Chapter 774 - Disciple of Protector

MGA: Chapter 774 - Disciple of Protector

“Who are you?” Not to mention Chu Feng, even Murong Xun was taken aback by such an abrupt entrance.

Because, at that very instant, standing before Chu Feng was a man whose age was similar to Murong Xun’s. He wore cloth clothing, had a clean, handsome face, and just by looking at his outer appearance, he absolutely did not seem like a person around thirty years old. He seemed more like a young man of twenty-something years.

The most shocked thing, though, was his strength. He was the exact same as Murong Xun—a rank eight Martial Lord. Moreover, his aura was extremely strong and firm; it far surpassed those in the same level. He had an aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than Murong Xun.

“I am Xuan Xiaochao, disciple of Xue Xiyue, one of the Four Protectors of the Crippling Night Demon Sect!” said the man indifferently. His expression was very calm.

“As I thought, the disciple of one of the Four Protectors.” Murong Xun didn’t have an expression of surprise. He then said, “Xuan Xiaochao, there does not exist enmity between my Immortal Execution Archipelago and your Crippling Night Demon Sect. You and I are meeting for the first time as well, so I hope you do not involve yourself into this matter.

“This child crippled the son of my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Second Immortal. His crimes are severe, and his nerves can cover the sky. There will not be any favourable ending if you protect him.” As Murong Xun spoke, his confidence was overwhelming, and the hints of threats were even greater. He did not hold back at all; it could be seen he did not like this Xuan Xiaochao.

There was no reply to Murong Xun’s words. Instead, Xuan Xiaochao flipped his palm, causing a peculiar fruit to appear on his hand. Then, casting some sort of spell with his hand, he willed countless golden symbols to emerge. The fruit was gradually refined, and along with the symbols, they enveloped Chu Feng.

As they melded with his body, Chu Feng felt warmness spread and his pain dwindle substantially.

No matter if it was the broken nerves and bones, or the pierced organs, they were all restored. Xuan Xiaochao was actually healing Chu Feng.

Although it was but an instant of work, Chu Feng had already recovered his ability to move. It was very mystical, and Chu Feng didn’t just feel Xuan Xiaochao’s outstanding Spirit Formation techniques—he was a Gold-cloak World Spiritist—the fruit he refined just now was very precious as well, likely a rarely seen healing oddity.

“Why did you help me?” Chu Feng asked. He clearly did not know Xuan Xiaochao.

“Although I was a bit late, so I was unable to save your World Spirit, I saw the scene of you being torturing. You have a lot of courage, and also a lot of potential. Do not give up. Continue living. Only by doing so can you exact revenge,” said Xuan Xiaochao nonchalantly. Then, he looked at Murong Xun, lightly smiled, and said, “Murong Xun, your fiancée is rather nice. How about you lend her to me for a bit of entertainment?”

*whoosh* As he spoke, Xuan Xiaochao waved his big sleeve, and abruptly pushed out his palm. Layers of golden Spirit Formations exploded outward, becoming a large, golden net that flew towards the three in the air, entrapping them.

“You are looking to die.” Murong Xun was even more enraged. Emanating his aura of a rank eight Martial Lord, he started fighting Xuan Xiaochao.

*boom boom boom…*

The two rank eight Martial Lords were very powerful. Their fighting strengths were superior to those with the same level of cultivation, and even ordinary rank nine Martial Lords might not be able to defeat them. They had exceptional power, belonging to the ranks of true geniuses.

As they fought, all sorts of wild martial skills were used incessantly. Moreover, they were used to their best possible potentials. Even the sky was veiled by darkness due to their battle.

However, Xuan Xiaochao wanted to protect Chu Feng. He wanted to fight so Chu Feng would have an opening to escape. As a result, even though he was in a life-and-death battle against Murong Xun, he also prevented any opportunities Ya Fei and Murong Wan might have to close in on Chu Feng. He forced all three of them to stay in the air, preventing them from even having a chance to approach the ground.

Dragging his body which was riddled with wounds, Chu Feng picked up his sliced arm. Although he could use Spirit Formation techniques to create a new arm, the detached arm was, after all, a part of his body. For some reason, he had a feeling that he would only be complete after linking it back on.

At that moment, Chu Feng was holding his sliced off arm. He raised his head, and looked at Ya Fei, Murong Wan, as well as Murong Xun, who was fighting Xuan Xiaochao. Killing intent was fully revealed within his eyes, and he coldly said, “There will be one day when I will have all of you pay the most painful price for what you’ve done today.”

After speaking, Chu Feng looked again at Xuan Xiaochao. He discovered that even though Xuan Xiaochao was strong and appeared to be equal to Murong Xun, he could faintly tell that Xuan Xiaochao was actually a bit weaker than Murong Xun. Sooner or later, he would be defeated.

So, after Chu Feng said thanks quietly, he didn’t hesitate any longer and quickly escaped.

Chu Feng walked a long distance away. Even though he kept on concealing his aura on the road, he didn’t dare to be careless in any way because he knew Murong Xun had special techniques—ones that could find him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have found their concealed location earlier.

Chu Feng kept on running for several hours, and arrived at the border regions of the Depraved Ravine. Here, there was a vast lake. Chu Feng planned to jump in and first wash his wounds.

However, when he descended from the sky, and saw himself in a bloody and bruised state on the mirror-like lake surface, there was a very bitter feeling in his heart.

At that instant, there was no anger. What he felt was only heartache. After he was unable to feel Eggy’s existence, it was akin to his heart being empty as well. That feeling was simply no different from losing a part of his soul.

Eggy—there was not a moment she wasn’t with Chu Feng. She was already in Chu Feng’s body shortly after he was born. To Chu Feng, Eggy was not just a World Spirit. She was more like a friend who he confided very closely with; she was a part of himself.


Suddenly, Chu Feng hovered in the air, half-kneeling above the surface of the lake. His eyes were reddened, tears dropping. Even his body was shaking. For the first time in his life, he made choking sounds.

As they say: “Men do not cry easily because they are not sorrowful enough”. Likely, Chu Feng now, was.

Drops of tears fell down, with it a bit of sharp-red blood. They fell into the lake, and although enormous ripples would not be created, they still carried the heartbroken feelings of Chu Feng, the steel-blooded man who didn’t fear anything.

“Eggy…” Chu Feng lightly called out Eggy’s name. Oh, how much did he hope to hear Eggy’s response. If that were the case, how great would it be.

“What the hell are you crying about? I haven’t died yet.” But, just at that moment, something surprising Chu Feng was that he actually heard Eggy’s voice.

“Eggy, it’s you?” Chu Feng immediately rejoiced upon hearing that. He quickly stood up, and looked around. But soon, his cheerful emotions became deep disappointment.

He found out that he wasn’t just unable to see Eggy, within his heart, he was still unable to feel the connection between him and Eggy. She simply did not exist, so how could she talk to him? It appeared that it was only his imagination.