Chapter 1299 - Celestial Sound of the Forbidden Land

Chapter 1299 - Celestial Sound of the Forbidden Land

The Forbidden Land of Samsara was where the “Well of Samsara”, which harnessed and controlled the power of reincarnation in the era of the ancient gods, was located. At that time, the dragon god race was also the guardians of the Well of Samsara.

After the vicious battle between the gods and the devils, the dragon god race had gone extinct and the Well of Samsara had also been destroyed, becoming a “dead well”. But as it was the hub that had previously controlled the reincarnation of all gods, it had still been perfectly maintained to this day.

However, the reason this place would become the Dragon God Realm’s greatest forbidden ground was not only because of the existence of the “Well of Samsara”, rather it was because of a single person...

The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace swiftly flew downwards, leaving all of the sights and sounds behind it in a trail of dust. Those profound practitioners and flying dragons which were nearby merely felt a strong gust of wind brush across their bodies, but they did not even catch the shadow of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace.

As it shot through most of the Dragon God Realm, a blazing white light suddenly appeared on the light curtain within the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace… That was a gigantic barrier which had completely encased a vast and quiet land. The white light that radiated from it was completely flawless and without blemish, and within that pure white light lay a purity that permeated one’s heart and soul.

As Xia Qingyue’s eyes gazed upon the white light that radiated from the barrier, she clearly felt her heart and soul regain much of its calm. It was as if a cluster of warm and gentle light had started shining in her soul, placating and comforting her thoughts and mind.

This mysterious sensation caused Xia Qingyue’s eyes to grow focused as she quickly grabbed Yun Che and got to her feet. At the same time, she said in a hurried voice, “We’re here, we’re here! Yun Che, hurry up and give your Dragon God Mark to me!”

Several breaths later, one could make out the complete shape of a barrier from within that white glow. It was at that moment that an incredibly severe and imposing roar suddenly rang out from the space in front of them.

“Who goes there! Who actually dares to intrude upon the Forbidden Land of Samsara!”

During that fierce roar, the shadows of two huge dragons suddenly appeared in front of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace… The two enormous dragons which had appeared were thousands of meters long. Their dragon eyes were furious and their huge draconic bodies completely barred the way of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace. Two terrifying draconic auras bore an incredibly dreadful suppressive feeling as they landed heavily on the two people. It caused Xia Qingyue to feel as if a mountain range was pressing down on her, completely taking her breath away.

The guardian Dragon Gods of the Forbidden Land of Samsara!

The wrath of a true dragon was not something anyone could stop, so Xia Qingyue naturally did not force her way in, and it was at this moment that the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace’s speed started to slow down. After that, she carried Yun Che as she left the confines of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and descended from the sky, landing on the ancient and thick ground below her. She yelled at the two huge guardian dragons in an anxious voice, “I greet the two Senior Dragon Gods, I am Xia Qingyue of the Eastern Divine Region’s Moon God Realm and I have come here to specially beg for a meeting with Senior 【Shen Xi】.”

The three words “Moon God Realm” did not even cause the other party to be moved in the slightest. What replied to Xia Qingyue was the startling and earth-shaking sound of thunder, “The Dragon Monarch has personally given this command, not a single soul is allowed to step into the Forbidden Land of Samsara! Quickly depart, and if you dare to take even a half step forward, no matter who you are, we are to kill without…”

Before the word “mercy” had even come out of his mouth, the thunderous voice of the guardian Dragon God seemed to suddenly get stuck in his throat as it was completely cut off, even that heavy oppressive might seemed to grow weaker for an instant.

Xia Qingyue raised up her right arm and in her hand, she held a dragon-shaped precious jade that shone with a white luster, “This is the Dragon God Mark given by the Dragon Monarch himself. So I beg that the two Senior Dragon Gods allow this junior to enter the Forbidden Land of Samsara.”

The draconic eyes of the two great guardian Dragon Gods were filled with astonishment, and their auras swiftly dissipated… It was not because they had withdrawn their draconic might, it was because the tepid oppressive might, which belonged to the Dragon Monarch himself and radiated from the Dragon God Mark, had formlessly obliterated their own auras.

Within the Dragon God Realm, gazing upon the Dragon God Mark was the same as gazing upon the Dragon Monarch himself!

The Dragon Monarch had held his position for tens of millenia, but he had only ever bestowed three Dragon God Marks throughout his entire reign. Even though the two of them were the Dragon Monarch’s guardians, even they had not personally gazed upon a Dragon God Mark. But that oppressive might which belonged to the Dragon Monarch, an oppressive might which radiated from the Dragon God Mark, was something that absolutely could not be faked. In this entire universe, one would not be able to find a single person with enough guts to even try to make a counterfeit Dragon God Mark.

Both great guardian Dragon Gods exchanged looks, but following that, a white light flashed in the sky. Two huge dragon images simultaneously disappeared as the two Dragon Gods assumed human shape, and descended to the ground in front of Xia Qingyue and Yun Che, their eyes fixed on the Dragon God Mark in Xia Qingyue’s hand.

While a dragon was in human form, the energy consumption and physical burden upon their bodies were extremely small. Furthermore, it was also much more convenient to move around in. Thus, once a member of the dragon race could transform, they would normally spend their days in human form. The majority of the other beast and demon races besides the dragon race also did the same.

The two guardian Dragon Gods, who had assumed human form, merely looked like a pair of absolutely normal young human beings. They were wearing the exact same Dragonscale Divine Plate, and it was impossible to tell whether it was something that was forged, or if it had naturally been birthed by their powers. As their eyes finally left the Dragon God Mark, they once again took the measure of Xia Qingyue and Yun Che before finally fixing their eyes upon Yun Che’s body.

At this time, Yun Che was in a state of unconsciousness but these occasional bouts of unconsciousness were undoubtedly the best possible situation for him right now. However, his complexion was extremely dreadful, causing their hearts to violently wrench.

“This person, could he be that youngster from the Eastern Divine Region who received a Dragon God Mark from the Dragon Monarch half a month ago?”

“Yun Che!” The other guardian Dragon God followed up those words immediately.

The Dragon Monarch had desired to take in a foster son within the Eastern Divine Region, and he had even bestowed a Dragon God Mark upon that person. This had been extremely big news in the Dragon God Realm, so how could they not know of it?

That was right. Even though Yun Che had only been in the God Realm for slightly more than three years, his name had already reached the ears of even the people living in the Western Divine Region.

“He is that Yun Che. The Dragon God Mark is here and so there is no way that there is any falsehood either.” Xia Qingyue said in an urgent voice, “There is an extremely malicious curse afflicting him at the moment and the only person in this universe who can lift it is Senior Shen Xi, so I beg for the two Senior Dragon Gods to accommodate us!”

The guardian Dragon God on the left replied, “Gazing upon the Dragon God Mark is the same as seeing the Dragon Monarch himself, so if the both of you desire to enter the Forbidden Land of Samsara, we are powerless to stop you. But a word of advice for you both before you enter. Even if you can get past us, there will still be no way for you to truly enter the ‘Forbidden Land of Samsara’.”

The other guardian Dragon God chose this moment to speak in a solemn voice, “The two of us have guarded this place for tens of thousands of years. Besides the Dragon Monarch and a handmaiden that has recently been chosen, there hasn’t been anyone else who has truly stepped into the Forbidden Land of Samsara.”

“Unless she chooses to leave the Forbidden Land of Samsara of her own volition, meeting her is something that is absolutely impossible. It is best to not attempt to force the issue.”

The Dragon God Mark was in front of them so this was advice that they were giving from the kindness of their hearts.

However, Xia Qingyue was already well aware of everything that they were telling her… After all, even at the level of the Moon God Emperor, “she” was still regarded as an extremely unique existence. Those at the level of the god emperors knew every single bit of information about “her”.

It was to the point where if they were able to meet her just once, even the god emperors who lorded over the Primal Chaos Dimension would feel as if they had just received a sudden and unexpected favor from a superior being.

It was also because of all of these things that meeting her would truly be harder than scaling the heavens… In fact, it wouldn’t be the least bit exaggerated to say that it was the most difficult thing to accomplish in this world. 

Xia Qingyue put away the Dragon God Mark before she picked Yun Che up and quickly prepared to leave, “I thank the two Senior Dragon Gods for acquiescing to my request, but I need to… see her.”

She swiftly floated up as she flew toward the world in front of her. Upon hearing her words, the eyebrows of both great guardian Dragon Gods knitted together tightly. They unconsciously moved to restrain her, but once they thought of the Dragon God Mark, they immediately stayed their hands as they could only helplessly repeat the words of serious advice that they had given before, “Remember, you must definitely not incur ‘her’ wrath, otherwise… even the Dragon Monarch himself won’t be able to save you.”

But Xia Qingyue’s figure had already flown far into the distance, and no one knew if she had heard what they had just said.

The Forbidden Land of Samsara was vast, yet there was only a single person who lived in this vast land. It was also due to this person’s existence that it had become the largest forbidden ground in the entire Dragon God Realm—even the Dragon Monarch could not come and go as he pleased. These were words that were not the least bit exaggerated, so if that was even the case for one such as him, what about the rest of them?

If not for the Dragon God Mark, even if the Moon God Emperor himself personally came, he would definitely not be allowed to pass, much less Xia Qingyue.

However, even if one bypassed the two great guardian Dragon Gods, one would only enter the borders of the Forbidden Land of Samsara. If one truly wanted to enter the Forbidden Land of Samsara… then even the Dragon God Mark itself would be of no assistance whatsoever.

Xia Qingyue’s speed was extremely fast and it was clear that her heart was burning with anxiety and urgency, but she felt an extremely clear change happen in front of her.

The further forward she went, the cleaner and denser the aura of nature became. All of the elements in this place were incredibly mild and gentle. There were light gusts of wind, the slow and relaxing sound of flowing water, and the even the earth smelled so nice that one could become intoxicated by it.

As she continued forward, the aura of nature became so mild and gentle that it gone beyond Xia Qingyue’s imagination. Xia Qingyue had also discovered many changes in her surroundings. With a single glance, she could actually see cloud and mist shrouding the area, making it seem as if she had strolled into a celestial abode. The clear and melodious sounds of birds chirping and butterflies flitting through the air rang in her ears, and Xia Qingyue thought that she could even faintly hear the joyous whispering of the plants and flowers all around her...

It truly seemed as if she had stepped into an illusory fairytale world, a place that was not stained by the mortal world’s noise or foulness, a place that seemed not to contain even a trace of dispute or evil. Gradually, Xia Qingyue’s body unconsciously grew relaxed, and it felt as if her heart was being gently caressed by the purest spring water, causing her to become much more calm and composed.


As Xia Qingyue swiftly flew forward, her body heavily smacked against an invisible barrier. She grabbed hold of Yun Che as she bounced back several steps and she very nearly fell to the ground.

The world in front of her was completely shrouded by mist, and she could only barely make out the gently swaying shadows of the flowers and plants around her. Even given Xia Qingyue’s vision, she still could not see anything, and her spiritual perception could not spread out in front of her at all.

It was as if that was a world that mortal man could never ever reach.

The Forbidden Land of Samsara!

Xia Qingyue knew that even if she was a hundred times stronger than she currently was, there was absolutely no way she could force her way through it… and even if she was able to, she would still be absolutely unable to do so. Her chest rose and fell, as she did her best to suppress the swelling agitation and emotion in her heart. After that, she slowly sank to her knees:

“Junior Xia Qingyue of the Eastern Divine Region… and her husband Yun Che, begs to see Senior Shen Xi.”

Her beautiful eyes and voice were filled with a deep supplication and desire… However, the world around her remained unchanged, a fantastical pure world of singing birds and fragrant flowers, but there had been no reply.

Xia Qingyue raised her hand to her chest before deeply bowing and shouting in a voice that bordered on worship, “This junior Xia Qingyue and her husband Yun Che begs to see Senior Shen Xi.”

The only thing that replied to Xia Qingyue was still that heavy silence. It was as if it was truly a fantastical and empty world, and that there was no one who had even heard her desperate entreaties.

Xia Qingyue lightly held Yun Che close before shouting yet again, “For disturbing Senior Shen Xi’s peace and quiet, this junior deserves ten thousands deaths. But my husband has been afflicted by the ‘Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark’, and the only one under heaven who can save him is Senior Shen Xi. I beg Senior Shen Xi to show us great compassion and to appear before us to save him… Junior Xia Qingyue is willing to use her own life as a guarantee!”

Every word that proceeded from her mouth was filled with a deep mournful supplication, her voice was so deeply mournful that even this still and quiet world had been colored by that sorrow. Beside her, a group of colorful butterflies, which had been flitting among the flowers, had started to flap their colorful wings as they rose in the air and quietly watched the girl who knelt in that place.

She deeply bowed… and did not get up for a very long time.

It was at that moment that the colorful butterflies, who had hovered there for a long period of time, suddenly flew up in the air before joyfully and excitedly dancing among the flowers… It was also at this moment that a voice rang out in this pure and quiet world:

“This is not a place that you should have come to, you should leave.”

That voice was very supple and beautiful, and it sounded as if it had come from the peaks of the clouds. It also sounded as if it had come from a dream. It was as light and wispy as a cloud, as soft and supple as a breeze. No matter who heard it, they would find themselves unable to believe that such a softly supple, beautiful and pure voice actually existed in this world… Perhaps even the legendary “ethereal celestial music” would barely compare to it.