Chapter 1259 - Someone Who Deserves to Die

Chapter 1259 - Someone Who Deserves to Die

Caizhi left the Heavenly Wolf God Palace and bitterly held back her tears until she finally landed. She was filled with a sense of injustice over what had happened to her, but compared to her feeling of being wronged, she was even more unwilling to argue it out and cause Jasmine to become even more angry at her.

She extended a hand to wipe away the tears that blurred her eyes, leaving two long wet trails of tears stained across her snow white face. After that, she saw Heavenly Poison Star God Moonflower and Heavenly Demon Star God Rose descend from the skies above... It was clear that they had just returned from the Eternal Heaven Realm.

“Oh?” The eyesight of a Star God was so powerful that even though the distance was extremely far, both people could clearly tell that Caizhi wore an aggrieved expression and that tears stained her face. Moonflower’s eyes turned and she smiled cheerily as she said, “Oh my!? What has happened to our little princess? Who has such gall to actually cause our little princess to cry. This servant’s heart hurts just looking at you.”

The face of the Heavenly Demon Star God, Rose, did not even have a hint of inquisitiveness... Given Caizhi’s temperament, if she did not go and bully others, that would already be quite an excellent thing. So the only person that could make her feel aggrieved was Heavenly Slaughter Star God Jasmine.

Caizhi tried to wipe away the tear stains from her face in a fluster. Her gaze swept away from Rose’s figure to stare straight at Moonflower. She pointed a finger at her and said in a huffy voice, “Moonflower! Go to Stardust Palace with this princess and have a duel with me! Right now!!”

“Aah?” Moonflower’s eyes narrowed, “Little princess, you mustn't take out your anger on this servant just because you got bullied. If this servant makes a careless mistake and hurts our little princess, that would be a great crime indeed.”

“Hmph! This is this princess’ order, do you dare to disobey it!?” Caizhi’s eyebrows slanted as her aura rose greatly. It seemed as if she would immediately begin the fight if her request was not complied with.

Moonflower’s neck contracted slightly, an expression of fear on her face as she cast a pitiful glance towards the Heavenly Demon Star God, “Rose, how about you play with the little princess? This servant simply doesn’t dare to.”

The Heavenly Demon Star God coldly turned around before saying, “It’s rare for Her Highness Caizhi to be in such high spirits, so you should just follow your orders and do as you’re told.”

After he finished saying that, the Heavenly Star Demon God flew off into the distance and vanished from sight in the blink of an eye.

“Ah, men are such fickle creatures after all,” Moonflower muttered in a gloomy and resentful voice. “Fine, fine. This servant naturally does not dare to disobey the orders of our little princess. So I’ll play with our little princess for a little bit.”

Moonflower’s fingers bent gracefully as a faint jade green light danced across the tip of her finger, “Now that I think about it, this servant is also very curious to know just how much our little princess has grown... This is something that the entire king realm is exceedingly concerned about, you know.”


After Yun Che waited for the better part of an hour, he was guided by Xing Ling to where the Star God Emperor and the Star Gods who accompanied him were.

During this Profound God Convention, the Star God Emperor had brought along four Star Gods. The Heavenly Poison and Heavenly Demon Star Gods had returned to the Star God Realm first, and the other two Star Gods...

To his left was a short man who looked really skinny yet he was the Star God who possessed the greatest physical strength amongst the Twelve Star Gods, Heavenly Strength Star God Shen Hu!

To his right was an old man with gentle features—Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi. It was said that his lifespan had already exceeded forty thousand years, that he was the sage of the Star God Realm, as well as the emperor’s teacher. He was the person that was most respected and esteemed by the Star God Emperor. The reason why Heavenly Chief Star God Xing Juekong could become the Star God Emperor had a lot to do with him.

During this Profound God Convention, everyone could see that the Heavenly Origin Star God had actually been seated on equal footing with the Star God Emperor.

“The Snow Song Realm’s Junior Yun Che greets the Star God Emperor, Senior Heavenly Origin, and Senior Heavenly Strength.”

Yun Che made his greetings, his attitude respectful and reverential. But it was not because they were the Star God Emperor and his Star Gods, it was because… one of them was Jasmine’s very own father and the other was Jasmine’s master before she became a Star God.

The gazes of the Star Gods and their accompanying Star Guards lingered on Yun Che’s body for a long period of time, and even though Yun Che was a junior who came from low and petty origins, their eyes did not contain the slightest bit of arrogance or contempt for an inferior being... This was because Yun Che was the person who had truly shaken the world during the Profound God Convention.

The fact that he had chosen the Star God Realm already could be construed as him bestowing a great honor upon their Star God Realm... After all, even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, and the Dragon Monarch had all found themselves locked out of the gates when they tried to invite him.

“Heh heh, there’s no need to stand on ceremony,” the Star God Emperor said with a chuckle as he raised his hand. “Yun Che, I, the Star God Emperor, very rarely invite outsiders into my own realm. As someone who comes from the middle star realms, you are the first person to be invited in nearly a thousand years. However, it could also be said that you are the most important and honored guest to come in said thousand years.”

Yun Che hurriedly said, “This junior is stricken with fear, I do not deserve such praise.”

It was at this moment that he was close enough to take a good look at the Star God Emperor.

As one of the four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, the Star God Emperor had a countenance that radiated might even though he was not angry. Yet at the same time, he did not emit an aura which was overly oppressive. This was especially true regarding his eyes since although they were as like radiant pools of still water, they contained a sharpness that could pierce a person’s heart and soul with a glance.

His hair was a most common pitch black color, while Jasmine’s was scarlet.

“He is my birth father and also the person I hate the most in this world. One of the reasons why I don’t wish to go back is because I’m unwilling to see that face of his which only provokes feelings of hatred and loathing!”

“...” The words Jasmine had said all those years ago reverberated in Yun Che’s head, causing his feelings immediately become more complicated.

The word “father” was something that he regarded as the most sacred thing in his world. No matter whether it was his real father Yun Qinghong, or his foster father Xiao Ying, both of them were men he felt extreme gratitude and reverence towards. But in Jasmine’s world, the word “father” was like a nightmare that twined around her, a nightmare that she could not be rid of. She very rarely mentioned him and every time she did mention him, feelings of resentment and hatred would rise up as well… and it was a profoundly deep resentment and hatred.

“Heh heh, if you are truly the ‘child of the heavens’, then no matter what, you’re definitely an honored guest!” The Heavenly Origin Star God was still measuring Yun Che with his gaze as he gave a merry laugh.

No matter his posture, his gaze, or his tone of voice, all of it was filled with an incomparable warmth and gentleness. No matter who looked at him, all of them would be convinced that this was a mild and weathered old man, and not a single person would have imagined him to be one of the Star Gods.

The Star God Emperor spoke, “The Star God Realm is quite far away from the Eternal Heaven Realm. But if we use the dimensional profound formation that connects the four king realms together, we will reach our destination in an instant. If you have no other matters to attend to, we can immediately depart together.”

Yun Che immediately said, “I will leave everything in the hands of the Star God Emperor.”

If any profound practitioner, who was not even thirty years of age, and whose master was from a mere middle star realm, stood before the Star God Emperor, a personage whose status was as exalted as the heavens, they would undoubtedly be filled with extreme fear. Yet there was only impatience in Yun Che’s heart right now... At first, there had been a part of him that was feeling anxious, but his impatience at the prospect of seeing Jasmine again had completely and utterly swallowed it up.

As his gaze swept across Yun Che once more, the Star God Emperor’s eyebrows gave a nearly imperceptible twitch before hs stood up and said, “Let us be off. Xing Ling, Yun Che is our realm’s honored guest, you must ever be at his side to watch over and protect him. There isn’t to be the slightest mishap.”

“Yes!” Xing Ling shouted as he solemnly accepted his orders.


Star God Realm, Stardust Palace

This place was an empty void which seemed to go on as far as the eye could see. The only things that filled this space were glimmering specks of star light, and it seemed to be a boundless space.

Yet in this marvelous and mysterious space, a peerlessly dreadful battle was taking place.

A shockingly vicious aura was radiating from Caizhi’s body as she held a deep blue greatsword that was twice as big as her body aloft. The sword had no edge or point, it seemed to be steel in one moment and colored glass the next, at times it radiated a brilliant dark blue light and at others it went completely dark.

The Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword!


As the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword danced in the air, the space around it was roughly torn apart. A powerful current of majestic force flowed down like a galaxy of stars and in the blink of an eye, an area of hundreds of kilometers was completely turned into a world of destruction. Space shattered into small pieces as everything in the area was destroyed, and even the laws of space themselves began to distort and collapse.

This was the power of the Heavenly Wolf Star God. It was a power that existed at the highest level of the Eastern Divine Region. A power that was strong enough to bury the heavens and destroy the earth.

But under such a torrent of power, there still remained a jade-green small world. Even as the power of the Heavenly Wolf rent the heavens and tore at the earth, it was still unable to destroy this small world. Furthermore, it was at this moment that tens of profound light beams suddenly shot out from this jade-green small world. These light beams morphed into strange tendrils as they pierced through layer after layer of the Heavenly Wolf’s power.


A hole had been pierced in Caizhi’s protective domain as an unbearably painful feeling pierced her heart and soul.


With a huge explosion, a giant spatial vortex ruptured. This caused Caizhi’s body to shake violently as she just barely avoided any damage, but the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword flew out of her hand. A jade-green tendril suddenly shot out from a crack in space to wrap around the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword and in an instant, it had completely suppressed the power being emitted by the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword.

Caizhi descended from the air, her chest rising and falling dramatically. Her power was still too immature, so it was a hard thing to even avoid being suppressed by Moonflower as they dueled. To be able to harm her within one hundred breaths was still something that was far too difficult for Caizhi to accomplish.

Moonflower made a beckoning gesture with her arm and the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword languidly and slowly floated in front of her. She said with a delighted expression on her face, “Ah the little princess truly lives up to her name. You’ve once again improved by leaps and bounds from the previous time we dueled. If our king were to find out, he would definitely be most delighted.”

Caizhi’s hands clenched into fists as her breathing gradually grew rougher.

“It’s just that when you compare yourself to His Highness Xisu, our little princess is still the far inferior one,” Moonflower said languidly. “Even though our little princess is even more compatible with the Heavenly Wolf compared to His Highness Xisu… the ‘core’ of the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power is something that is not ‘compatible’ at all with our little princess.”

“Hatred and resentment...” Moonflower’s eyes slightly narrowed as her lips curved into a smile that was not a smile, “All those years ago, His Highness Xisu charged into the Moon God Realm by himself and killed twelve Divine Sovereigns, three divine envoys, and even grievously wounded two of the great Moon Gods. He achieved such splendid and awe-inspiring achievements in battle.”

“If one were to compare overall strength, the Star Gods and the Moon Gods are practically indistinguishable. Furthermore, when His Highness Xisu faced down those two Moon Gods, he was only slightly stronger than them. So why was he able to severely injure two Moon Gods who were working in tandem against him at that time? The answer is because of ‘hatred and resentment’!”

“During the Era of the Gods, the ‘Heavenly Wolf Star God’ had his divine power sealed away and he was imprisoned in a hellish prison for more than one hundred thousand years. The extreme resentment and hatred caused by this imprisonment caused a new birth of divine power within the ‘Heavenly Wolf Star God’ and when he had finally broken out of his prison, the 【Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome】was born. As a result of this, the heavier one’s resentment and hatred is, the greater the divine power of the Heavenly Wolf will become.”

“But our little princess was born with an exalted status so you’ve been carefree, without worries and free from misfortune your entire life. In fact, there are only people who can be bullied by our little princess, but there is no one who has the gall or the ability to bully our little princess. So what would you know of hatred and resentment? Aiyah...” Moonflower’s fingers danced as jade-green light coiled around them, “Ah, it truly is just a slight pity.”

Caizhi suddenly extended her hand, profound light flashing between the two of them. After that, the gigantic Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword shook off the jade-green tendrils and flew back to her side.

It was at this moment that her eyes began to undergo a bizarre change. Within those starry pupils, a faint red light that resembled the light that gleamed in Jasmine’s own eyes began to glow.

“Just how would you know that… I do not know hatred or resentment...”

She said this softly as if she was muttering something to herself.

“Oh?” In the blink of an eye, Moonflower had suddenly appeared in front of Caizhi, but her inherently foxy and seductive posture remained the same.

Caizhi slowly extended her hand and once again tightly gripped the handle of the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword. Even though her delicate hand was as milk-white and tender as that of a baby, that little hand was gripping the most dreadful sword in the entire Eastern Divine Region.

“Even though I’ve never seen my mother in my life, I will never forget the manner in which she died... When I was young, I did not have my mother to protect me and my natural talent in the profound way was poor! So the cold stares and the bullying I endured during that period are things that I have never forgotten either! If it was not for the protection of my aunt, big brother, and big sister, all of whom regarded me as their family, I, the so-called little princess of the Star God Realm, would perhaps have been tossed aside into some corner which no one knew of. And that so-called “royal father” of mine would not even spare me a glance, even if I had died.”

Moonflower, “...”

“My aunt who had raised me in my childhood died, so how could I not feel hatred... My big brother died, so how could I not feel hatred... And in the end, even my big sister was ‘poisoned to death’....”

“I was like a damnable calamity, and it seemed like every single person who was good to me would leave me one after the other... Twelve years ago, when I heard that big sister had been ‘poisoned to death’ in the Southern Divine Region, even though I was only seven years old… I knew more of hatred and resentment than any single person who has lived in this universe!”

“Because at that time, the only thing I had left to me in the world was hatred... I hated this world, I hated all of you, but I hated myself the most!!”


The space around them suddenly started to shudder for no reason.

Two scarlet bloody lights were suddenly released from the tip of the entirely dark blue Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword. The lights resembled the frenzied and bloodthirsty eyes of a rampaging wolf.

The seductive smile on Moonflower’s face started to disappear and her brows gradually began to sink... As she spoke in that low and emotionless voice, Caizhi’s aura underwent a complete change. That carefree girl who had been chosen by the heavenly law to inherit the divine power of the Heavenly Wolf in front of everyone, that innocent sprite-like girl who contained in her soul just a hint of craftiness and mischief, all of a sudden, it seemed as if a devil god that had been hibernating in the depths of her soul had been roused. A demonic malevolence and cruelty that deeply shocked and alarmed Moonflower radiated from her entire body and the depths of her eyes.

“Perhaps, this is the true reason that I was so compatible with the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power.”

Caizhi’s softly spoken words caused Moonflower’s brows to jump furiously before they slowly smoothed out again, “It looks like this servant has always been looking down on our little princess. Ah, so in reality, the Star God who seems the most innocent and pure in the eyes of the world could just turn out to be the most dreadful one of us all, hehehehe.”

“Hehe, if it’s Big Sister or the people who are good to Big Sister, then they will never need to be afraid of me. But if it isn’t... Then you might very well be right, I might really just turn out to be the most dreadful one of us all, hehehehe...”

A beautiful and sweet laugh came from Caizhi’s mouth but the current smile on her face caused Moonflower to feel a trace of cold intent which bored into her soul. She bent her waist, both hands held to her heavy bosom as she spoke, “This servant has truly witnessed our little princess’ improvement. I’ll play with you again next time… and I hope that next time, you’ll surprise this servant yet again.”

“There’s no need for a next time!”

An extremely heavy energy firmly locked Moonflower down. The Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword was slowly lifted into the air and a heavenly might filled the world.

“You’re absolutely right. The core of the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power is ‘hatred and resentment’. And it’s only because of that reason that I can...”

Caizhi’s voice was not tense, but the aura which had locked itself around Moonflower’s body changed drastically in that instant, causing Moonflower’s body to jolt backwards

“Earth… grieves… heavens… wounded...”

“Solely… hatred… without… heart...”

Caizhi closed both her eyes as she chanted something slowly. The figure of the Heavenly Wolf behind her back slowly turned from dark blue to a scarlet red... In an instant, Moonflower felt her soul violently shake, the entire world seemed to have turned into a boundless and dreadful prison that she could never ever escape from.

“Heaven Wounding Heartless Sword!!”

For the first time during this fight, Moonflower’s eternally coquettish and beautiful features changed as she bore witness to the scene unfolding before her, “It’s not possible… his Highness Xisu needed nine hundred years to accomplish this. You’ve only had this power for a mere seven years, so how could you...”

Moonflower’s heart was filled with disbelief, but her body had already swiftly started to react. She quickly released Heavenly Poison divine power as she put away her previously half languid and indolent attitude, and fully focused on the attack in front of her...

But it was in that instant, that an extremely soft chime rang in both Moonflower and Caizhi’s ears.


A figure appeared like a ghost between Caizhi and Moonflower. A long thin red trace in the air appeared behind her. That red line had directly pierced through Moonflower’s body and it stood fixed in the air like that for a long period of time.

Caizhi opened her eyes in the next moment, a stunned look in her eyes. Moonflower’s entire body did not move, it was as if she was frozen and the Heavenly Poison divine power that she was releasing had soundlessly disappeared.

The entire world seemed to have been completely frozen in place.

“Big… Big Sister?” Caizhi looked at the figure that had suddenly appeared before her with blank eyes. The hatred, resentment and sword might that she had gathered swiftly dissipated amidst her panic and confusion.

Blood-colored pupils and long scarlet hair... Shockingly enough, it was Jasmine!

The Moonflower who had been transfixed by that red line still did not move, the seductive look in her eyes slowly fading away along with the rest of her color.

“W… h… y...”

Moonflower’s lips had not moved and her voice sounded hoarse and dry, confusion and a lack of understanding, that she would carry to her death, running through the despair in her voice.

Jasmine did not turn around, but her gaze was cold and detached as she declared, “Because you deserve to die!”