Chapter 776 - Incomplete Black Moon

MGA: Chapter 776 - Incomplete Black Moon

The people dashing over rapidly approached.

*hmm* Suddenly, he cast his fierce cast at the distance, and muttered, “Rank six Martial Lords—two. Rank five Martial Lords—six. Rank four Martial Lords—twelve. Martial Lords below rank four—twenty.

“Dammit, they are really from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. How did they find me?” Chu Feng cursed. Then, he rose into the air, and using the supreme Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, he fled.

*boom rumble rumble* As expected, shortly after Chu Feng fled, a golden warship appeared in the distant horizon.

That warship was not too big, but its shape was extremely overbearing. Moreover, its flying speed was very fast. On it stood forty Martial Lords. At that moment, they were channeling their full strengths into the warship, causing it to have such extraordinary speed.

The warship flew past the area Chu Feng rested in before, and didn’t even stop. It directly chased after Chu Feng, straight in his direction. Its target was very clear—Chu Feng.

“Dammit! I’ve concealed my aura, but why can’t I lose them?”

Chu Feng panicked a bit. Reasonably speaking, even if they had rank six Martial Lords, with Chu Feng’s strength, and using it for the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, they shouldn’t be able to catch up to Chu Feng.

However, his efforts were futile. The speed of the warship was too strange. It was actually not the slightest bit slower than his Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and one could even say it was only faster, and faster alone. If that continued, Chu Feng was going to be caught, sooner or later.

“Idiot. They must have left a mark in your body. Otherwise, not even trash like them would be able to discover your position.” Just at that moment, Eggy’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Mark?” Chu Feng was a bit confused, and he also didn’t really believe a Spirit Formation Mark was left in his body.

Nonetheless, he still used his Spirit power to look through his body. Only then did he discover that underneath his leg, there was indeed an object difficult to detect. It was made by a golden-coloured Spirit Formation; it wasn’t a part of Chu Feng.


Moreover, it was a very strange thing, as if it were alive. In the instant it was caught by Chu Feng’s detection, like a nimble little fish, it started making a break for it within Chu Feng’s body, as if afraid he would force it out.

“It truly is a mark! Quite a high-leveled one at that. I was not even close to being able to detect it. When was it placed on me, and who did it?” Chu Feng started thinking.

“It is definitely Murong Xun. I’m guessing he left it behind when he was destroying your leg. That guy is truly not simple. I thought he only wanted to torture you, but I didn’t think he would have hiddenly left a mark in your body.” Eggy made a guess.

“Right, Murong Xun. It must be him. I didn’t expect his Spirit Formation techniques to be this skilled. It seems that I’ve truly underestimated him.” Chu Feng also nodded, and felt it was likely Murong Xun.

When Murong Xun attacked, Chu Feng thought Eggy had died, and all his hopes went to ashes. He simply didn’t notice whether or not Murong Xun laid a Spirit Formation as he stamped down on his leg.

However, if the mark in his body was really left behind by Murong Xun, Chu Feng had to admit that his skills were not simple at all.

As expected of a Gold-cloak World Spiritist. Even though Chu Feng had a very strong understanding of Spirit Formation techniques, he would still need to spend quite some work if he wanted to get rid of the mark Murong Xun left behind. At least, at present, he had no time to do that.

“Hell, they sent another group of people. How many experts did this Immortal Execution Archipelago send here?” Chu Feng couldn’t help cursing abruptly again.

As he was escaping, another group of people started chasing after him. They too rode on a warship, and their speed was comparable to Chu Feng’s.

In a situation like that, he truly felt he had no escape. With the mark on him, he had no way of clearing himself of their chase. No matter where he ran off to, there would be no escape of his fate of being captured.

Moreover, if the ones chasing after him were experts on the same level—or stronger—as Murong Xun, then Chu Feng would not even have a chance.

After all, he knew Murong Xun was not the only expert within the group of people the Immortal Execution Archipelago sent this time. There were also three people from the Nine Immortals. They were peak characters who were well-known in the Eastern Sea Region. No matter status, or strength, they were as powerful as the rumours.

“Does this mean I, Chu Feng, will truly die within this Depraved Ravine, by the hands of the Immortal Execution Archipelago?”

Chu Feng bitterly let out a long sigh. Bitter—he was truly bitter. However, he had to admit that he bore quite the price because of Murong Xun. This Murong Xun was harder to deal with than what he had imagined, and much more cunning than he thought.

“No, I cannot die. Even if I die, I cannot die here.” But, Chu Feng did not give up. In a time when he lacked any ideas, he thought of an idea.

*hmm* Suddenly, Chu Feng emitted a fierce gaze and started scanning his surroundings.

Chu Feng wanted to use the power of the Heaven’s Eyes to search for an opportunity. Even though hope such as that was very minuscule, it was Chu Feng’s only choice right now—because he didn’t want to die, nor could he die.

As he did so, the number of people who chased after Chu Feng rose; there were nearly a hundred Martial Lords. In such a short period of time, there was such a number of people chasing after him from all directions. That allowed Chu Feng to roughly guess what sort of fighting strength and numbers the Immortal Execution Archipelago sent over this time.

“That is?” However—perhaps the gods don’t disappoint those who persevere—when Chu Feng was nearly in despair, he discovered a Spirit Formation within the vast mountain range that stretched within the clouds far ahead.

It was a well-hidden formation—a Concealment Spirit Formation. Moreover, Chu Feng could tell it was laid by a Gold-cloak World Spiritist.

Normally speaking, not to mention Chu Feng, even Gold-cloak World Spiritists could not discover that formation—as the person who laid it was very skillful—but with the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng saw its borders.

“Found it.” Although Chu Feng did not know who laid it, he felt that likely, it wasn’t someone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. After all, the mark in his body was a Wanted Mark. Within a certain range, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago should be able to detect it, and thus chase after him. If there were people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago within the distant mountain range, they should have already appeared, not just sitting there doing nothing.

And reality proved Chu Feng’s conjectures to be true. As Chu Feng approached, he was able to use the Heaven’s Eyes, to see through the Spirit Formation, and the contents within.

Inside, there was truly a group of people. The number was not large, but there were still over a hundred. They all wore black-coloured robes that tightly covered their faces.

Most importantly, their strengths were very powerful. Not only were they all Martial Lords, there were even experts at the peak of the Martial Lord realm—ten of them.

With the Heaven’s Eyes, through the black-coloured robes, Chu Feng was able to see a symbol imprinted on their backs. It was an incomplete black moon, both strange and overbearing.