Chapter 1275 - Glazed Glass Qingyue

Chapter 1275 - Glazed Glass Qingyue

Low cries immediately erupted in Divine Moon City as the gazes of everyone present became extremely fervent all at once.

Hearing the words of the Moon God Emperor, it was clear to everyone that the incomparably mysterious god empress to-be, for whom the Moon God Emperor didn’t hesitate to use the grand phenomenon of the divine moon in the sky in order to make the whole world know of his wedding ceremony, was finally going to appear before their eyes!

Far off in the distant sky above, Qianye Ying’er’s phoenix-like eyes also slightly narrowed under the golden mask, “Let’s see just what sort of woman could make the Moon God Emperor act so unimaginably self-satisfied.”

Even the always calm and peaceful Gu Zhu had an unusual light emitting from his eyes.


Yun Che and Mu Bingyun were startled at the same time upon hearing the name called out by the Moon God Emperor.

Hearing Yun Che’s words, Mu Bingyun said in a light tone, “What a coincidence.”

Yun Che slightly nodded his head, “Yes, it’s such a coincidence. Speaking of which, it’s has been so long since I have heard this name.”

“Coincidence?” Listening to their conversation, Huo Poyun asked with curiosity. “Brother Yun, could it be that you know this god empress?”

“Of course, not.” Yun Che shook his head, as he told him in a calm manner. “My first wife in the lower realms is also named “Qingyue”. Therefore, I felt a bit emotional upon hearing this world all of a sudden.”

“Eh… I see.” Huo Poyun nodded, but looking at Yun Che he figured that there was much more to it than just “feeling a bit emotional”.

The word “Qingyue” had generated ripples in Yun Che’s heart.

Twelve years ago, he had married Xia Qingyue in the small Floating Cloud City—that was the time when he was at the lowest and most helpless point in his life, but he was actually given a dignified girl.

Their marriage was an antenatal betrothal, they were also officially wed, and so their relationship was that of a genuine husband and wife… though they never really lived like a married couple.

The battle of Blue Wind… Heaven Basin Secret Realm… Returning to Azure Cloud… Defeating the Sword Saint… Joining Asgard together… The relation between the two of them quietly underwent subtle changes. Yun Che was also always secretly happy to perceive that the icy heart of Xia Qingyue was melting for him bit by bit…

But all of this came to a spontaneous end on the day he went to the Divine Phoenix Empire.

When he was “buried” in the Primordial Profound Ark…

Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace experienced a disaster and Xia Qingyue was teleported to some unknown world as its last hope.

He returned to the Profound Sky Continent three years later, but he still hadn’t heard anything from her since.

Time passed by unknowingly, and it had been eight years now.

The world under the heavens was boundless, so it was impossible for anyone to know where exactly the dimensional formation that was left behind in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace by Mu Bingyun had sent Xia Qingyue to, and they had no way of looking for her, either. They could only hope that Xia Qingyue could return to the Blue Pole Star, to their Profound Sky Continent, on her own someday.

Seeing the depressed and frustrated look of Yun Che, Mu Bingyun comforted him, “Don’t worry, she has the protection of the heavens.”

She had been to the Profound Sky Continent thrice, and had already seen Xia Qingyue from above the clouds at an earlier time. Later, she also slowly came to know about the relationship between her and Yun Che.

Yun Che faintly smiled, “She also said that Qingyue is someone that has the protection of heavens, so there’s no need to worry.”

By “she” he was referring to Jasmine. She had told Yun Che that Xia Qingyue possessed “Nine Profound Exquisite Body” and “Heart of Snow Glazed Glass”. The former was the best dual cultivation incubator in the world, and the latter, a body protected by heavens.

There were countless creatures living under the heavens, so having names that were similar or exactly the same was a totally normal thing. Yun Che also soon concealed his depressed look, as he looked towards the side of the Moon God Emperor, full of expectations. He was waiting for the mysterious god empress to make her appearance.

The unusual change in the Moon God Emperor’s attitude and the god empress that had never shown herself to others before, greatly piqued the curiosity of everyone from the Eastern Divine Region. They didn’t have to wait long as a figure slowly walked out from inside the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace following the Moon God Emperor’s warm voice, and finally stopped beside him.

The Divine Moon City that was brimming with numerous experts of the Eastern Divine Region immediately became pin-drop silent. Everyone held their breath as if their hearts and souls were heavily struck by something. She was dressed in a long, moon-white robe that had its hem dragging on the floor, as if she had just walked out of the moon. Her bearing was dreamy, like that of a fairy, her skin was flawless, like white jade, seemingly reflecting the bright and dazzling sunlight like frost and snow in winter days. Her face was so gorgeous, as if the heavens had poured all their effort and care into making it, and even the world’s most beautiful flowery language would be unable to comment on and describe even a little bit of its charm.

The moment she came out, it seemed as if incomparably radiant, beautiful and dazzling rays of light were shining within everyone’s eyes, making the whole world appear particularly bright and lustrous.

Who was the Moon God Emperor? He was one of the four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, one of the God Realm’s most respected men. But this woman almost concealed the existence of the Moon God Emperor just by standing quietly beside him. She concealed nearly all the radiance in the world, even the light of the divine moon that was illuminating the world had become a bit dim in her presence.

“She is… so beautiful…” Shui Meiyin brought her hand to her lips as she muttered in a daze.

“…” Shui Yingyue was directly staring at her, as she found it impossible to take her eyes off her. Despite the fact that she was a goddess in the Eastern Divine Region who had both absolutely beautiful looks and a respectable background, she clearly felt deeply suffocated before this woman, as well as feeling inferior from the bottom of her soul for the first time in her life.

“Just her temperament and looks are enough for her to be a suitable match for the Moon God Emperor.” Shui Qianheng, the Glazed Light Realm King, expressed his opinion.

The people who were present at this place were absolutely not like those earthly, ordinary beings, but countless people were still intoxicated and dazed upon seeing the woman.

“Wow…” Huo Poyun unintentionally let out a light cry, “Although I haven’t seen the Dragon Queen and Goddess, the legendary Dragon Queen and Goddess… should not be any better than this, right?”

He turned to Yun Che after finishing his words, so as to seek his agreement, but he was instantly taken aback when his eyes turned to him.

Yun Che was fixedly staring at the woman that had appeared beside the Moon God Emperor. His eyes were widened to their limit, and his body was completely still, as if he had suddenly lost his soul.

Huo Poyun first thought that he had lost himself due to the exceptional beauty of the woman, but then he noticed that his pupils were intensely expanding and contracting within his dull eyes, and his slightly opened lips had gradually begun to tremble. Eventually, his whole body started to shake continuously.

Soon after, his face went pale to an abnormal extent.

“Brother Yun, are you all right?” Huo Poyun promptly asked.

“…” Yun Che didn’t show the slightest reaction to his words, but they did bring Mu Bingyun to herself who had been also in a daze until now. She suddenly turned her eyes away from the woman, but there was a shocked and chaotic expression in her icy eyes.

It was because the Moon God Empress to-be who had appeared beside the Moon God Emperor, was someone she and Yun Che had seen before.

Xia… Qing…yue!

“She is truly a great beauty, huh.” Above the clouds far away in the distance, Qianye Ying’er praised in a voice that contained no emotions.

“Haha,” Gu Zhu laughed obscurely. “She is the first person to be able to receive praise for their looks by Miss.”

Qianye Ying’er faintly raised the corner of her lips, as she said with an indistinct smile, “Her fairy-like looks could be called the most gorgeous in the Eastern Divine Region, so it is strange for her to remain so unknown. However… if that was all she had, it wouldn’t be possible for her to make Yue Wuya hold the ceremony in such a grand manner, right?”

A bizarre, sharp light flashed in Gu Zhu’s old, muddy eyes. His bark-like, dried-up lips slowly uttered four words in a hoarse voice, “Heart of… Glazed… Glass.”

“…” Qianye Ying’er body stiffened for an instant, after which an extremely severe change appeared on her face all of sudden. The expression in her eyes looking downward had also totally changed.

After a long while, she finally took her eyes off of the woman, and talked to herself in a low voice, “I see now…”

At the same time, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor also slowly stood up inside the main hall, with his brows knitted. He was only doubtful in the beginning, but as his gaze locked onto the woman, the doubt quickly turned into an increasingly greater shock.

“Eternal Heaven, what is it?” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor frowned. If the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was displaying such an expression, he must have discovered something unimaginably alarming.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor didn’t show any reaction. The way he kept on staring blankly seemed as if he didn’t dare believe his own eyes. It was only after several breaths’ time that he slowly said in a very low and deep voice, “Heart of… Glazed… Glass…”

“What!?” The four words astounded all the people from the king realms that were seated in the main hall. Following, everyone’s expression suddenly changed.

The voice of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor seemed to contain an uncontrollable, penetration power, and even the people outside the hall clearly heard his words. As if thunderclaps had resounded beside their ears, Divine Moon City instantly became clamorous.

“Heart… Heart of Glazed Glass!?”

“Heart of Snow Glazed Glass? Is… is that really true? Wasn’t it impossible for the ‘Heart of Glazed Glass’ to appear in this world again?”

“The Eternal Heaven God Emperor has personally said so. How could it be wrong?”

“No wonder… No wonder that the Moon God Emperor has changed his attitude, no wonder that the Moon God Emperor wanted to organize this event on such a grand scale… We’re talking about none other than the Heart of Glazed Glass that has the divine protection of the heavens!”

“If the legend is true, once the Moon God Realm gets the woman of Glazed Glass to be its god empress, in the future, wouldn’t it… wouldn’t it…”

“The legend is naturally true. Isn’t the Eternal Heaven God Realm the best proof of it!?”

There was an extremely intense look of surprise on the face of each and every person. In the history of the God Realm, there had been a lot of people that were born with extraordinary bodies. Some had two kinds of divine power, some had affinity with elemental profound power, and there we also cases like Luo Changsheng that had affinity with multiple elements as well as possessed multiple divine powers. The topmost level extraordinary bodies, that were the most difficult to find, were of the kind such as the “Stainless Divine Body” of Yue Wugou and “Stainless Divine Soul” of Shui Meiyin.

But, if there was a divine body that could cause a great sensation in the entire God Realm, it would certainly be the “Heart of Glazed Glass”.

In the ancient records, the so called “Heart of Glazed Glass” referred to the fragments of heart and soul that were left behind after the ego of the Ancestral God perished in the beginning phase of the Primal Chaos, and they were the last of the “ancestral power” that remained in the world. All the creatures, energies and laws in the world originated from the Ancestral God, and as the “Heart of Glazed Glass” was the last of the “ancestral power”, it was an existence that the heavens had to protect at all cost.

It might be due to the fact that the Ancestral God was a female that everyone who possessed the Heart of Glazed Glass was also a female, who were called the “woman of glazed glass” or “daughter of the heavens” in the records.

[ Note: Yun Che’s title can also be translated as “son of the heavens”.]

It actually incomparably corresponded to Yun Che’s current title of “child of the heavens”.

According to the records, even in the Era of Gods, there were extremely few people who had the “Heart of Glazed Glass”, and only one such person had appeared in the history of the God Realm.

It was none other than the Eternal Heaven Ancestor from six hundred thousand years ago!

If people found it difficult to fully believe that the woman of Glazed Glass obtained the protection of the heavens as mentioned in the ancient records, the Eternal Heaven Ancestor from six hundred thousand years shocked everyone with her experiences and very clearly showed why it was called the protection of the heavens.

The only Heavenly Profound Treasure in the world, the Eternal Heaven Pearl, took the initiative to recognize her as its owner, so as to be controlled by her.

Under her leadership, the Eternal Heaven Realm transformed from an ordinary star realm to a high and mighty king realm of the Eastern Divine Region in the very short period of a thousand years. It even surpassed the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm, and had always remained a topmost existence till now.

Ever since, no one doubted that the “Heart of Glazed Glass” could obtain the protection of the heavens. It was just that they also believed that as the Era of Gods had already ended as the Primal Chaos was growing more and more turbid, and primordial energy was becoming increasingly sparse. The appearance of someone like the Eternal Heaven Ancestor was the last such miracle, and it was impossible for a woman of Glazed Glass to appear in the world again.


The woman that was quietly standing beside the Moon God Emperor within their line of sight, the very same person who made the Moon God Emperor not spare the effort to invite people from the entire Eastern Divine Region and even use the phenomenon of divine moon in the sky, she not only had the appearance of a goddess and a world-toppling beauty, she was also surprisingly the “woman of Glazed Glass” who possessed the “Heart of Glazed Glass”!

It was the second time that such a miracle had happened in the God Realm, only preceded by the Eternal Heaven Ancestor!

At this moment, everyone understood why the Moon God Emperor would go so far for this wedding ceremony and for this god empress.

No, considering that he was able to get the woman of Glazed Glass as his god empress, it would be only natural even if his actions were ten or a hundred times more exaggerated!

While all the people were in a daze, or overwhelmed with shock and apprehension, it was solely Yun Che who was intensely trembling, with a frighteningly chaotic look in his eyes, as if he had fallen into an ice cold abyss all of a sudden.

His aura started to go out of control gradually.

“Yun Che…” Mu Bingyun knitted her brows. There was a sense of urgency in her voice.


The jade cup in Yun Che’s hand crushed to pieces as he lost control over his profound energy.