Chapter 696 - Reward

MGA: Chapter 696 - Reward

“It looks like that Wuqing is a person who wants money but not life. He actually dares to arrogantly think that he can defend against my Explosion Talisman. It was something my grandfather spent a whole month to successfully create. Even a rank eight Martial Lord cannot defend against it, let alone him,” muttered Ya Fei quietly. Her face was full of complacency.

“He is indeed a genius, but sadly, he has lost the big things due to aiming for the small.” In comparison to Ya Fei’s complacency, however, Murong Wan lightly sighed. Though she was defeated by Chu Feng’s hands as well, and was very furious that Chu Feng took away everything that originally belonged to them, she had to admit that Chu Feng was truly very powerful. She had already looked at Chu Feng differently.

“Genius? Pah! If he didn’t rely on the benefits obtained in the Temple of Reproduction, he is nothing!” However, Zhan Feng who hated Chu Feng immensely did not completely agree with Murong Wan thoughts.

“Hoh. Whether he is a genius or not, I’m sure you know best, right?” Ya Fei lightly smiled, and when she looked at Zhan Feng, her eyes were filled with complicated emotions. Although she too did not like Chu Feng all that much, she agreed very much with Murong Wan’s perspective.

“Hmph.” Hearing that, Zhan Feng coldly snorted and said no more, because he did know best regarding Chu Feng’s strength. Previously, the reason why he emphasized Chu Feng’s power was bestowed by the Temple of Reproduction was only for giving himself some face, and because he was bitter that he lost to Chu Feng.

The others could not hear their discussion, and at that very instant, everyone was focused on discussing the things regarding the Temple of Reproduction. Even though they did not believe the matter of Chu Feng defeating the three peak geniuses, they were endlessly curious about the appearance of the Temple of Reproduction.

Because it meant more and more that the Misty Peak was not simple. There were actually so many Martial Marking within the Temple of Reproduction! If there were truly someone who could obtain all of them, would they not have the chance to exchange them for the fabled Earthen Taboo martial skill? An Earthen Taboo martial skill was something that did not even appear in the entire Eastern Sea Region!

But sadly, the Temple of Reproduction seemed to intentionally forbid people from taking the Martial Marking—it self-destructed. It almost buried the peak geniuses within, unwittingly making the senior experts feel regret.

After all, Earthen Taboo martial skills were that outstanding. No matter who were to obtain it, it would be a great thing to the Eastern Sea Region.

However, how would they know that the Temple of Reproduction self-destructing was only a lie. The real thing that happened was the exact words Chun Wu said.

At the same time, Chun Wu and the others had arrived at Lady Piaomiao’s residence.

It was a large palace, but it seemed like another world within the large palace. Above the palace was a vast blue sky, and even white clouds drifted about.

The surroundings of the palace was a beautiful scenery. Not only was there wind blowing the trees, one could even see a few small animals leaping out suddenly from bushes and leaves as well as hear the cry of birds and the growling of beasts.

As for Lady Piaomiao, she was standing within such a strange place. When she did so, she did not seem like an ordinary person, but more like a goddess.

“Xia Yu, Dong Xue.

“Are Qiu Zhu and Chun Wu’s words true?” Lady Piaomiao asked calmly after hearing Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu’s narration.

“Master, it is absolutely true. Please save Junior Wuqing.” Xia Yu and Dong Xue were no fools; would they dare to lie in front of their immensely powerful master? Not only did they not lie, they were even incomparably false and spoke for Chu Feng’s sake.

“Master, Junior Wuqing is in his current state because he saved us. You must save him!” Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu requested as well.

“That’s right. Master, there are also the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago! They dare to run rampant in the Misty Peak… You must give them a good lesson!” Chun Wu added fiercely shortly after.

But at that instant, Lady Piaomiao was emotionless. She indifferently said, “I am no more than the guardian of the Misty Peak. Everything in this place is only formations. The operation of formations is not something I can interfere in, let alone Wuqing being locked within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. I cannot help him.

“As for the matters regarding Ya Fei and the others, just keep them in your mind. Do not mention them again to outsiders, or else if they don’t believe it, they will feel you are spouting defamations. It will then also have an effect on the Misty Peak.

“Do not forget that the four of you are my successors. Like myself, all of you represent the Misty Peak. You must be cautious while handling matters, and do not be an object of derision.”

“But Master, are we truly just going to leave Junior Wuqing and not care about him? He did this for the sake of saving us!” Chun Wu was very bitter. She could ignore Ya Fei and the others, but she could not bear Chu Feng dying for nothing.

“It’s not that I don’t want to save him, but I am really powerless to do so.” Lady Piaomiao shook her head, and at the same time, actually let out a hint of a sigh. It was a very rare emotion she showed.

Seeing that, all of them remained silent because they knew their master truly could not save Chu Feng, otherwise she would not be like this.

So, in the end, with bitterness and ten thousand sorrows they left because all of them thought Chu Feng had very possibly died.

Of course, the ones truly sad were only Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu—Xia Yu and Dong Xue were merely acting on the surface. One did not even need to mention how happy they were in their hearts.

However, Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu still carried a trace of hope in their hearts. So, they kept on waiting—waiting for Chu Feng’s appearance atop the peak. But reality conflicted with their hopes, as with the passing of time, more and more people started to crush their Immortal Talismans, which sent them back to the mountain peak.

But when the ninety-ninth person appeared, when the ten-day limit had passed, Chu Feng still had yet to appear.

That result made the hopes of Chun Wu, Qiu Zhu, Jiang Wanshi, and even Qiushui Fuyan turn into ashes, because it meant Chu Feng truly encountered an unexpected circumstance.

However, as everyone felt that Chu Feng had died within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, another scene was occurring at that moment.

Though, to be more precise, it was not the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, because his current location was within a peculiar world with bones littering the land and the sky full of dark clouds.

Chu Feng was standing at such a place. He felt himself in a daze, and a long time seemed to have passed. At that instant, he had recovered his awareness, but discovered he was no longer within the Temple of Reproduction.

Yet, the confident smile on his face still remained because he knew he did not die. He knew he had made the correct guess—the mysterious and powerful existence indeed would not let him die.

*huu* Just at that moment, howling winds rang in the sky, and the mystical huge face full of majesty appeared once again.

When the gaze descended from the sky and focused upon Chu Feng’s body, the voice that was sufficient to pierce through the heavens rang out once again, “You are very courageous, and also very intelligent. But regretfully, you did not thoroughly defeat your opponent, causing you to nearly die.

“As a result, I cannot give everything in the Temple of Reproduction to you; however, the reward I give you here should be ample.”

*hmm* As it spoke, a beam of light came down from the sky, and like before, shot straight into Chu Feng, merging into his body.