Chapter 787 - Unvirtuous Unrighteous

MGA: Chapter 787 - Unvirtuous Unrighteous

A golden and bright formation stood at the center of the palace; formation symbols surged about through the construct as a brilliant radiance shot out in every direction. Countless serpentine masses of gas encompassed the area around the formation and slowly drifted around.

Yet, at that very moment, the most eye-grabbing object was not the formation, but rather the pitch-black sword floating within.

The sword did not have a gorgeous appearance, nor was it engraved with exquisite decorations. It appeared as though the sword lacked an edge, as if, without the hilt, it were a large black lump of steel.

In spite of this, no one could ignore the sword, because after only a glance, they could discern its abnormality.

“What is that?!” Finally, a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect couldn’t help crying out.

“This is the source of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation,” the Second Brother of the Gold-cloaks explained. But, he did not say it was a Royal Armament, intentionally hiding the fact there was one here.

“Old Liu, the Royal Armament is there?” Chu Feng said, sending a mental message to Old Liu.

“It is a projection of the Royal Armament. The actual one is in the deepest part of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation,” said Old Liu.

At that moment, almost everyone had surged into the palace. After entering, the Gold-cloak Brothers quickly surrounded the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation, and sat cross-legged, in a hurry to activate it.

“Wuqing, take this.” Suddenly, as the crowd wasn’t focused on him, Old Liu took a palm-sized stone and gave it to Chu Feng.

“Old Liu, this is?!”

Chu Feng was taken aback. He discovered that not only was there a formation engraved on that stone, as he held it in his hand, Chu Feng could feel the power it contained.

A large amount of golden Spirit Formation power was sealed within the palm-sized stone. Moreover, it was extremely dense—it was likely not even weaker than the power within Old Liu’s current body.

Most importantly, there was no master to such power. It was as if it had been specially prepared to a very mellow state. Any World Spiritist could freely control it, without exerting any Spirit power of their own.

“This is something that I’ve spent several years condensing. Originally, I had planned to use it as backup when my own power is insufficient.

“However, right now, I feel that it is more suitable for you. Wuqing, although this Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation can grant very powerful strength, it is simultaneously extremely difficult to activate. If we are unable to continue, I hope you can use this to give us a hand,” said Old Liu gravely.

“Don’t worry, Old Liu. If you ever need me, I, Wuqing, will help without hesitation.” Putting away that stone, Chu Feng seriously nodded because he knew that this was the trust Old Liu had put in him.

Soon after, Old Liu said no more. After patting Chu Feng’s shoulders, he walked towards the Spirit Formation and also sat cross-legged.

*hmm* After he sat down, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers began activating the formation with their full strength. However, the activation process was still not easy. Even though they knew how, a large amount of Spirit power and Spirit Formation power was still exhausted.

But luckily, as they were activating it, Chu Feng could feel the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation stirring up bit by bit. After one full hour, the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation seemed to be completely activated, and could immediately be used.

“Wait, this aura?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. He quickly cast his fierce gaze outside the palace.

“Hahaha, everyone, I truly thank you for your hard work.” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng saw a person flying into the underground palace. He stood outside the room. And that person was the Ninth Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“The Ninth Immortal?!”

After they saw the Ninth Immortal, everyone’s expression changed. Indescribable uneasiness emerged onto their faces, and Old Liu and the others were also no longer able to continue activating the formation. They quickly took up defensive positions and stood before the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation.

“Dammit, how does the Ninth Immortal know this place?” Everyone tightly furrowed their brows, confusion filling their eyes.

*whoosh* However, just at that moment, a person suddenly shot out from the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, heading straight towards the Ninth Immortal.

“Seventh Brother, don’t be rash!” Old Liu and the others were stupefied when they saw that. They quickly called out because the person who burst out was the Seventh Brother of the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers.

*whoosh* But then, possibly the most surprising scene occurred. The Seventh Brother did not attack the Ninth Immortal, nor did he return to their defensive formation. He actually came up to the Ninth Immortal, and said with polite clasped hands, “Ninth Immortal, you’ve come at the perfect moment.”

“What! Seventh Brother, you!” Everyone understood after that. They finally knew why the Ninth Immortal appeared in this place, and also at such a crucial moment. It was because a traitor appeared within the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers.

“Seventh Brother, you’re a traitor?! You betrayed us?!” The Gold-cloak Brothers gnashed their teeth in anger at his treachery. But, they were not willing to believe it and instead, questioned him fiercely first.

“Second Brother, it’s not that I’m betraying all of you, it’s just that the era of the Crippling Night Demon Sect truly has passed. It is clear that we ten brothers can have such a great future. Why must we defend to the death the name of the Crippling Night Demon Sect and do nothing? Moreover, why must we become enemies to the Immortal Execution Archipelago?

“How about you be like me, and join the Immortal Execution Archipelago? As long as we do, we can obtain large amounts of resources, and we ten brothers can make breakthroughs to the realm of Martial Kings.

“At that moment, we will not serve anyone. Instead, there will be countless people who serve us. The people of the Eastern Sea Region will acknowledge not only the Nine Immortals, not only the Four Protectors, not only the Five Elemental Kings, but us ten brothers as well,” urged Seventh Brother very sincerely.

“Seventh Brother, you…” However, not a single person of the Gold-cloak Brothers was moved by his words. Instead, helplessness and fury overflowed on their faces.

“Seventh Brother, I ask you only one thing. Is the reason why the Immortal Execution Archipelago has such preparations, and even sent the Eighth Immortal and the Ninth Immortal because you told our plan to them beforehand, and that they already know what is hidden in this place?” Old Liu asked very calmly at that moment.

“Big Brother, don’t blame me for this. ‘Wise birds choose the optimal tree.’” Seventh Brother’s words admitted everything.

*whoosh* Just at that moment, Old Liu’s sharp brows rose abruptly, then he shifted forward. With a powerful aura, he had arrived before the Seventh Brother. Extending his palm, he clasped his claw-like hand around the Seventh Brother’s neck, and fiercely said, “Wise birds can choose the optimal tree, but they cannot lack virtue and righteousness.”