Chapter 673 - Protecting a Secret

MGA: Chapter 673 - Protecting a Secret

After hearing Chun Wu’s words, the shocked expressions on Xia Yu’s and Dong Xue’s face became even stronger. They cast their gazes at Qiu Zhu together and asked, “Qiu Zhu, is that true?”

At that instant, there was a bit of awkwardness on Qiu Zhu’s face. After shooting a quite helpless glance at Chun Wu, she said, “Last year, Chun Wu and I went training via experiencing the world. Indeed, we met Murong Xun.” Although Qiu Zhu hadn’t explicitly said it, she still implicitly confirmed that it was true.

*huu~* After the confirmation, Xia Yu made a long relaxing sigh, then said, “It is adequate for only us few to know of this. Chun Wu, don’t mention this to outsiders, and Junior Wuqing, I ask you to also keep this a secret.”

“Seniors, don’t worry. Although I may not have many merits, I am first-rate in keeping secrets for others,” Chu Feng guaranteed with a smile.

“Mm. Actually, there’s nothing much, but if something like this is spread, it would be hard to avoid it being used by those who harbor malicious thoughts. If a conflict is stirred up between the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Misty Peak because of this matter, that would create quite some losses.” Xia Yu seemed to fear that Chu Feng was displeased so she expanded the reason why she wanted to keep it a secret.

Afterwards, with four great beauties accompanying him, Chu Feng arrived at a very vast mountain peak. In the center of the peak was a square.

At that instant, in the square, there were already quite a few people. It was due to today being the day the Martial Marking Immortal Realm would open. The experts in the older generation who already had the permission to enter the Misty Peak congregated there to witness the event that happens only once every six years.

In comparison to the older generation, however, there were quite fewer people in the younger generation. It was for no other reason but because many areas in the Misty Peak were forbidden areas. That specific mountain peak was the forbidden within forbiddens. Other than those who had the qualifications to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, there was simply no one else who could step into that square.

This also caused the younger generation who appeared there to have extraordinary strength. The weakest was a rank one Martial Lord, and some who were brutally powerful stepped into the realm of rank four Martial Lords.

“Look! Are those the Four Seasons Beauties?

“Waa, they’re the four disciples that the Misty Peak is proud of? Not only do they have appearances akin to the beauty of flowers, comparable to saints from the world of fairies, their strength is very strong as well.”

“The one wearing the green-coloured skirt is Lady Qiu Zhu, right? She is too beautiful. As expected from one of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region. Whoever is able to marry her must have the accumulation of luck from three lifetimes. They would have no regrets for the rest of their life, and after a night with her, even dying would be worth it.”

“You truly have quite the imagination. Not to mention Lady Qiu Zhu, even if you give me any one of the three others ladies, I would be willing to abandon my everything and give her all my heart to treat her, love her.”

“God damn, you all really know how to dream! These four beauties aim for only the highest. They can only be gazed upon and not blasphemed.”

The appearance of the four attracted quite a few people’s attention. It was exactly the so-called “Everyone has a heart that loves beauties”. Even so for cultivation geniuses with exceptional statuses.

“Wait. Who’s the person standing within the Four Seasons?” But soon, some with sharp eyes noticed Chu Feng who was standing and walking within the four beauties as well as chatting and having fun.

That situation made many people displeased in their hearts. Instantly, multitudinous gazes of envy and hatred were cast towards Chu Feng.

“That person is Wuqing. He’s the only rank one Martial Lord who has received a Misty Badge. But even though he is a rank one Martial Lord, he is very powerful,” explained a young man who appeared at the banquet that day to a furious rank two Martial Lord who passed through screening to obtain qualification.

“No matter how much stronger he is, he is only a rank one Martial Lord. He can’t be that strong to cause the four beauties to fawn over him right?” the rank two Martial Lord said coldly. Within his tone, there was jealousy, and also displeasure.

“Hoh, Brother, you should not do that. Do you know why the total number of slots in the screening phase suddenly changed from forty to forty-one?” the young man asked with a smile.

“Could it be... you know?” the rank two Martial Lord asked curiously. To people who participated in the screening, the slot that suddenly appeared was indeed something they were curious about.

“One day before the screening, Lady Piaomiao set up a banquet to welcome her old friends.

“Coincidentally, my master was within the ranks of those invited. I also had the luck to join the banquet, and similarly, this Wuqing appeared in the banquet,” said the young man.

“Then what?” Knowing that Chu Feng and the young man actually took part in such a special banquet made the man very admirative. At the same time, a few more points of respect entered his gaze as he looked at the young man.

“Temple Head Wuya. Have you heard of that person?” The young man did not continue narrating, and instead, answered the question with a question.

“Of course I’ve heard of Temple Head Wuya. He is a senior expert, and from what I’ve heard, he is a Spirit Formation genius. He is one of the few who became Gold-cloak World Spiritists before becoming a Martial King.

“With his powerful strength and his Dragon Marking Sword, he is invincible within Martial Lords. My master had an arm snapped because of him.

“Although an arm was snapped, my master did not hate Temple Head Wuya because he lost truly convinced. Even my master felt Temple Head Wuya was the strongest Martial Lord in the Eastern Sea Region.” That man very proudly narrated the achievements of Temple Head Wuya, as though being related to him in any way was a very honourable thing.

“Hoh. During the banquet, Temple Head Wuya suspected that Wuqing didn’t have the qualifications to obtain the Misty Badge.

“And in order to proof he did have the qualifications, Wuqing set up a battle between him and Temple Head Wuya’s two disciples with the agreement that the loser gives up his Misty Badge. Then at the end, under the gazes of the crowd, Wuqing defeated Temple Head Wuya’s disciples in succession with his power of a rank one Martial Lord, and took away their right to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm,” the young man said gravely.

“Really? I’ve heard that the disciple Temple Head Wuya is most proud of, Zhu Tianming, is a rank three Martial Lord. He received the Misty Badge… Eh, that isn’t true, right? Are you trying to say that Zhu Tianming, in addition to Zhu Diguang, was also defeated by that Wuqing, so that’s why there was an extra slot in the screening?” The rank two Martial Lord suddenly understood, but his face was still full of shock, unwilling to believe that fact.

“Hoh. Not only that. Wuqing’s master is a hidden expert with an unknown identity. He also has the support of Lady Qiushui of the Lovers Terrace.

“You don’t know who Lady Qiushui is, right? That person is very low-profile, and the number of people who know her are very few. However, I can specifically tell you that Lady Qiushui is a Martial King. In the day of the banquet, she almost killed Temple Head Wuya, only because he made things difficult for Wuqing. But, at the end, Temple Head Wuya gifted his Dragon Marking Sword as compensation and apologized to Wuqing. Only then was he able to escape such a calamity.

“Moreover, she even warned the crowd and advised them to not have any ill-intents towards Wuqing because his master would not only kill without even blinking, he even had more powerful strength than Lady Qiushui,” the young man continued saying.