Chapter 1282 - Shocking Development

Chapter 1282 - Shocking Development

“This… This is…”

“Star God Realm’s Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome!?”

“How can Yun Che use Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome!?”


As the second sword style, Wild Fang, thoroughly defeated Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi, it caused countless people to cry out in surprise.

“Oh? Heavenly Wolf’s sword art?” High above the clouds, Gu Zhu felt a bit doubtful.

“Hmph, who would have thought that Xing Juekong would go so far to rope Yun Che in…” Qianye Ying’er slightly raised her brows, before speaking in a light tone. “No, perhaps he was not the one who intended to teach this sword art to Yun Che.”

Countless gazes shifted towards the location of the Star God Emperor. They discovered that instead of being surprised there was a vague, strange smile on his face. Even the Heavenly Origin Star God and the four star guards accompanying him didn’t look too surprised, either.

All the people understood something in their hearts.

The Moon God Emperor stretched out his hand to make a grabbing gesture in the air. Immediately, Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi, who were blown extremely far away, flew back to him as if a formless suction power was acting on them, and smashed onto the ground nearby.

Their bodies were completely dyed with blood and constantly twitching. It was clearly impossible for them to stand up on their own. Yue Jinxi, in particular, had most of his hair burned off and his whole face was scorched too. He appeared to be in an extremely miserable state.

The pitiful sight of the two great princes was really frightening, and everyone had a deep look of worry in their eyes as they gazed at Yun Che… No matter how many points he had in his favor, it was certainly not a good thing to beat the two princes to such an extent inside Divine Moon City.

After all, it was the same as giving a hard slap in the face of the Moon God Realm!

“Good, very good.” To everyone’s surprise, despite the fact that his two sons were beaten so utterly in his own territory and had completely lost their dignity, the Moon God Emperor wasn’t angry in the least, nor was there an unpleasant look on his face. Instead, he slowly nodded his head, “Yue Huan, Jinxi, do you now understand why Yun Che is the ‘Conferred God Number One’?”

Yue Huan’s and Yue Jinxi’s bodies were twitching, and there were painful expressions on their faces… They had thought that Yun Che daring to beat them to such an extent would definitely make the Moon God Emperor furious, and it was also quite likely that Yun Che would be killed off.

But, hearing the words of their royal father, he actually seemed to be… praising Yun Che!?

“…?” Yun Che raised his brows.

“Make sure to remember the disgrace and crushing defeat you experienced today. If you can make up for the dignity you have lost some day, your suffering today will not have been in vain!”

He didn’t comfort them, nor punish Yun Che, but instead lectured them on their defeat. Yue Huan wanted to say something but his throat was writhing in pain, and he was finding it difficult to utter any sounds. Then, his whole body spasmed, and he passed out soon after.

Watching Yue Huan faint, Yue Jinxi eyes rolled up as he passed out too… It was not clear whether he had truly fainted or was just pretending.

“Take them away from here,” the Moon God Emperor said with a light sigh and a wave of his hand. Afterwards, he turned his eyes to Yun Che, “This king has too many descendants that have different talents and natures, but are enjoying their lives under my wings. It is hard for them to avoid becoming conceited and start looking down on all who are not from a king realm. It’s the same with Yue Huan and Jinxi, so this incident could be considered a very good lesson to them.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Yun Che, if you have free time in the future, you can often visit the Moon God Realm as a guest. Fix these good-for-nothing descendants on the behalf of this king and let them know what is meant by ‘there is always someone better out there’.”

Everyone was dumbfounded upon listening to the words of the Moon God Emperor.

“The Moon God Emperor is exaggerating,” Yun Che replied. He actually felt sincerity in the Moon God Emperor’s words.

“Haah.” The Moon God Emperor let out a long sigh for some reason. He gave Yun Che a deep glance, “This king has numerous descendants. If even one of them could be half as capable as you, this king… would have no regrets even in the face of death.”

Such high evaluation of Yun Che by the Moon God Emperor astounded the profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region, as well as the people of the Moon God Realm.

“…” Yun Che was evidently taken aback, too. He didn’t know how to respond to such words.

He had been trying to embarrass the Moon God Realm with his actions just now.

But the conclusion of the whole thing was totally different from his expectations.

The Moon God Emperor wasn’t embarrassed and didn’t become angry. From his sigh and the words “no regrets even in the face of death”, Yun Che could even feel a faint feeling of helplessness and… sorrow?




A crisp and clear clapping sound rang out in the area, as the Star God Emperor walked over while clapping his hands. There was a smile on his face, “Good! This is truly good! Just by speaking a few words, the Moon God Emperor changed the meaning of such an extremely disgraceful matter. Not only have you managed to keep your dignity, but you also showed yourself to be a very magnanimous person. You are truly worthy of being the emperor of Moon God Realm. This king truly admires your ability.”

The Moon God Emperor turned around as he said with a laugh, “It seems that the Star God Emperor has some advice for me?”

“I wouldn’t dare advise you,” the Star God Emperor plainly said before smiling. “I only have a few doubts, and hope that the Moon God Emperor would be generous enough to dispel them.”

“Oh?” the Moon God Emperor slightly narrowed his eyes. He was getting the woman of Glazed Glass to be his empress during his great wedding on this day, so the Star God Emperor would naturally be extremely unhappy. The Star God Emperor's face had been dark and gloomy this whole time but they now contained an unusual light, which made the Moon God Emperor be on his guard all of a sudden.

“This king wants to ask whether the god empress, that the Moon God Emperor is about to marry, has ‘Xia’ as her surname?” the Star God Emperor asked.

“…?” Yun Che suddenly raised his brows.

The eyes of Moon God Emperor shook faintly, but he smiled in an incomparably calm manner, “Correct. May I ask how you came to know about it?”

The Star God Emperor didn’t answer his question. The smile on his face grew even more mysterious, “Then, does this ‘Xia Qingyue’ have ‘two, five, four, six’ in the year, month, day, hour of her birth respectively?”

Hearing these words, Yun Che opened his eyes wide in shock as his brows furrowed.

It was because the Star God Emperor had correctly spoken Xia Qingyue’s date of birth… There wasn’t the slightest mistake!

What’s going on!?

The Moon God Emperor was intensely shocked in his heart.

For the sake of her protection, and because her existence was treated in an extremely special manner in the Moon Good Realm, although Xia Qingyue had stayed in the Moon God Realm for many years, there were extremely few people who had come into contact with her. In the entire Moon God Realm, there were only three people, including the Moon God Emperor and Xia Qingyue herself, who knew about her date of birth.

Why would the Star God Emperor be aware of it?

The Moon God Emperor didn’t reply straight away. A faint smile emerged at the corner of his mouth, but the expression in his eyes slowly turned grim, “Just what exactly does the Star God Emperor want to say?”

The people around became absolutely silent as the two great God Emperors conversed with each other. The atmosphere in the area also grew heavy all of a sudden. It was because they could clearly feel that there was something fishy about this conversation.

“Hahahaha,” the Star God Emperor let out a loud laugh. “This king was a bit doubtful until now, unable to believe the thing before his eyes. But seeing Moon God Emperor’s reaction, it indeed seems be the truth. Oh, it has really broadened the horizons of this king!”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Moon God Emperor,” the smile on the Star God Emperor’s face gradually faded, as his face turned colder bit by bit. “Despite being the realm king of the Moon God Realm, you actually want to marry a woman who is already married as your empress. This is a violation of people’s emotions and the common sense we are supposed to act according to. It’s an act that violates the heavenly laws and the principles of human relations! If this despicable action of taking someone else’s wife by force was something that only concerned you, it might be still all right for you, but are you not afraid of the Moon God Realm also becoming the laughingstock of all the people under the heavens!?”

The words of the Star God Emperor sounded as if countless thunderbolts had simultaneously bombarded in the area. Everyone was dumbstruck upon hearing them.

The god empress… was already married?

The Moon God Emperor… wants to take someone else’s wife by force?

Each and every word said by the Star God Emperor was world-shocking, so much so that all the profound practitioners heard countless thunderclaps inside their heads. Everyone from the Moon God Realm; the Moon Gods, the moon envoys, the moon guards… all of them glared at the Star God Emperor. If the one who spoke such words wasn’t the Star God Emperor, they would have captured or even killed him on the spot.

“Hahaha.” The Moon God Emperor, however, began to laugh in response. His voice also grew cold, “Xing Juekong, this king already knew that you certainly have ill intentions behind coming here personally, but I never thought that you’d utter such malicious and slandering words. You have greatly hurt and disappointed this king. So when the distinguished Star God Emperor becomes jealous, he can also turn into a mad dog that has lost its mind.”

The Moon God Emperor had called the Star God Emperor directly by his name instead of using his “god emperor” title, and he hadn’t held back in the least with his sarcastic remark, either. It was apparent that he was truly angered now, even if he looked calm on the surface.

The Star God Emperor wasn’t the least bit furious, and instead smiled at him, “Slander? Which part of this king’s words was slander?”

“Hah!” the Moon God Emperor coldly laughed. “You said that this king’s god empress is already married. Could it be that your divine sense has retrograded to such an extent that you can’t even perceive the aura of her vital yin?”

These words immediately awakened all the people that were in a shocked state until now.

That’s right! Although the appearance of Xia Qingyue was startling, she hadn’t restrained her aura, and so the aura of her vital yin, and especially that of the glazed glass could be sensed quite clearly by them. Having the aura of vital yin proved that she was obviously a virgin.

“Hahahaha.” The Star God Emperor laughed aloud. “How does possessing the aura of vital yin have anything to do with whether she is married or not? Yue Wuya, you need to explain just what is meant by this!”

The Star God Emperor turned over his palm as an opened wedding contract appeared on it. Following, starlight flickered in his hand, and the words inscribed on the contract immediately projected in the sky above. Everyone present could read them very clearly.

On the wedding contract, the names of Xiao Che and Xia Qingyue were inscribed, their complete date of birth, as well as the words Blue Wind and Floating Cloud…

“Yun Che, what is going on here?” Standing beside Yun Che, Mu Bingyun asked in a low voice with knitted brows.

“I don’t know.” Yun Che shook his head, but other than feeling confused, he already had a rough guess… It was very obvious that someone had been eavesdropping on his conversation with Mu Bingyun. Otherwise, just the word “Qingyue” on the wedding contract was far from enough for the Star God Emperor to be so sure about it referring to none other than Xia Qingyue. That servant girl called Jin Yue, whom he had given the marriage contract to, so she could bring it to Xia Qingyue, was definitely robbed midway!

Was it the Star God Emperor, or some other person!?

“Surname Xia, name Qingyue, and the date of birth also matched completely. Does Moon God Emperor want to deny anything? Or does Moon God Emperor want to call it a mere coincidence? Perhaps, you want to say that this marriage contract is fake?” The Star God Emperor narrowed his eyes. His words actually sounded as if he wanted to come up with excuses for the Moon God Emperor.

The eyes of the Moon God Emperor grew a bit gloomy, and his brows also quivered uncontrollably a few times. He looked sideways in the direction of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace, but didn’t see the figure of Xia Qingyue.

He had sensed that it was extremely likely that the contract in the Star God Emperor’s hand was real. Furthermore, the Star God Emperor definitely knew something, or he would not be acting so sure of himself.

Letting out a sigh inwardly, the eyes of the Moon God Emperor gradually regained their calm, as he said indifferently, “It’s certainly true that Qingyue’s surname is Xia, and her date of birth also completely matches with the one on this marriage contract. It is definitely possible for this marriage contract in your hand to be real.”


The people in Divine Moon City were shocked by the Moon God Emperor’s words.

“Haha,” a light flashed across the Star God Emperor’s eyes. “So the Moon God Emperor acknowledges it after all?”

“Acknowledge?” the Moon God Emperor smiled coldly. “Xing Juekong, you seem to be someone who gets excited too soon. In that case, this king doesn’t mind telling you a few things. Qingyue is from the lower realms and she was certainly married to a person at the age of sixteen. The one she married was definitely a man called ‘Xiao Che’ as mentioned on this wedding contract. Although the two of them didn’t really live the life of a married couple, they were indeed officially wed. This king has known of these things since a long time ago.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Therefore, it is definitely possible for the contract in your hand to belong to Qingyue. However…” the tone of the Moon God Emperor changed. “The marriage contract might still exist, but Qingyue’s previous husband passed away eight years ago. This contract has lost its meaning now. Xing Juekong, I’m afraid that you’re going to be disappointed!”

“Haha, is that so?” the Star God Emperor wasn’t panicked in the least. “Moon God Emperor, I’m sure that you really want to know where I got this contract, right?”

Before the Moon God Emperor could respond, the Star God Emperor’s gaze shifted right to Yun Che, as he said with a faint smile, “Yun Che, I believe that you certainly recognize this marriage contract, and especially who this ‘Xiao Che’ person is. I mean this is your big gift to the Moon God Empress to-be, after all.”

Following the words of the Moon God Emperor, everyone’s gaze swiftly focused on Yun Che. The Moon God Emperor also turned around all of a sudden, as an expression of shock and disbelief flashed in the depths of his eyes.

“The reason you challenged the two princes of Moon God Realm and defeated them so thoroughly was to dampen the celebration of this wedding ceremony, right?” the Star God Emperor said in a gloomy voice. “After all, despite being an unimaginably mighty and towering existence, the Moon God Emperor wanted to steal your wife! Any man would have hated him for his guts, isn’t that it?”


It seemed as if the world had completely frozen in this instant. It was frighteningly quiet, so much so that even slightest sound of breathing or heartbeat could not be heard.

The widely opened eyes of all the people were fixed on Yun Che. They were waiting for Yun Che’s reply, but didn’t dare imagine what kind of reply he would have for them…

Yun Che raised his eyes slowly, as they came into contact with those of the Moon God Emperor. He replied with no expression on his face, “Yes, that marriage contract is mine. The ‘Xiao Che’ on it is none other than me.”