Chapter 878 - Horrifying Slash

MGA: Chapter 878 - Horrifying Slash

At that moment, atop the sea, violent gales arose and explosions resounded endlessly.

Fierce energy ripples were akin to sharp blades as they cut open space itself and split the sea. There were violent explosions upon the waters, and with uncontrollable shock waves bringing about havoc, the Martial Lord sea beasts who unintentionally passed by were instantly blown into pieces. Its power was very frightening.

The origin of all that was actually a weak body—Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng was wearing lightning armour, he was holding the Silver Dragon Spear Royal Armament, and even on his back, there were two black wings made by black flames.

With all of that, Chu Feng’s cultivation had risen to rank six Martial Lord. His fighting strength was even more terrifying; the aura he exuded would even force rank nine Martial Lords to evade him. He could simply be said to be invincible against all Martial Lords. As he stood there, he didn’t even look like a person, but more like a god.

At that moment, Chu Feng was waving the Silver Dragon Spear in his hand and unceasingly sending out ferocious attacks. As the Royal Armament was waved about, silver dragons made created by white light continually shot out from the Silver Dragon Spear. Their teeth were bared, their claws were brandished, and they were spitting out clouds and mist as they shot towards the sea surface, attacking something.

The thing floating in the sea stirred up gales and waves. It was very horrifying. Not only was its roar deafening, its appearance really did catch the eye—it was a huge tortoise as big as an island. Not only did it have a terrifying appearance, its strength was extraordinary—a rank one Martial King.

So, Chu Feng, with the cultivation of a rank six Martial Lord, was fighting a super-huge tortoise, with the cultivation of a rank one Martial King.

“Has Chu Feng gone mad? He’s challenging this huge tortoise?! That’s the overlord of this sea! Before, when we cultivated in this place, we’ve always avoided it and never dared to go near it!” Dong Xue’s face was one of astonishment when she saw that.

“No need to worry. It doesn’t matter how powerful that tortoise is. It will only block Chu Feng’s attack with its power due to the restriction of the formation. It will not attack Junior Chu Feng,” Chun Wu explained, but was also frightened by Chu Feng’s actions.

Fear was always created in people’s hearts from powerful things. Although they knew the huge tortoise was restricted by the formation and wouldn’t attack them, they still stayed far away. It was for no other reason but because it was too powerful. If it lost control, then they were dead. However, Chu Feng was doing the exact thing they didn’t dare to do.

“Haha, as expected from my Junior Chu Feng! His strength is really too powerful. Although he’s only a rank six Martial Lord right now, his fighting strength allows him to even fight against a Martial King! This is truly admirable.” Zhang Tianyi was excited. He felt proud to have such a powerful brother like Chu Feng.

“It doesn’t matter what his strength is, he won’t be able to defeat a Martial King. He only dares to do this right now because he knows the tortoise won’t attack him. If it could, he would already be dead. No matter how strong Martial Lords are, they are still only Martial Lords. How can they even put up a fight against Martial Kings? Even peak Martial Lords can’t, let alone him.” But just at that moment, Dong Xue curled her lips, refuting Zhang Tianyi’s perspective.

Ever since coming out from the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, she and Xia Yu had tried to get closer to Chu Feng many times, but it was all useless. So, after confirming he wouldn’t bother with them anymore, they too didn’t look for unhappiness themselves.

However, due to their personalities, of course they would resent Chu Feng. Actually, they chose to come here not to find Chu Feng, but instead, to check whether he was dead or not. One had to know, in their hearts, they wished Chu Feng were dead.

However, after seeing that scene, they were not only disappointed, they were shocked. Chu Feng was becoming stronger and stronger. He had already left them far behind, and in their eyes, that was not anything good.

“You’re saying Chu Feng is inferior to a peak Martial Lord?” Dong Xue’s words naturally evoked the displeasure from the crowd. Zi Ling led the way and questioned Dong Xue.

“Hmph. Junior Chu Feng is indeed strong, but that’s only because he’s relying on special techniques. Without the Royal Armament, and without that special technique, can he defeat those with superior cultivation?” Dong Xue curled her lips. Although Zi Ling was a Divine Body, her current cultivation was very weak. Naturally, she was not afraid of her.

“Shut up!” Just at that moment, Qiushui Fuyan suddenly shouted furiously. Although her words were directed at everyone, her unkind gaze was cast towards Dong Xue.

When she saw that, Dong Xue’s heart trembled. Her initially proud face paled from fright. She lowered her head, silent.

Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his insane attacks. He stood in the air, and closed his eyes.

At the same time, the fabric of space around Chu Feng started trembling slightly. The weak power in the air then became strong, and the quivers of space trembled more intensely. Even cracks in space appeared, and an extremely powerful aura was even going to shatter that space.

With such a change, boundless Martial power gathered towards Chu Feng like a hurricane. As they faced such immense Martial power, even Qiushui Fuyan’s eyes lit up. She, as a Gold-cloak World Spiritist and a Martial King, could feel that the surging Martial power was of the King level.

To create such a tremendous martial skill was not even something she, a Martial King, could do. Yet, right now, Chu Feng had done it.

At that instant, Qiushui Fuyan’s eyes did not shift. She was tightly staring at Chu Feng because there was a question in her heart. That question was, Chu Feng wouldn’t truly have cultivated this Earthen Taboo martial skill, right?

When she thought of that question, she simply didn’t dare to continue thinking. Putting aside the cultivation difficulty of an Earthen Taboo martial skill, two months of time simply did not allow for such an impossible feat.


However, just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, a ferocious aura appeared within his gaze, which then shot towards the huge tortoise.


When it saw Chu Feng’s fierce gaze, the huge tortoise’s blood-red eyes glittered and it actually let out a timid low growl. At the same time, it exuded a boundless aura from its body as it quickly started moving. As the waves around it surged, the tortoise was planning to escape.

*ji ji ji ji…*

But it was already too late. Before the huge tortoise was able to escape, a blood-red gaseous mass shot out from Chu Feng’s body.

That was a very odd gaseous mass. It looked like a sharp blade, yet resembled a water snake. Not only were they innumerable, they even made an ear-piercing shriek. It was even frightening quick, and with just a blink, it had enveloped everything, sealing the huge tortoise within.

Then, at that moment, Chu Feng’s lips moved slightly as he said four great words, “EARTHEN—TABOO—FIRMAMENT—SLASH!


After that shout, akin to an order from a lord, the strange and horrifying gaseous masses gathered in the direction of Chu Feng’s gaze with its destructive might.

Finally, after a huge explosion, a blinding slash appeared above.

When that slash emerged, the destructive aura burst out as well, and thus, instantly engulfing a portion of the sea.