Chapter 898 - Sister

MGA: Chapter 898 - Sister

“Senior Qiushui, you…”

After a temporary moment of daze, Chu Feng’s complexion suddenly turned to joy. He said, “Senior Qiushui, congratulations.”

At that very instant, the one entering the palace was no outsider—it was Qiushui Fuyan.

However, not only was her complexion rosy, she was full of smiles. Even her aura was several times more powerful. She had made a breakthrough—she had successfully become a rank two Martial King.

“Congratulations, Senior Qiushui! You’ve succeeded!” At the same time, Zi Ling and the others also sent their congratulations. Although their detection strength wasn’t as strong as Chu Feng’s, they knew Qiushui Fuyan had been successful due to Chu Feng’s reactions.

“After so many times, it’s time that I succeed. Otherwise, I would have disgraced the title of the Burning Heaven Church’s Holy Daughter.” Qiushui Fuyan beautifully smiled, so much it even moved one’s hearts. One could tell she was very happy because of her success.

“However, Chu Feng, I’ve heard your conversation just now. You should have told me about Qiu Canfeng earlier! Do you think I wouldn’t help you?

“You don’t need to waste so much effort finding that Fu Liansheng. I can help you save your Senior Qiu Canfeng. Even putting aside you, there is a bit of a friendship between me and him. He’s in trouble right now, so I won’t do nothing about it,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up when he heard that, but then couldn’t help but cast his gaze at Zi Ling.

When he was conversing with Zi Ling and the others, though he had mentioned Qiu Canfeng, he had never said he was going to look for Fu Liansheng and ask him to save Qiu Canfeng.

Chu Feng had only told Zi Ling alone the entire story in detail, and now, Qiushui Fuyan clearly knew about the “Fu Liansheng” part, though he had never told her. She definitely didn’t overhear it accidentally, but knew it beforehand.

That pointed Chu Feng directly at the reason—quite obviously, Zi Ling had also told Qiushui Fuyan the story, and the reason Qiushui Fuyan came to this place today was by no coincidence. They had planned this out beforehand, and their goal was to convince Chu Feng to abandon the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“Chu Feng, don’t blame me! I just don’t want you continue risking your life! Besides, Senior Qiushui has treated us so well, so we shouldn’t hide it from her,” Zi Ling quickly explained honestly, seeing that Chu Feng saw through her little scheme.

“Chu Feng, I asked Zi Ling this on my own accord. Don’t blame her.

“As for you, you truly shouldn’t have hid it from me. Isn’t it just saving Qiu Canfeng? Rather than taking a risk to get into contact with Fu Liansheng, and being beaten up by the Crippling Night Demon Sect, why not just ask me for help? You wouldn’t doubt me, would you?” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Senior Qiushui, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but you’ve really given me too much help. I truly don’t want to trouble you anymore. Besides, this is truly a bit complicated.

“First of all, my master Qiu Canfeng clearly said to ask Fu Liansheng for help. Other than him, he forbade me from telling anyone else. In the end, this is something related to the core of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Outsiders shouldn’t interfere, and I should listen to him as well.

“Furthermore, my master is imprisoned in an Imperial Tomb. I had personally experienced the danger there, and to be honest, even though Senior Huangfu was so powerful, he was still agitated within the Imperial Tomb. So… I truly don’t want you to risk your life just to help me,” Chu Feng said with an apologetic face.

“Even if it’s more dangerous, so what? And even if I cannot save Qiu Canfeng, Lady Piaomiao could, right? Would she be inferior to that Fu Liansheng?” Qiushui Fuyan said a bit displeasedly.

“Senior Qiushui, you mean…?” Chu Feng’s heart was incomparably excited. He knew what she was trying to say.

“When Lady Piaomiao finishes, I will tell her about this. Isn’t it just saving Qiu Canfeng? To her, it is an easy task. You don’t need to spend so much effort to get closer to the Crippling Night Demon Sect,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Senior Qiushui, this… Truly, how should I thank you?” The emotions in Chu Feng’s heart truly reached a peak after Qiushui Fuyan spoke. Of course he hoped Lady Piaomiao could rescue Qiu Canfeng.

However, Lady Piaomiao had a very odd nature. Even though she had helped Chu Feng greatly, there always seemed to be a barrier between them. That made a certain gap appear in his heart between himself and Lady Piaomiao, and thus she was less close to him than Qiushui Fuyan.

Besides, Qiu Canfeng was a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Who knew if Lady Piaomiao would be willing to save him or not?

However, Chu Feng could tell that the relationship between Qiushui Fuyan and Lady Piaomiao was not ordinary at all. At least, the two of them were very close to each other, and thus they also had a certain understanding of one another.

There was quite a large gap in age between the two; one gave others a feeling of guile, and the other gave others a feeling of liveliness and amiability. They were simply two different people.

However, they were indeed friends. Although nearly undetectable, Chu Feng could still tell their relationship was truly very good. Since Qiushui Fuyan had spoken like that, then Lady Piaomiao was most likely going to help.

If it were before, perhaps asking her for help wasn’t the best choice, but at this very moment, it was most definitely the best decision.

As long as Qiu Canfeng could be saved, then he likely had his own plans regarding the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Chu Feng wouldn’t need to wade through such muddy waters.

As for the Immortal Execution Archipelago, this common enemy, Chu Feng could just ignore them after saving Zi Ling.

Chu Feng had brutally beaten up Murong Xun, and took away his Royal Armament, and even “slept” with his fiancée and sister. On the other hand, Murong Xun hadn’t even touched Zi Ling. He hadn’t even seen her.

So, in the end, Chu Feng hadn’t suffered much from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and quite oppositely, the Immortal Execution Archipelago had suffered quite a bit due to him.

Chu Feng had no need to take huge risks and continue fighting the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Rather than risking his life in the Eastern Sea Region, why not just leave this disaster zone with Zi Ling and the others?

“Chu Feng, although there are great dangers inside the Heavenly Road, the mystery of your ancestry is most likely hidden inside. I feel that you must enter it.

“As for the risks of the Heavenly Road, I have told Zi Ling and the others about it. However, they’ve insisted on following. To have lovers and brothers who are willing to accompany you, I feel that you should not reject their kindness.

“After Lady Piaomiao finishes concocting the pellet and cures the Heaven Gripping Pellet in Zi Ling’s body, I will tell her about saving Qiu Canfeng. Then, I will search for Huangfu Haoyue. After finding him, I’ll heal his injuries and restore his mind. At that time, we can also ask him a few things about the Heavenly Road.

“If this can all be finished before the Heavenly Road opens, there’s no need for any of you to continue waiting here. Just enter the Heavenly Road this year then,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a smile.

“Sorry to trouble you then, Senior Qiushui.” Chu Feng was truly grateful for what she did, because Qiushui Fuyan had already planned out their future.

“Thank you, Senior Qiushui!” At the same time, Zi Ling and the others thanked Qiushui Fuyan.

“Don’t start talking and calling me ‘senior’ here and there. It’s not like I’m all that older than you. If you don’t mind, then just call me sister,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a smile.

Chu Feng and the others, who were in a great mood and felt endless gratitude, didn’t even think before saying in unison, “Sister!”

*bang* However, as they were amidst such joy, the door that Chu Feng had closed was suddenly kicked open. The amount of force put into that kick was quite powerful, and it immediately shattered the door.