Chapter 841 - Gold-coloured Spirit Formation

MGA: Chapter 841 - Gold-coloured Spirit Formation

Ten full days had passed since Chu Feng entered the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

At present, the golden flames inside the furnace were still raging; they were even fiercer than the beginning.

*boom* Suddenly, there was a ripple within the flames as a person gradually appeared. He was walking slowly towards the exit of the furnace—that person was none other than Chu Feng.

At that moment, his complexion was pale and blue veins bulged everywhere on his body. Strings of blood filled his roundly widened eyes; it could be seen that even though he endured ten days in the Spirit Power Forging Furnace, those ten days were not passed well.

At that moment, every step Chu Feng took was akin to lifting a heavy rock. They required a great excursion of power, but the golden flames still remained unforgiving as they actually increased in strength, continuing to tangle Chu Feng, unwilling to let him go.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly glittered as a boundless Spirit Formation power surged out of his body. Like several golden dragons, they spiraled upward—it was golden Spirit Formation power!

As they faced the retaliation of such power, the golden flames was like a hungry wolf that met a tiger. In but an instant, their attacks all dissipated and the flames all backed away. Immediately, the blazing flames within the Spirit Power Forging Furnace became extremely thin, and Chu Feng also successfully stepped out from inside.

“Haha, success! Obtaining the golden Spirit Formation power at the ninth level of the Heaven realm! The harvest here this time is truly not small at all!” Just at that moment, Eggy, who had been in silence for quite a while, couldn’t help cheering.

Retrieving the boundless power he sent out, a smile also appeared on Chu Feng’s face. In the past ten days, he had endured agonizing torture. But luckily, he did not undergo such torture for no gains as he had still received the appropriate reward.

“Senior, thank you for your generous gift.”

Chu Feng couldn’t help turning around, and he expressed his gratitude towards the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

He was not giving respect to the furnace, but to the master of the Asura Ghost Tower. Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were already very skillful. And now, with the strengthening of his Spirit power, and obtaining the ability to use golden Spirit Formation power, that made his Spirit Formation techniques rise to another level.

If it were only a battle between Spirit Formation techniques, it was likely no one in the Eastern Sea Region could defeat Chu Feng. One must admit that the gains Chu Feng acquired here were quite bountiful.

And, of course, the reason Chu Feng had such enormous improvements was because of the master of the Asura Ghost Tower. It was the master of the Asura Ghost Tower who left this Spirit Power Forging Furnace behind, which in turn helped Chu Feng obtain power that others did not even dare to believe.

Becoming a Gold-cloak World Spiritist at the ninth level of the Heaven realm. That was indeed not something an ordinary person could do, and it could even be said to be unordinary. However, Chu Feng, with his special body, powerful spirit, and unyielding perseverance, had done it.

However, it was still because of the master of the Asura Ghost Tower that Chu Feng could achieve what he did. Although Chu Feng did pass through tests and fought for this power himself, as they say, “Recognize the favours given and repay them appropriately.” Chu Feng was a person who knew that.

Right now, the master of the Asura Ghost Tower was not here, so Chu Feng could only give his salutations and gratitude facing nothing.

“So it can indeed only be used once, huh.”

After the thanks, Chu Feng raised his head. He discovered that the flames inside the Spirit Power Forging Furnace had already been completely extinguished. Even the black-coloured body of the furnace became illusory. As stated by the sign, the Spirit Power Forging Furnace was disappearing.

*rumble rumble rumble…*

Just at that moment, the ground underneath Chu Feng’s feet swayed left and right. Quickly after, the entire palace started swaying. Countless cracks spread from the palace, and they became larger and larger. Shattered rocks of various sizes endlessly fell from the cracks above—the palace was actually collapsing.

Chu Feng slightly frowned when he saw that. He quickly started flying with his tired body and rushed out of the palace.

However, after flying out, the uneasiness in Chu Feng’s eyes became even stronger because only after coming outside did he realize the cracking was not limited to the palace alone, but to the entire world.

The mountains, rivers, creeks, sky, earth, and even space itself was collapsing.

“This is bad. The master of this formation set a self-destruction system! After the destined person receives what he left behind, this Asura Ghost Tower will be destroyed. Quick! Quickly leave this place, or you too will disappear with everything in here!” Even Eggy started panicking when she saw that.

Naturally, Chu Feng dared not hesitate as he quickly used the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. He became an azure stream of light and speedily flew out from the path he entered.

On the journey back, Chu Feng couldn’t help sweeping his gaze over the vast ocean of bones. And when he thought of the fact that the former super-experts were about to completely disappear alongside this Asura Ghost Tower, there was an unspeakable emotion in Chu Feng’s heart.

However, right now, he didn’t have time to think that much because the most important thing right now was escaping.

Luckily, Chu Feng was successful in fleeing before the Asura Ghost Tower collapsed.


Shortly after Chu Feng stepped out of the Asura Ghost Tower, a huge explosion echoed out and the tower broke completely apart. First, it became countless fragments, then it became minuscule dust particles before disappearing entirely.

The Asura Ghost Tower in the Nine Provinces’ Spirit Province that had stood for over ten thousand years had disappeared just like that.

“Lord Chu Feng, what happened here? Why has the Asura Ghost Tower disappeared?”

After hearing the deafening sound, the experts of the World Spirit Guild hurried over. However, when they arrived, they just happened to see the scene of the Asura Ghost Tower’s destruction.

All of them tightly furrowed their brows as their complexions distorted greatly. They were all terrified by that scene.

To them, the Asura Ghost Tower was a treasure they had guarded for many years. Back then, it was precisely because of this Asura Ghost Tower that they were in conflict with the Jie clan.

One could even say the Asura Ghost Tower was the most precious thing to their World Spirit Guild, yet right now, it was actually destroyed. They truly didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not related to any of you. The creator just felt there was no more need for its existence.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, then said, “Don’t guard this place anymore. Follow me. Without the Asura Ghost Tower, there’s no need for any of you to stay here.”

“This…” When they heard those words, those people lowered their heads in silence. They were in a very conflicting situation.

“Don’t worry. I will explain to Senior Gu Tianchen what happened here. I guarantee they will not make anything difficult for you.” Chu Feng saw the reason of their internal conflict.

“Then thank you, Lord Chu Feng.” The experts of the World Spirit Guild were elated when they heard that. They hurriedly clasped their hands at Chu Feng, bowing and expressing their gratitude.

The reason they stayed behind was for the Asura Ghost Tower. Now, since it was gone, naturally there was no need for them to remain.

However, due to orders, they didn’t dare to leave despite knowing the continent of the Nine Provinces was dangerous. But since Chu Feng had spoken now, they could escape the upcoming calamity.

After all, they knew Chu Feng was now an actual powerful and influential person. In the Nine Provinces at present, who dared to not give Chu Feng face? Even their old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Tianchen, was merely an insignificant person when compared to Chu Feng.