there were also three Martial Kings. Of those, two were rank two Martial Kings, and the last one was a rank four Martial King. They wore clothing made out of golden feathers, and their auras were extraordinary. He had an airs that was equal to Murong Niekong, and likely he was the chief of the Inferno Divine Bird clan.

As for the Boulder Mutation Beast clan and the Blood-Scale Monstrous Fish clan, they brought even more Martial Kings than the Inferno Divine Bird clan and the Immortal Execution Archipelago—they both brought six Martial Kings.

Of those, two were also rank four Martial Kings. Judging by their special and noble clothings as well, different from the other clan members, one could tell that the chiefs from those two clans had also come.

The strongest from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans had all come. That formation was very horrifying.

However, Chu Feng also noticed within that army, there was another person. That person made Chu Feng feel even more uneasy.

It was a young man, and at that moment, he was standing behind all those Martial Kings, beside Murong Xun. His position did not attract much attention, but that man, who Chu Feng hadn’t met before, made the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago look inferior in every possible area.

That man’s age was definitely less than thirty—he was even younger than Murong Xun.

Moreover, he was not only robust, his face was rather handsome as well. His sharp brows especially made him seem full of courage—much more than Murong Xun.

Most importantly, although his aura was concealed, Chu Feng discovered he was a rank four Martial King. His aura was extremely strong as well, even stronger than the chiefs from the Three Great Monstrous Clans. To have such cultivation at such age was simply unimaginable.