Chapter 1266 - Jasmine’s order

Chapter 1266 - Jasmine’s Order

The Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome was a Star God sword art that belonged solely to the Heavenly Wolf Star God. It gradually fused thoroughly inside Yun Che’s mind and profound veins under Caizhi’s teaching.

Second Sword Style, Wild Fang.

Third Sword Style, Heavenly Star Lamentation.

Fourth Sword Style, Instantaneous Hell Calamity.


She taught him all the sword styles up to the sixth, which was known as the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation that everyone had heard of in the God Realm, and caused people to change their expressions just by hearing its name.

Sixth Sword Style—Bloodmoon Immortal Slaying Sword!

It was also the world-shocking sword formation that the Heavenly Wolf Star God Xisu had used back then to severely injure two great moon gods!

In the records concerning the era of gods and devils, there were countless gods and devils that had died in the face of the might of this Immortal Slaying Sword Formation

At this time, this extremely powerful sword formation, that had the name of “Immortal Slaying”, was finally taking shape in Yun Che’s hands.

The sword energy appeared like a rainbow, and numerous beams of sword light poured down as they radiated. However, these sword images weren’t the vermillion that originated from the Heaven Smiting Sword, and instead appeared blood-red, as if they were thistles and thorns of hell from the depths of a sea of blood.

These sword images passed by in the blink of an eye. They also didn’t seem to have any sort of shocking force contained within them, but a deep look of joy emerged on Yun Che’s face, “Was it a success!?”

Caizhi was feeling happy in her heart, and her face had turned faintly red, but she still replied in a very indifferent tone, “Mn, looks like you have fully comprehended the sword formula. However, it is impossible for you display the full power of the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation with your current profound strength. If you try to do so forcibly, you might even lose your life.”

Yun Che was also well aware of this point. The mysteries and variations of the Bloodmoon Immortal Slaying Sword could be called endless, and so it also consumed an extremely great amount of profound energy. With Yun Che’s current cultivation of profound strength, it would be impossible for him to truly perfect even a single sword image of the sword formation, even if he used all of his profound energy.

Yun Che stroked his chest, feeling slightly pleased, as he asked, “Around what cultivation level is required to perfectly use this sword formation?”

“Hmm…” Caizhi earnestly thought about it, before she said with some uncertainty, “Around… the late stages of the Divine Sovereign Realm, I guess?”

The late stages of… the Divine Sovereign Realm!?

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth twitched… He was only at the mid stages of the Divine Spirit Realm right now. He had no idea how long it would take before he could reach the late stages of the Divine Sovereign Realm!

However, if Yun Che knew that this sword style was so mighty that it severely injured two great Moon Gods, he likely wouldn’t have complained in such a way.

“Alright, now that I’m done teaching you all of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome, I’ve finished the task that Big Sis entrusted me.” Finishing her words, she added in her heart: Brother-in-law is really a huge freak to learn it so fast.

Only the short period of thirteen days had passed during the time he learned all the sword styles from “Wild Fang” through “Bloodmoon Immortal Slaying Sword”!

“Whole?” Yun Che wrinkled his brows. “Doesn’t the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome have seven sword styles in total? Excluding the First Sword Style Heavenly Wolf Slash, you have only taught me five sword styles… There should still be one left, right?”

Caizhi gave Yun Che a supercilious look in response. With her hands behind her head, she replied in a slow and nonchalant voice, “There is definitely one more sword style left, but you absolutely… absolutely… absolutely can’t practice the Heavenly Wolf Seventh Sword Style.”

Caizhi repeated “absolutely” thrice, and that too when she had personally witnessed Yun Che’s amazing comprehension ability.

Yun Che’s curiosity was piqued upon hearing Caizhi’s words. He said, unconvinced, “Unless you teach me the sword style, how can you know whether I can learn it or not?”

“The name of Heavenly Wolf Seventh Sword Style is ‘Heaven Wounding Heartless Sword’.” To Yun Che’s surprise, Caizhi told him about the seventh sword style, even if she still acted in a totally casual manner. “The formula of this sword style only contains eight words.”

“Earth grieves heavens wounded, solely hatred without heart.”

“…??” Yun Che had clearly heard the eight words, but he was baffled.

Earth grieves heavens wounded, solely hatred without heart…

This is… a sword formula!?

“There is no way to edify this sword style, or explain it in words. It requires the thorough mastery of the first six sword styles, and then a special opportunity is needed to comprehend it on your own. I don’t have any way to teach you this sword style even if I want to.”

Done with the explanation, Caizhi stretched her slender waist as she yawned, “Alright, I’m tired from teaching you for so long, so I want to go take a nap. You must be grateful to me!”

When she didn’t hear Yun Che’s response after finishing her words, her eyes shifted towards him to see him in a daze. He was blankly looking ahead, clearly thinking hard about something.

Caizhi waved her hand before Yun Che’s eyes, as she said reproachfully “Foolish Brother-in-law! I just said that you absolutely… absolutely… absolutely can’t practice this sword style, and you actually didn’t pay any heed to my words!”

“…What is this ‘opportunity’ you mentioned?” Yun Che’s gaze turned to her as he asked.

Caizhi immediately felt stifled, before she replied panting with rage, “This sword style has nothing to do with ‘talent’ or ‘comprehension ability’. It would be impossible for you to understand this sword style even if you spend ten thousand years pondering over it! It’s forever impossible for a foolish person like you to ever get that ‘opportunity’. Do you get it!?”

“Why will I not get the opportunity?” Yun Che was even more puzzled.

Caizhi slightly raised brows that seemed like crescent moons. She evaded Yun Che’s direct gaze as her voice lowered all of a sudden, “I do not wish for you to ever have that kind of opportunity, and it is even more so for Big Sis... Anyways, don’t waste any more time thinking about it! You might as well spend more time practicing the first five sword forms!” 

Yun Che scratched his head… Earth grieves heavens wounded, solely hatred without heart. These eight words lacked coherence in the first place, and he was also unable to understand how they served as the “sword formula”, no matter how hard he tried. Caizhi had spoken in an incomparably certain tone that it was impossible for him, and she was also clearly quite against him attempting to comprehend it, so Yun Che had no choice but to give up on it, “Okay, okay. I’ll focus on practicing the five sword styles that you taught me. Thank you, Caizhi, it seems I owe you a very big favor once again.”

Yun Che was well aware that teaching the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome to an outsider must be an extremely great taboo in the Star God Realm. Perhaps, it was the first time in the history of the Star God Realm that such a thing had happened.

Hearing Yun Che words, Caizhi proudly puffed up her board-like chest, “Humph, that’s how it should be.”

At this time, Jasmine’s silhouette could be seen approaching from a distant space. She appeared to be walking slowly, but arrived before Yun Che and Caizhi in the blink of an eye.

“Big Sis, I’m done teaching him the whole thing. Sis, you were right, Brother-in-law is really a huge freak.” Caizhi reported to Jasmine at once.

Two black lines surfaced on Yun Che’s forehead: What the f*ck…? The two words “huge freak” aren’t used to praise someone, you know? It’s very easy for them to cause a misunderstanding!

Fortunately, Jasmine didn’t pay attention to Caizhi’s words, as she glanced at Caizhi and Yun Che. Concealing the complicated look in her eyes, she turned away from them, “Yun Che, Caizhi, come along with me. I have a very important matter to tell you two.”

Jasmine’s tone of voice was very heavy, which surprised both Caizhi and Yun Che at the same time.


This place was Jasmine’s bedchamber, where she usually spent most of her time.

“Big Sis, what do you want to tell us?” Caizhi couldn’t help but ask. She had been sneakily observing Jasmine’s expression and discovered that Jasmine had quite a solemn look on her face this whole time, as if she had decided upon some matter of great importance.

Jasmine didn’t give a reply. She stood in front of a jade table that had many star candles arranged on it, closed her eyes as she relaxed her hands before her chest, and kneeled down slowly… Moreover, she was kneeling on both her knees.

Yun Che’s gaze swept over it, and then he noticed that there were two memorial tablets on the jade table that were surrounded by the star candles.

“Ah!?” Caizhi let out a very light cry in surprise. She was obviously very familiar with Jasmine’s bedchamber, and clearly remembered that only one memorial tablet used to be here usually. However, there were two of them at this time.

One of them was the memorial tablet of Jasmine’s biological mother, who was also Caizhi’s maternal aunt.

The other one… was the actually the memorial tablet of her own biological mother!

Jasmine stood up and turned around, as she silently looked at Yun Che and Caizhi who seemed to be full of doubts. There was a very calm expression on her face, and it was only her eyes that were faintly quivering.

Big Brother, I finally understand your words from back then, your fury as well as your tears… I’m also… making the same choice as you.

But, I’m luckier than you…

You said before your death that your biggest regret was to not have found someone to take care of me…

I found him, I found such a person for Caizhi…

A layer of liquid emerged in Jasmine’s eyes, and then vanished in the next instant. She finally said, looking at Yun Che, “Yun Che, behind me are the memorial tablets of my mother and Caizhi’s mother. My mother and Caizhi’s mother were originally sisters from the same family and both of them were married to that old villain Xing Juekong back then. Therefore, Caizhi’s mother is also my maternal aunt.”

“When Caizhi was born, maternal aunt was seriously deficient in vital energy. So long as a spirit jade was used at the time, it was possible to prolong maternal aunt’s lifespan by at least ten years… But that old villainwas unwilling to do so, even when my mother begged him on her knees! In the end, maternal aunt’s vitality was thoroughly exhausted and she passed away. It was also because of this that Caizhi became motherless after her birth.

“…” The look in Caizhi’s eyes gradually became dull, as she lowered her head and bit the corner of her mouth again and again.

Yun Che raised his brows as he also felt a heavy feeling in his heart. It was just that he didn’t understand the reason behind Jasmine telling him about these things.

“Back then, the Moon God Realm was greatly humiliated due to the matter that happened with Yue Wugou. Having determined that the Star God Realm was behind it, the Moon God Realm became deranged, and looked for a chance to capture my mother in order to force that old villain to admit his guilt!”

“The matter of Yue Wugou was definitely unrelated to the old villain, but so as to not let the Star God Realm fall into a passive situation, he actually acted aloof and indifferent. Finally, big brother was completely disheartened and rushed into the Moon God Realm on his own, after which mother committed suicide and died to keep big brother’s life safe.”

“Since then, I haven’t had a mother, or a father!”

“Later, big brother was charmed by Qianye Ying’er, and he followed her to the God Realm of Absolute Beginning. When he returned, his entire body was severely injured and he was on the verge of death. He also left me soon after.”

“Yun Che,” Jasmine looked at him with a deep and serene expression in her eyes, that was devoid of joy or sadness, “I’m telling you about these things to let you know that Caizhi and I only have each other as relatives in this world.”

“…” Yun Che subconsciously nodded his head.

“Caizhi,” Jasmine’s eyes shifted to Caizhi, as she continued. “Back then, when the Southern Divine Region conspired against me and I was poisoned by the Absolute God Slaying Poison, it was Yun Che who saved me. If it wasn’t for him, we sisters wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet each other.”

“I… I know.” Caizhi nodded. She couldn’t help but feel nervous in her heart.

“During the years I was together with him, he became my mental support at some point in time.” It was probably only Jasmine who knew how much of a “support” he was to her. "I used to be selfish, hypocritical, and cold-blooded, but he treated me sincerely despite the fact that he wasn’t my relative, and wouldn’t even care about his life for my sake.”

“Therefore, he is my benefactor, my disciple, and also the most important person in my life, just as you are.”

“Big Sis, what exactly… do you want to say?” Listening to Jasmine’s words, Caizhi grew even more nervous.

Yun Che also wanted to ask the same question.

“Caizhi, how old are you this year?” Jasmine suddenly asked a strange question.

“Nineteen,” Caizhi replied, before silently lowering her head and glancing at her completely flat chest. There was quite a long way to go before she could reach her great target of having an “hourglass figure”.

Upon inheriting the divine power of a Star God, the growth of the body would become extremely slow. It was so for Jasmine, and Caizhi was experiencing it too.

When Yun Che had first seen Jasmine, she was only thirteen years old. Twelve years had passed and Jasmine was twenty-five years old now. The aura she gave off was completely different from the past, but there was almost no change in her appearance.

Looking over at Caizhi, her body was a bit smaller than even Jasmine’s… One of these two sisters possessed the Heavenly Slaughter divine power, and the other the Heavenly Wolf divine power. It was simply inestimable when they would “grow up” in the true sense.

“Nineteen years old, which means you’ve reached the age of marriage,” Jasmine said in faint voice.

“Huh?” Caizhi let out a light cry of surprise.

“Yun Che, Caizhi. With the heaven and earth as witness, and this princess as the matchmaker, you two will become husband and wife here today!”

She didn’t seek the opinion of the concerned parties, or display any hint of hesitation. Instead, she ordered straight away, without leaving any room for disobedience!