Chapter 1263 - The Only Hope

Chapter 1263 - The Only Hope

Yun Che raised his head and steadily looked at Jasmine for a long while. Yet, he discovered that she had been absolutely serious when she had said those words, “This is of course the most ideal situation, the one that I dream about even. But… this is the God Realm. It is not the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, so how could I…”

“No, if it’s you, it’s possible. In fact, only you possess such a possibility!” Jasmine interrupted him, her starry eyes rippled with red light as she stared straight at him, every word proceeding from her mouth shaking his heart, “You possess something unique and unmatched in this entire universe, the legacy of a Creation God, so you need to know one thing, and that is… that your existence is something that stands above every other living being in this universe!”

Yun Che, “...”

“When you started to cultivate the profound way with me again when you were sixteen, did you ever think that you would one day be able to contend against the Four Sacred Grounds? Not only did you end up conquering the entire continent in the end, but you did it in a short eight years!”

“When you arrived in the God Realm, your profound strength had not even reached the divine way. But, in a mere three years of time, you have surpassed all of the geniuses in the Eastern Divine Region, even those who were crowned as the ‘God Children’, as you rose to the top during the Profound God Convention.”

“Let’s put aside for now whether the Heavenly Mystery Realm’s ‘True God prophecy’ will be realized or not. Because you possess the inheritance of a Creation God, as long as the level of power is the same, you will be far superior to anyone else. You can beat people who have reached the Divine Spirit Realm when you are in the Divine Tribulation Realm and when you reached the Divine Spirit Realm, you could defeat the Luo Changsheng who had reached the Divine King Realm… This is a fact that you should be most clear about.”

“So if you can reach the limit of all humans—the Divine Master Realm, then no one under heaven, even if it is a god emperor or the Dragon Monarch himself, will be able to be your opponent. At that time, even if you do not really become a True God, it will be no different from being an actual ‘True God’ in this era.”

Jasmine looked directly at Yun Che as she said those earth shattering words. As long as his profound strength was at the same level, Yun Che was indeed far superior to other people. This also meant that his limit was bound to be far above the limits of other people as well. As such, Jasmine’s words were not just an empty fantasy…

But when Yun Che heard them, they sounded far too distant for him.

The Divine Master Realm was a realm that he was basically unable to even have any hopes for at the moment. It was a realm that he could not even gaze upon at his current stage.

Even if he were to one day reach that sort of level, it would definitely require a suitably long period of time… Given the current scenario, he would not be able to wait for that day to come and that was doubly so for the Blue Pole Star.

Yun Che just stood there in a daze for a long time but then he suddenly thought of something, “Are you talking about… the Eternal Heaven Pearl?”

“Right, I’m talking about the Eternal Heaven Pearl!” Jasmine nodded her head seriously, “You used eight years to become unrivalled in the Blue Star Pole and you used three years to compete for the top spot in the Profound God Convention. Then, if we were to give you three thousand years… Given everything you have right now, after you have cultivated in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three thousand years, even if you do not become strong enough to look down on all beings who live under the heavens, at the very least, you can ensure that you won’t be controlled by anyone else!”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and in fact, it is the only chance you have as of today!”

If a normal divine profound practitioner was given three thousand years, perhaps he would not be able to break through his next bottleneck.

But if an exceptional genius was given three thousand years, they would directly be a powerhouse who would shock the world… This was the reason why one thousand “heaven chosen children” were selected in the first place.

And if Yun Che was given three thousand years…

Even as the person who understood Yun Che the best in this world, Jasmine was not able to predict just how high Yun Che would climb. 

Furthermore, this would be completely different from spending three thousand years in the real world. Within the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, this was not only three thousand years that was compressed into three years of actual time, it was also three thousand years where one would be absolutely safe.

There was a clear change in Yun Che’s gaze after that, yet he still shook his head, “I have actually thought of this matter before, but I don’t think it’s going to work. For the elites of the God Realm, three thousand years is indeed not a very long period of time, but my entire lifespan over both lives is only a few decades at most. So to suddenly isolate myself from the world for three thousand years… No matter how I think about it, it’s still a very dreadful thing.”

“I understand your worries,” Jasmine said calmly. “But you should also know that cultivation is something that disregards time. If you can empty your heart of all desires and focus completely on cultivating, then you will not feel the flow of time. In the God Realm, it’s common for several millennia to pass when a powerful person goes into isolation. But to them, it feels like a few short years or even just a few days.”

“Furthermore, the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is a place that allows one to fully focus on cultivating. Those three thousand years will feel far shorter to your perception than you are imagining. It will not change your personality nor will it blur or distort the things in your memory that are incomparably important to you. The only thing that will change is that you will become incomparably strong whilst not realizing it.”

Cultivation was something that disregarded time, this was a point that Yun Che did indeed understand. Yet he still shook his head and let out a soft sigh as he spoke, “Before I arrived in the God Realm, I swore to Caiyi and the rest that I would return within five years, no matter what the result. Now, more than three years has passed. So if I enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, I will not be able to honor my promise and return within five years. I will not only be breaking a promise to them, but I will also cause them to think that something has happened to me in the God Realm….”

“Is breaking a promise you made to them once more important than their safety and your safety? Is it even more important than the life and death of the entire Blue Pole Star!?” Jasmine’s voice grew severe. She understood that all of this originated from Yun Che’s desperate pursuit of herself and so her heart and soul kept trembling ceaselessly, but her gaze and her voice grew even more cold and harsh, “Nine stage heavenly tribulation, True God prophecy, and the things about your body that even the god emperors and the Dragon Monarch can not understand or fathom… Could it be that you are truly not aware of what all of these things have brought to you?”

“During the Conferred God Battle in the Eternal Heaven God Realm, everyone will only display their benevolent side that they are proud of. But once you leave the site of the Conferred God Battle and you do not have enough ability to protect yourself, how exactly are you going to fend off the claws which will definitely extend toward you from the darkness!?”

“Without enough ability, what basis do you have to return within five years? Are you prepared to drag down the entire Blue Pole Star with you to your death!?”

Yun Che, “...”

Jasmine narrowed her eyes slightly as her gaze transformed into two ghostly blades that were sharp enough to pierce one’s heart and shot into Yun Che, “Right now, your fame is spreading throughout the entire God Realm. The Dragon Monarch declared that he wants to take you as his foster son, a whole gaggle of god emperors squabbled among themselves as they scrambled to extend their invitations towards you. This time, you were brought to the Star God Realm as an ‘honored guest’ as well, but the hidden danger that comes along with this boundless glory… is something that is tens of thousands of times more serious than you have sensed or can even imagine!”

“The danger is so great that even I am not able to protect you. So your only hope really is the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… You must enter it!”

“...” Yun Che quietly listened to her words and even though his gaze was murky and unsteady, his expression did not change too much. He was a person who was extremely sensitive to “danger” and he had thought of every word that Jasmine had just said to him. Yet these words also forced him to recognize that he had still underestimated just how terrifying this danger was by far too much.

After a long while, he finally gave a light nod of his head and said, “Okay, I will listen to you.”

Jasmine’s brows smoothed by a fraction but a deep worry was still nestled in the depths of her eyes. Her voice became gentler as she said, “There are still two years from the promised time of return. These two years are two thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. If you feel that you are ready to face the danger that menaces you today after those ‘two thousand years’, then you can use the power of the Void Illusion Stone to force your way out of the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and return to the Blue Pole Star. Then, at least you won’t break your promise.”

“If it’s not possible… then after two years, I will use a special method of sound transmission to let them know so they won’t need to worry needlessly, so you can be completely at ease.”

Jasmine’s words were calm but when she said them, her hands tensed up slightly.

Two years later…

The her at that time…

Yun Che did not detect Jasmine’s strange disposition, or perhaps it would be better to say that it did not even occur to him to be suspicious in the first place. His heart relaxed slightly as he nodded his head once more, “Alright! Since I have decided to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, then the three thousand years inside the Eternal Heaven Realm… is time that I definitely won’t waste.”

“Very good.” Seeing that Yun Che had completely come to terms with the idea, Jasmine’s heart felt a small prick of pain, but at the same time, she also breathed a long sigh of relief, “The time to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl will be a month from now. But after half a month, you will return to the Eternal Heaven Realm.”

“Eh? Why must I go back in half a month?” Yun Che asked in a puzzled voice. He had overcome so many trials and tribulations just to see Jasmine so he was feeling extremely emotional right now. When he entered the Eternal Heaven Pearl, it would be “three thousand years of separation”, so right now, the only thing he wanted to do was spend as much time as he could with Jasmine, the more the better.

“Because before you enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, the Eternal Heaven Realm is actually the place you will be safest in,” Jasmine said. “The Eternal Heaven Realm is a king realm that reveres righteousness to the extreme, and the fact that the Eternal Heaven Pearl is willing to be used by the Eternal Heaven Realm is the most solid proof of this. Of all the god emperors who extended their invitations to you, it is only the Eternal Heaven God Emperor that will not make any despicable hidden moves against you. The rest of them are not to be trusted, each and every one of them.”

“Fifteen days is the most you can stay in this place. Because fifteen days from now will be the day of the Moon God Emperor’s grand wedding, so countless star realms and all the ‘heaven chosen children’ will go to the Moon God Realm. You cannot be an exception to this, otherwise it will definitely touch the nerves of some of these people.” 

“All of the heroes of the realm will be gathered in the Moon God Realm, so no one will dare do anything rash there. After that, staying in the Eternal Heaven Realm will be safe enough and once you enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, you will be in an absolutely safe place. This is because matter how much these people covet and lust after you, they will not be able to force their way into the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.”

“I understand,” Yun Che said with a nod of his head. Fifteen days… He had arrived in the Star God Realm, yet he could only stay with Jasmine for fifteen days. However, this was the result he had created and the danger he had attracted to him, so he had no choice but to endure it all.

“During the fifteen days that you stay in this place….” the light in Jasmine’s eyes started to grow cold, “I definitely won’t let that old villain go near you.”

“Old villain? Who are you talking about?” Yun Che asked suspiciously.

“Hmph, he is the person you know as the Star God Emperor,” Jasmine said in a cold voice.

Yun Che’s eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly. He was not able to speak for a good long while.

The Star God Emperor, Jasmine’s own father… To think that she actually use the words “old villain” to refer to him!

Yun Che knew from a long time ago that Jasmine held extreme resentment and hatred for her own father, but he had never thought it would actually be to this extent… In this lifetime, this was the first time he had actually heard someone address their own birth father as an old villain.

It could be seen that the hatred and resentment that Jasmine held towards the Star God Emperor had clearly reached a point where normal people would not be able to understand.

“During your time in this place, you definitely mustn't let your guard down either,” Jasmine said with coldly focused eyes. “During these fifteen days, you must… Ah!”

Before Jasmine could finish talking, Yun Che had suddenly advanced forward and used two warm and gentle arms to softly pull her into his embrace, gently holding her close to him.

“You… I haven’t even finished talking!” Jasmine unconsciously wanted to push him away, but… as her body, nose and soul were engulfed by Yun Che’s aura, her Heavenly Slaughter divine power suddenly disappeared without a trace. The hands that pushed against Yun Che’s chest became soft and delicate and she could not push him away no matter how hard she tried.

“I will definitely listen to everything that Jasmine says,” Yun Che said as he closed his eyes and pulled Jasmine’s small and delicate body deeper and deeper into his embrace. His actions were gentle and careful, but just a little bit overbearing, “But, to the me right now, there’s nothing more important than holding you tight…”

“Jasmine… it was so hard for me to find you, yet we only have… fifteen days...”

As she heard the words which sounded like a sleep-talking echo in her ears, Jasmine’s body grew more and more relaxed. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to melt into Yun Che’s tight embrace.

There was no sobbing this time but her shoulders were unceasingly trembling.


Caizhi had wandered around outside for many hours before entering Jasmine’s Star God Palace in high spirits. She caught sight of Jasmine’s figure the moment she entered.

“Big Sister!” She crowed in joy as she arrived at Jasmine’s side in a flash. She cheerily said, “I heard lots and lots of good news when I was outside just now! Brother-in-law is simply too awesome, to think that he actually induced a nine stage heavenly tribulation, and he was given the title, the child of the heavens, and even the Dragon Monarch wanted to take him as an adopted son!”

“Brother-in-law?” Jasmine’s brows knit together, “You’re not allowed to speak nonsense!”

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it?” Instead of becoming flustered, Caizhi simply laughed instead, the smile spreading across her face akin to one hundred flowers blooming, “I heard about it you know. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor were trying to snatch Brother-in-law as their direct disciple and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor even offered Brother-in-law Qianye Ying’er’s hand in marriage. Even though Qianye Ying’er is a detestable and wicked woman, her status is still extremely high. But even she wanted to get married to Brother-in-law! If that’s the case, then there basically isn’t any more obstacles that stand in the way of Big Sister and Brother-in-law, Hee!”

She had always thought that the impediment that stood in the way of Jasmine and Yun Che was their difference in status, which was as wide as the gap between heaven and earth. As such, Jasmine’s determination to not meet Yun Che was indeed protecting him.

But right now, this “impediment’ no longer existed so joy and happiness filled her heart and right now, yelling out the words “Brother-in-law” felt extremely good to her.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Jasmine said huffily, “I am his master you know!”

“But Big Sister clearly said before that you had annulled the master-student relationship between you and him,” Caizhi said.

“But it still isn’t the situation that your flight of fancy has caused you to arrive at,” Jasmine said with a severe expression on her face. “Him and I… share the same sort of familial love I share with you. So, I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense out of you.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe you.” Caizhi’s lips pouted as she gave an immediate retort, “The way you were pining for him and the way you were pining for Big Brother was basically completely different.”

Jasmine, “??”

“After Big Brother passed away, every time you thought of him, your aura would turn so heavy and gloomy that even I didn’t dare to approach you. But, for the past few years, you’ve always been wandering around in a daze, like you had just lost your soul or something. And there were times when you did not even notice me, even though I had arrived at your side,” Caizhi said as she shook her head yet again. “So it’s not the same at all!”

“...” Jasmine was struck dumb by her words, her eyes were completely stunned. It was a good long while before her gaze suddenly changed as she spoke in a cold voice, “Forget it, you can call it whatever you want. I was looking for you for a very important reason.”

“Ah? What reason?”

“I want you… to impart the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome to Yun Che!”