Chapter 1272 - Divine Moon in the Sky

Chapter 1272 - Divine Moon in the Sky

Mu Huanzhi nodded his head, before turning around as he said, “This might be the only chance in your lives to go to the Moon God Realm. Be careful with your words and actions, and don’t do anything improper. Otherwise, even the Sect Master won’t be able to save you fellows!”

All the disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect voiced their acknowledgement as their faces beamed with excitement that they were unable to conceal. A king realm was similar to the Celestial Palace to them, a place they could never reach no matter how much they longed for it. However, not only were they lucky enough to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm because of the Profound God Convention, they had also been invited to the Moon God Realm. They were simply too fortunate.

“Will Master go there?” Yun Che asked in a low voice.

Mu Bingyun replied, “Your master avoided the Profound God Convention because she didn’t want to expose her current cultivation. Naturally, she won’t be entering the Moon God Realm either.”

Yun Che revealed disappointment, as he said in a low voice, “Unknowingly, such a long time has passed since we left the sect, and I’m missing Master a bit… Once I enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl, I won’t be able to see Master for next three thousand years.”

Mu Bingyun glanced at him, with her icy eyes filled with a complicated expression. But soon after, she was taken aback all of a sudden, “Did you just say… you’re going to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl?”

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded in affirmation. “She gave me a warning. The ‘sensation’ I caused during the Conferred God Battle is a lot more serious than I can imagine. Given my present situation, it’s no longer a question of whether I want to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl. There’s already no other choice left for me.”

Mu Bingyun remained silent for a short while, before nodding her head, “She is right, and your master will certainly approve of this decision too. As for the people in your ‘homeland’…”

Since Mu Bingyun was the one who had brought Yun Che to the God Realm, she was naturally aware of the “five-year promise” that he had made with the Little Demon Empress and others. She pondered for a moment before saying in a soft voice, “I’ll think of a way to let them know your delay in return.”

There were pillars of light shining in the distance. As the event in question was none other than the world-alarming wedding ceremony of the Moon God Realm, the number of dimensional teleportation formations that were set up was also numerous. But, although the starting point of the teleportation was from the Eternal Heaven God Realm, it was naturally the Moon God Realm that was providing the energy resources required for the dimensional teleportation formations to work.

The Moon God Realm might be a king realm, but it still cost a lot to maintain such large scale teleportation formations.

Without having to wait for long, the crowd from the Snow Song Realm followed Mu Huanzhi into one of the dimensional profound formations, after which they were teleported to the other king realm of the Eastern Divine Region.

Furthermore, it wasn’t the periphery of the Moon God Realm where they were teleported, but to the Moon God Realm itself. They had appeared right before the royal city, the core region of the Moon God Realm—Divine Moon City.

Each king realm had its own distinct aura, but all of them contained an incomparably rich and pure spirit energy. No ordinary star realm could possibly be compared to them. Standing before the Divine Moon City, and looking at the immensely high and gigantic gate of the city entrance that was emitting bright moonlight, countless profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region were standing dumbfounded in place, extreme shock in their hearts.

Compared to the Star God Realm and the Eternal Heaven God Realm that Yun Che had been to so far, the brightness of light was clearly somewhat low in the Moon God Realm, but it actually made the bright moonlight around all the buildings appear even more divine and eye-catching. The road beneath their feet was also paved with moonlight stones, which made one feel as if they were walking in an illusory region of light with every step taken.

There were numerous bright starlights flitting around inside the world of the Moon God Realm, and in the Moon God Realm, it seemed as if the whole place was eternally bathing in the purest and brightest moonlight. The first-time visitors would subconsciously think that they had stepped into a mysterious, illusory realm.

“So this is the Moon God Realm…” Yun Che also couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. “It’s simply as if we have arrived in the world of a different plane.”

“The Moon God Realm believes in the power of divine moon, and the most important factor behind it managing to join the ranks of king realms is the fact they can ‘inherit’ the power of the divine moon,” Mu Bingyun told Yun Che.

Yun Che said, “When I was in the Star God Realm, I heard her mention that the Star God Realm believes in the power of the stars, and the most important point is that they can ‘inherit’ the power of star gods. Both the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm are quite alike.”

It was only natural for Jasmine to disagree to come participate in this wedding ceremony. She had lost her mother because of the Moon God Realm. It was also due to this reason that Jasmine had always harbored a deep hatred against the Moon God Realm.

“There are far more similarities between the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm. The two realms are almost the same in so many aspects.”

Yun Che, “Eh?”

Mu Bingyun explained, “According to the records, the titles of Moon God and Star God were conferred by the Creation God—Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E. There were a total of twelve star and moon gods each, all of whom were subordinates to him. In the Era of Gods, all of them had an extremely high standing, and the divine powers left behind by them are naturally extremely powerful as well. Moreover, they can be ‘inherited’ generation after generation by the compatible ‘vessels’.”

It was Yun Che’s first time hearing about such things.

“The Star God Emperor is a star god, and the Moon God Emperor is, similarly, a moon god. All star gods have their star guards, and every moon god also has their moon guards. The replacement of the star and moon gods, as well as the patterns and methods of inheriting their powers are also exactly the same.”

In other words, besides the difference in their core energy, one having “power of star god”, and another “power of moon god”, there was simply no difference between them.

“Despite having so many similarities, let alone being deeply attached to each other like real brothers, they have actually become mortal enemies.” Yun Che shook his head, as he seemed to be sighing.

“The energy and structure of the two realms might be similar, but it is impossible for a person’s heart to forever remain the same. People like us are not in the position to discuss and appraise the strife between high level existences such as king realms,” Mu Bingyun said in an indifferent tone. “Let’s enter the city.”

Just as Mu Bingyun finished her words, the place before their eyes brightened up. A layer of misty light sprinkled down from somewhere, covering the whole world in the clear and bright light of the moon.

Yun Che raised his head subconsciously, and it was also at this moment that loud cries of surprise echoed around him which didn’t disappear for a long while.

At some point in time, a shining and white moon had appeared in the distant sky. It was located in the sky that was right over the Divine Moon City, and its light was pale, dense and gentle. The way it illuminated the entire Divine Moon City made it seem as if it was an illusory city in moonlight, the kind you would only see in dreams.

“Divine moon in the sky! It’s actually the Divine moon in the sky!!”

Yun Che heard countless similar shouts of surprise. Mu Bingyun beside him also whispered in a very light voice as she looked at the moon in the sky, “Divine moon in the sky…”

“What is Divine moon in the sky?” Yun Che asked.

The divine moon in the sky was constantly rising little by little, but its rays of light showed no signs of weakening due to it, and instead became stronger and stronger. Under the effect of the divine moon, the whole world appeared to be mysterious and illusory.

Yun Che didn’t know that the light of this divine moon not only enshrouded the Divine Moon City, but tens of millions of kilometers of star region around it was bathing in the light of the divine moon as well.

All the nearby star realms had also begun to sense the change in the brightness of light. When the people of these star realms raised their heads to look above, they could see the divine moon in the sky at a glance… Gradually, people from almost every star realm and every corner of the Eastern Divine Region could see a divine moon hanging high in the direction of the Moon God Realm, emitting brighter and dreamier moonlight than a genuine moon.

It seemed as if it was announcing the soon-to-be-held grand event of the Moon God Realm to the Eastern Divine Region, or even the whole God Realm.

“This phenomenon of divine moon in the sky has only happened two times so far in the history.” Mu Bingyun turned her eyes away from the divine moon, before she told Yun Che in a low tone of voice. “The first time was when the Moon God Realm came into existence.”

“The second time was when the Moon God Realm announced becoming a king realm of the Eastern Divine Region.”

“This is the third time.”

Yun Che’s eyes shifted as surprise surfaced on his face.

“The light of this divine moon can enshroud the whole Eastern Divine Region, and needs the combined effort of the twelve moon gods to do so. Going by the records, it’s only when some great event happens that is related to the turning point of fate in the Moon God Realm that the divine moon makes its appearance, to make the event known across the world. It was the same case when the divine moon in the sky phenomenon occurred twice before.”

“But it’s surprising for the ‘divine moon in the sky’ to occur today, on the day of the wedding ceremony of the Moon God Emperor.” The look in Mu Bingyun’s eyes became serious. “This wedding ceremony has been extremely high profile from the beginning, and people have formed countless opinions on it. But now it seems that it’s going to be even more extraordinary than what everyone expected earlier.”

“The reason behind this all is undoubtedly that mysterious god empress that has never made a public appearance.”

“The Moon God Emperor is really dying to let the living beings of the whole world know that he is marrying this new god empress, huh.” Yun Che was at a loss for words.

“There is more to it,” Mu Bingyun said. “If the divine moon in the sky phenomenon only appears when the Moon God Realm experiences an important turning point in its fate, this new Moon God Empress is…”

Mu Bingyun didn’t continue to speak any further, and instead fell into a deep silence. After all, even she had no idea how a woman could actually bring such a change in the fate of the Moon God Realm, a king realm of the Eastern Divine Region, that it even required them to make it known to the whole world through the “divine moon in the sky”.

Even if the Moon God Realm was marrying the Dragon Empress or the Goddess, and even if the two of them were going to be his God Empresses, this phenomenon would still absolutely not have appeared..

The atmosphere of the surroundings grew heavy, and all the profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region that were teleported here stopped in place. Watching the divine moon in the sky, they felt doubtful and shocked in their hearts like Mu Bingyun, and even forgot to step inside the Divine Moon City that was right before their eyes.

“Now even I’ve become curious about this Moon God Empress.” As someone who had only been in the God Realm for three years, and hence, had almost no knowledge of or interest in the Moon God Realm, Yun Che could be considered the calmest of all upon seeing the “divine moon in the sky” phenomenon. He casually made a wild guess, “Palace Master Bingyun, is there a woman among the realm kings of the king realms in the God Realm? Could the Moon God Emperor be marrying another realm king of some king realm?”

“The marriage of two god emperors should be considered a great event that could change the fate of a king realm.”

“…We’ll get to know about it very soon,” Mu Bingyun replied. “Let’s go inside now. Great Elder, I’ll trouble you with taking care of the safety of the disciples. This is the Moon God Realm, not any ordinary place.”

Mu Xuanyin had entrusted Mu Bingyun with the task to always take good care of Yun Che alone.

Divine Moon City wasn’t that big, but as the core city of a king realm, it was a sacred place among the sacred places of the God Realm. Walking inside the city, even the king of a realm, who should have experienced countless trials and changes in their life, would subconsciously slow their pace and restrain their breathing, not to mention the young profound practitioners who had never harbored the extravagant hope of being able to enter the Moon God Realm.

All the disciples from the Snow Song Realm closely followed behind the several elders and palace masters. They were continuously looking around, feeling excited as well as afraid. In the Snow Song Realm, they were the elite disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect that all the profound practitioners looked up to and admired immensely, but they were very clear that getting to enter the Divine Moon City, or even breathing in the air here, was like a heavenly gift to them.

Bathing in the light of the divine moon, the group from the Snow Song Realm had arrived at the place where the wedding ceremony was planned to be held. At the forefront were two people that were dressed in similar-looking silver, light armor, who were welcoming the guests. The indifferent look in their eyes, however, gave off a frightening and dominating feeling. When their eyes swept over the group, the intimidating pressure they released unintentionally was so terrifying that it caused the entire body of the disciples from Snow Song Realm to stiffen at once, and the flow of blood in their bodies almost came to a stop.

“These two people are moon guards of the Moon God Realm,” Mu Bingyun said in a low voice.

Moon guards were subordinates to the great moon gods or moon god envoys. Although they were only bodyguards, they had an extremely high standing. They were only inferior to that of the great moon gods and moon god envoys, and equivalent to the standing of the star guards in the Star God Realm.

Those who could become star guards had the strength of the Divine King Realm at the least, which was similar to that of a king of a lower realm. The high level guards who could closely serve at the side of the great moon gods were all at the Divine Sovereign Realm! Any one of them was comparable to the realm king of a middle star realm.

This showed how terrifying a king realm was in reality.

Given the status of the Moon God Emperor, it was naturally impossible for him to personally welcome the guests. Dispatching two great moon guards for this purpose was already enough to make the absolute majority of profound practitioners tremble with fear… or even feel extremely flattered.

Mu Bingyun stepped forward and slightly greeted with a bow, before she handed the invitation card and the congratulatory gift over to the two great moon guards.

The moon guards received the congratulatory gift. There was no change in their expressions as their divine sense swept over the invitation card, “We welcome the esteemed guests from Snow Song. Please make yourselves comfortable inside.”

When the people from the king realms and upper realms arrived, the moon guards would announce it in a loud voice, and an attendant would specially guide them inside. The guests from king realms were brought inside the main hall, and the Moon God Emperor would personally welcome them in front of the main hall, while the guests from upper star realms were brought inside the outer hall, where there were two moon god envoys to welcome them.

As for the guests from the middle and lower star realms, since even their arrival was not being announced, it was impossible for them to be brought inside the main hall or outer hall, either. They could only take seats that were arranged outside the outer hall.

Despite such incomparably obvious differences in treatment, no one felt dissatisfied in their hearts, nor complained in resentment. It was because the strong had the qualification to enjoy the treatment they deserved, and the weak should put up with the treatment they received. It was the most basic law of survival in every level of place in the God Realm.

Mu Bingyun slightly nodded her head as she led the people from the Snow Song Realm inside. It was at this time that one of the moon guards suddenly raised his brows: Snow Song Realm?

“Wait a minute!” The moon guard turned to the group, as he said with a slightly hurried voice. His gaze directly fell upon Yun Che, “Could this be Sir Yun Che?”

Yun Che turned around and nodded in acknowledgement, “This humble one is indeed called so. Do you have any instructions for me?”

Having confirmed his identity, the two moon guards who had been acting indifferently so far promptly took a step forward and deeply bowed, “Lord God Emperor has personally instructed that Sir Yun is to be treated as an honored guest, and be brought inside the main hall.”