Chapter 791 - Enemies Meeting

MGA: Chapter 791 - Enemies Meeting

In reality, the dumbfounded ones were not only Ya Fei and Murong Wan; even Murong Xun was as well.

The grand Ninth Immortal, who was acclaimed for being able to put up a fight even against a Martial King, was being ruthlessly beaten by ten old men. Such a scene didn’t appear to make any sense and was absolutely unbearable to gaze upon!

True enough, the Ninth Immortal was an elderly man as well, but his name was already well known throughout the Eastern Sea Region. One could simply not look straight at this scene of him being beaten black and blue!

The next moment, Murong Xun cast his gaze elsewhere, looking straight at the deepest part of the palace. Instantly, his baffled expression turned joyful. He sneered, “I look everywhere yet couldn’t find you, but as soon as I stop trying, you appear here without me exerting any effort. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d find you in this place. You were saved by Xuan Xiaochao last time; let’s see who will save you today!”

“Wuqing is also here?!” After hearing Murong Xun’s words, Ya Fei and Murong Wan followed his gaze and saw Chu Feng. Their expressions couldn’t help but slightly change as they felt extreme shock.

At that moment, Chu Feng was sitting cross-legged in front of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation. Using the stone Old Liu gave him, he released endless golden Spirit Formation power and put his all into laying the formation, fully activating the formation.

He wanted to activate it in advance as Old Liu and the others were fighting. That way, he could prevent many of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s members from dying and change the momentum of the battle once again.

However, when the voices of Murong Xun and the others all rang out, Chu Feng abruptly cast his gaze over. He then saw all three of them standing outside the palace.

Chu Feng stood up immediately. Not only was the anger in his heart bursting, oppressive bloodlust emanated from his body.

The three of them were people Chu Feng dreamt of killing—his archenemies!

“Young master, qui-quickly save me!” said the Ninth Immortal with a weak voice, acting as if he saw his savior.

“You’re asking a brat to save you? Ninth Immortal, I expected more from you.” The appearance of Murong Xun and the others had already attracted the attention of Old Liu and the others.

However, they just didn’t put him in their eyes. That was why they continued kicking and punching the Ninth Immortal. They wanted to put him in a horrendous state; they wanted to humiliate the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

At that moment, when they saw the Ninth Immortal asking for help, they naturally sneered and ridiculed him.

“Haha, this is truly great. It seems that almost everyone who dared to oppose my Immortal Execution Archipelago is here. Let me deal with all of you together then.” Murong Xun had a smile, but in his eyes, there was strong killing intent.

“Quite the words you have there! Murong Xun, even this Ninth Immortal cannot defeat us. You want to kill us? You, a brat?” The Second Brother of the Gold-cloak Brothers made a hint of a cold smile.

“Hmph. It’s as easy as stepping on an ant to kill you ten old things.” Murong Xun twisted his wrist. The silver-coloured spear again appeared within his palm.

When the Royal Armament came out, his strength was immediately multiplied. Murong Xun’s clothes fluttered despite the lack of wind, and not only did his fighting strength dramatically rise, the aura around his entire person became extremely powerful, as if it came from a king that ruled the world.

“This might, could it be…”

“It’s a Royal Armament! This brat has a Royal Armament!”

Feeling such unfathomable change occurring to Murong Xun, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers were astounded. They were people who had experienced the world, so they immediately recognized the thing that Murong Xun held was a Royal Armament.

“That’s a Royal Armament? Murong Xun received the approval of the Royal Armament?” Hearing that the silver-coloured spear was a Royal Armament, Chu Feng’s expression also moved as he carefully observed it.

“Heh, so what if it’s a Royal Armament? Only in the hands of a Martial King can a Royal Armament truly be used.

“Besides, from what I see, that Royal Armament has yet to truly recognize you as its master.” Although Old Liu was surprised, he was not afraid.

“Nonsense! This Royal Armament has already recognized me as master, otherwise how could I even use it?” Murong Xun was enraged when he heard those words. He didn’t like the feeling of being looked down by someone else.

“Heh, little boy, you must think I have no experience with the world, but you’re the one who has no experience with the world. You must not have seen how terrifying a true Mastered Royal Armament is.

“As for you, although you are indeed holding a Royal Armament, this might is far too lacking.” Old Liu disdainfully smiled. On his face, a single world was written—contempt!

“Experience? An old bastard like you is talking to me about experience? I’ll show you today what ‘experience’ is!” Murong Xun was thoroughly enraged, and didn’t waste any more words. The silver-coloured spear in his hand trembled, and the unique might of the Royal Armament burst out.

“Formation!” But even so, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers were not afraid in the slightest. After Old Liu’s command, they fought Murong Xun.

Moreover, as if afraid they would affect Chu Feng and the others, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers leapt out and stopped Murong Xun and the others from entering the palace.

*boom boom boom*

Murong Xun’s fighting strength was extremely strong. He, who held the Royal Armament, was indeed much more powerful than the Ninth Immortal. However, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers were not weak either. In an instant, the battle of both sides was inconclusive.

“Dammit! Where did these ten old things come from? They’re this annoying!”

At that moment, even Murong Xun, whose aura bursted with power, tightly furrowed his brows because he discovered that despite wielding the Royal Armament, it seemed that he would have some trouble defeating the ten old people. It was not going to work if he dragged out that fight.

“Wuqing, I’m entrusting the fate of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s brothers to you!” Old Liu shouted to Chu Feng.

“Old Liu, don’t worry. Just leave this to me.” Hearing that, Chu Feng nodded in understanding. Soon after, he sat cross-legged again and continued activating the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation.

At the same time, the dozens of people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect stood in a row in front of Chu Feng. They blocked the entrance of the palace, protecting Chu Feng as he activated the formation.

“Dammit!” Seeing Chu Feng currently activating the formation yet they could do nothing, Ya Fei and Murong Wan stomped their feet in anxiousness.

It was because the dozens of Crippling Night Demon Sect members were all Martial Lords. Some of their cultivations were even higher than the two of theirs. They simply had no way of defeating them, so naturally they didn’t dare to go up.

*hmm* Finally, radiance spewed out of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation. It was as bright as the sun, and after the blinding golden radiance faded away, the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation was activated.

“This is?” However, Chu Feng, who was in front of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation, discovered that the Royal Armament floating within the formation had disappeared. Actually, the entire formation had disappeared.

At that very instant, what appeared before his eyes was an extremely long tunnel that went straight underground. It was so long he couldn’t see the end of it.

“Wuqing, quickly enter! The true Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation is inside!” shouted Old Liu quickly when he saw that.

*whoosh* Chu Feng didn’t hesitate. He leapt forward and entered.

“Silver Dragon Pierce!”


Just at that moment, taking hold of an opportunity, Murong Xun sharply jabbed out with his spear. An extremely powerful silver-coloured ray of light with King-level Martial power shot out of his spear.

“Hmph. Naive.” But how could the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers be struck so easily? Working together, they broke through the attack. Like grass being swayed by wind, all of them dodged the fierce attack.

However, suddenly, the silver-white ray of light, as if it were alive, changed direction on its own. It shot towards the inside of the palace that they were blocking.