Chapter 1209 - Heaven Smiting Sword Reborn

Chapter 1209 - Heaven Smiting Sword Reborn

“Hong’er, you… wait… wait a minute!”

Having come across such a food item, how was it possible for Hong’er to have the time to pay attention to Yun Che? She pounced on the Golden Crow Sacred Sword with a “whoosh,” with such a speed that Yun Che was unable to react to her. Afterwards, he saw her eyes twinkling, as she opened her lips, revealing a shining, sharp, white canine tooth, and moved ahead to bite at the Golden Crow Sacred Sword.

Saliva was dripping down from her open mouth all of a sudden, as it was drawn to the blade of the sword.

“Ah… Stop!!”

Yun Che turned pale with fright, as he dashed forth in a flurry. It was absolutely not because he was afraid of the Golden Crow Sacred Sword getting damaged by Hong’er that he was so panicked this time… What a joke! It was none other than the Golden Crow Sacred Sword, a divine object left behind from the ancient Era of Gods! Although it was far incomparable to its true strength now, it was still an existence of the True God level. How could an ordinary profound sword be comparable to it?

He was actually afraid of Hong’er getting hurt by the Golden Crow Sacred Sword.

Given the power level of the Golden Crow Sacred Sword, even a single bite would be enough to cause light damage to Hong’er.

But Hong’er had already bitten the sword by the time Yun Che had let out his cry of fear.


Following a loud and clear sound, a tooth-shaped hole appeared on the Golden Crow Sacred Sword.

The piece of sword was being chewed like a golden cracker.

Yun Che widened his eyes as his body froze stiff in an instant.

Hong’er had her cheeks puffed out, as her mouth moved in a chewing motion. Her eyes shone with an excited scarlet light, “Wow! So good…. So yummy!!”


The inferno prison abruptly grew very restless, and even the eyes of the Phoenix in the sky shrank all of a sudden, “She… She… What exactly is she!?”

The divine voice of the Phoenix was actually trembling in fear… It was because the scene before its eyes was something that even someone of its level was unable to comprehend.

It was only now that Yun Che came to himself from his daze, as if he had awakened from a dream. He suddenly pounced towards Hong’er as he let out a loud roar, “Hong’er, you can’t eat that!!”

Seeing a fierce wind blow over to her, Hong’er let out a note of surprise. She broke into a run as her petite body fled away like a flittering light, causing Yun Che to completely miss his target.

The Golden Crow Sacred Sword that hadn’t moved in the slightest even after all of Yun Che’s efforts was quite easily carried away by Hong’er. She fled far, far away with it… with great ease, as if it was only some wooden long that she had randomly picked up.

““~!@#¥%…” Yun Che’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. Soon after, he promptly let out a strange shout before rushing towards Hong’er again, “Hong’er! You truly cannot eat that!!”

“Wuaaah!” Watching Yun Che chasing after her to snatch her food, Hong’er let out a scream, and ran away from him without any hesitation, while tightly hugging the Golden Crow Sacred Sword which was around twice the size of her body.

Yun Che had a very good cultivation at the moment, and he was also under the inferno prison right now. But despite that, there was already a great distance between him and Hong’er. In the blink of an eye as she fled while looking like a scarlet flittering light, even though he was moving at his top speed… She was not only carrying the Golden Crow Sacred Sword in her arms, she was gnawing at it as she ran wildly. Be it her running or gnawing speed, both were world-shocking and frightening enough to make ghosts and gods cry. Clacking sounds could be heard constantly all this time as she kept on biting and chewing the sword…

It also seemed as if a faint cry of fear from the Golden Crow’s soul was coming from it.

When he had first come across Hong’er and she had forcibly eaten his Dragon Fault, he was not able to catch her. Later, he had again failed to stop Hong’er when she had forcibly eaten the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Right now, his profound strength had reached the late stages of the Divine Tribulation Realm… but he was still unable to catch Hong’er!

Before long, Yun Che came to a stop as he gave up on catching her. He stared fixedly at Hong’er… and the Golden Crow Sacred Sword that was disappearing at a fast rate in her arms.

In the short time of ten-odd breaths, the particularly huge Golden Crow Sacred Sword had been fully eaten by Hong’er. When the blade of the sword completely disappeared, the Golden Crow flame that had been burning for an unknown period of long time also died out completely. There was only a dull and lusterless hilt left behind.

Hong’er played with the hilt, as she stood in front of Yun Che while looking at him with her pretty face. He cheeks were puffed out, and she chewed the last of the sword blade while smiling broadly. She curved her scarlet, fine and exquisite brows, “I’m already done eating the sword, so it would be futile for Master to catch me now. Hehehehe…”

Gulp… Yun Che’s throat at once made a sound of agitation.

Gulp! Having swallowed the last of the blade, Hong’er narrowed her eyes with an intoxicated look on her face, “So, so good. It’s so yummy, better than anything I’ve eaten until now. Master, you’re so nice to actually find such a tasty thing for me to eat.”

Yun Che looked straight at her with his mouth opened wide, and it didn’t close for a long while.

That was none other than the Golden Crow Sacred Sword…

The Golden Crow Sacred Sword!!!

It was actually eaten by Hong’er… as if it was just an ordinary sword!?

She had eaten the Eternal Night Devil Sword in the past… Although the sword had lost all of its energy, it was still an ancient devil sword, and thus, it was quite scary to see how she had eaten it whole. But this time, she had even eaten something as great as the Golden Crow Sacred Sword!

The Golden Crow Sacred Sword was absolutely different from the Eternal Night Devil Sword that didn’t have any energy left. It was left behind by the Golden Crow and the Phoenix Divine Spirit was guarding it… It was a divine sword that didn’t acknowledge him even after all his efforts!

Who would have thought that such a sword would be completely eaten by Hong’er as if it was just another sword!?

Hong’er has always been a befuddling little monster, but th-th-th-this…

“She… was actually… able to eat the Golden Crow Sacred Sword… She actually…”

The voice of the Phoenix Divine Spirit was trembling… There were no gods in this world now, so it was inconceivable for a True God level being to shudder in fright.

“Who is… she? What is she?”

“Ah… Eh…” Yun Che raised his head. He responded vaguely before managing to give a reply, “She is… the sword spirit of the sword in my possession. Normally, she eats swords for food. Umm… I also didn’t know that she could even eat the Golden Crow Sacred Sword…”

Yun Che’s brain was a mess. Oh f*ck… What should I do now!?

It was a divine item left behind by a True God, damn it… How did it end up being eaten by Hong’er? This was no longer just an issue of wasting or profaning the sword. How am I going to compensate for it? Do I have to offer my head in compensation, huh!?

“Sword spirit? There is such a sword spirit… in this world?” the soul voice of Phoenix said in doubt. The last of its soul power was locked onto Hong’er. It could see the existence of Hong’er, but unexpectedly, its spirit sense was unable to perceive her existence. “The main body of the Golden Crow Sacred Sword was forged from the “sacred bone” of the Golden Crow Sacred Ancestor, that was born from the primordial energy in the Primal Chaos, after it met its death. It is almost impossible for even the power of a true god to break it. So, how is this possible…? Just how did she…?

“Eh… Perhaps… it-it’s because…” Yun Che wanted to make up a reason, but the sword was an existence of true god level, it was left behind by none other than the Golden Crow, and he was facing someone as great and knowledgeable as Phoenix Divine Spirit. No matter how much he racked his brains, it was impossible for him to come up with a passable explanation.

It was at this time that Hong’er suddenly let out a light cry of surprise. An unusual golden light flashed in her pupils, after which a layer of golden flame ignited on her as it spread throughout her body.

Yun Che, “…?”

“Woah! This fire feels the same as Master. It’s so warm.” Hong’er spread open her arms, as her shining eyes looked at the flame that had ignited on her body on its own. Very soon, she slowly narrowed her eyes again, as her voice gradually became soft, “Hmm… I feel so tired all of a sudden. I really want to sleep.”

After stretching her waist as she yawned, Hong’er said with sleepy eyes, “Master, Hong’er is so full, so I should go back to sleeping… Don’t be noisy and wake me up.”

The moment she finished her words in a soft voice, her body transformed into a scarlet flittering light and returned to Yun Che.

Yun Che was standing in a daze… He had absolutely not used the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World just now, but the Golden Crow flame ignited on Hong’er’s body its own?

Could it be due to her eating the Golden Crow Sacred Sword that some qualitative change happened in Hong’er?

Thinking to this point, Yun Che immediately summoned the Heaven Smiting Sword.

The huge sword appeared high up in the air. Yun Che grabbed it in his hand in order to examine its aura, however, his arms suddenly felt very heavy, as if they were being suppressed by an immensely high mountain.


The entire Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword forced both his hands and arms downward as it firmly smashed onto the ground at his feet. An explosion sound resounded, as if a thunderbolt from the nine heavens had burst apart, and the inferno prison seethed crazily. The entire God Burying Inferno Prison seemed to be trembling faintly.

Yun Che’s body was bent down and his eyes were opened wide. He was desperately holding onto the hilt of the sword, causing blue veins to pop out on his arms and his facial muscles became taut… But, the Heaven Smiting Sword didn’t budge an inch.

This… This is…

Yun Che suddenly gnashed his teeth as he released his profound energy. Following a loud and clear sound, the divine rock at his feet exploded a bit.

However, the Heaven Smiting Sword still didn’t move in the slightest. It was as if it was firmly suppressed in place by heavenly power.

Yun Che lowered his brows and let out a light shout, as his profound strength dramatically increased due to him directly opening the “Rumbling Heaven” gate. After a muffled sound of rolling thunder, he finally managed to lift the Heaven Smiting Sword up little by little… It was emitting such tyrannical and terrifying sword might that Yun Che found it difficult to believe his senses.

A few breaths later, Yun Che finally succeeded in lifting the Heaven Smiting Sword vertically. Then, he heavily swung the sword downward.


A tremendous sound of explosion resounded, and it seemed as if the entire word was thoroughly shaken. The flames before Yun Che’s eyes were all torn open. Yun Che let out a muffled sound as the Heaven Smiting Devil Slaying Sword slipped out of his hands in an instant and heavily smashed onto the ground. His arms were hanging down as they quivered intensely.

This swing alone… just swinging the sword once had actually used up all of Yun Che’s energy. He was breathing roughly like an ox as his whole body went limp. He almost could not feel the existence of his arms.

But he didn’t have the time to care about such things. His eyes were looking straight ahead at this moment.

The inferno prison was crazily seething, and there was a very long, scarlet sword mark carved on it. Despite the world-burning power of the flames here, the scarlet sword mark clearly existed in the midst of them, and didn’t show any signs of disappearing even after a long time.

This place was not part of an ordinary world, but the bottom of the God Burying Inferno Prison!!

“This is… my… power…?” Yun Che lowered his head, as he muttered to himself in disbelief while looking at his limp arms.

“The aura of the Devil Slaying Sword…” the Phoenix Divine Spirit said. “No… The aura of the Golden Crow Sacred Sword is mixed within it, too!”

“This sword… actually merged the divine power of the Golden Crow Sacred Sword with itself!? Just what exactly is it…?”

Yun Che didn’t give a reply. He sat down cross-legged while panting, and grabbed the hilt of the Heaven Smiting Sword with his both hands. He no longer had the energy to lift it up again… but his eyes were shining with an unusual light of excitement.

Yun Che took out a Time Wheel Pearl. Before he could employ his profound energy to activate it, the flames of the inferno prison had already burned it open, and a time wheel barrier spread out around Yun Che without making a sound.

Eastern Divine Region, Moon God Realm.

This place was a transcendent existence, given its status as one of the four king realms of the Eastern Divine Region. Numerous people had prostrated themselves before it as well as looked up to it for countless years. It was a far more sacred existence than the Lunar Palace from the myths and legends of the secular world.

Divine Empress Hall was located in the Moon God Palace, which was the core area of the Moon God Realm. It was a sacred place among sacred places.

Even someone as distinguished as the “Moon Gods,” who looked disdainfully at all the living beings of the world, would absolutely not dare to easily set foot in this place.

Those living in such a high level existence as the Moon God Realm basically disdained the pursuit of extravagant things. But every inch and corner of the Divine Empress Hall could only be described with the two words “extremely extravagant.” Lunar Glazed Glass had been used as the tiles and bricks of this place, the tables and chairs were all made from the wood of the Hidden Moon Tree, and the bedding, bed, curtains, and every bit of the things in this place were all so majestic that an ordinary person couldn’t even imagine it.

It was because this place was the residence of the most majestic woman in the Moon God Realm.