Chapter 1254 - The Dragon Monarch’s Gift

Chapter 1254 - The Dragon Monarch’s Gift

“Master, what’s going on?” Huo Poyun asked in confusion. “Brother Yun is very strong, and the nine stage heavenly tribulation was unprecedented… but this is just unusual, isn’t it?”

Although he seldom went away from Flame God Realm, he wasn’t so ignorant that he hadn’t heard of the king realms, nor the Dragon Queen and Goddess.

“No.” Huo Rulie shook his head slightly. “It is the opposite. Their reactions are perfectly normal.”

“For those in king realms, their power, fame and profound way have all reached the pinnacle. You could say that there is nothing else that they seek—except one thing, and that is the way of the True God.”

“Is it because of that… prophecy?” Huo Poyun grew even more confused.

“Of course they wouldn’t have acted like this if that prophecy was completely unsupported by facts, but the fact is that a nine stage heavenly tribulation appeared right before their eyes. In that case, it is possible for the latter part of that prophecy, the part that foretold the return of the True God to be real, isn’t it?”

Yan Juehai added to his explanation, “Many times the god emperors have said that it was impossible for mortals to become True Gods, but they were the ones that have never stopped searching for a way to become one. Now that a prophecy foretelling an unnatural heavenly tribulation has happened right before their eyes, it isn’t hard to imagine that madness would grow in their hearts even if there’s only half a chance that the prophecy might actually come true, is it? To that end… they can do anything!”

“...You mean they’re trying to discover the secrets to become True Gods from Yun Che?” Huo Poyun asked blankly.

“Oh no,” Huo Rulie shook his head, “if that secret turned out to be Yun Che’s innate talent, then no one could take it away from him or replicate his success, right? What I mean, is that if Yun Che came to fulfill the prophecy and become a True God, then the star realm he was in… will become the king of all realms. That is why they’re trying their best to pull Yun Che into their faction, be it Brahma Monarch, Eternal Heaven, or Glazed Light.”

“Although the Yun Che right now is really nothing in their eyes, and no one can predict what might happen in the future, the words ‘True God’ are to these supreme practitioners of profound way, a… it’s something you literally cannot imagine right now. That is why their decisions are perfectly normal, even if they may seem incomprehensible to you.”

Every pair of eyes was set on Yun Che. There were those who understood the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s decision, and there were those who thought that he, and everyone else had gone utterly insane!

They wished they were Yun Che, and that they could switch identities with him right now even at the cost of half their lifespan, no, eighty percent of their lifespan—no, if they could serve the Brahma Monarch Goddess and enjoy a single night of pure ecstacy, they would have no regrets even if they were to pass away the next day.

Mu Bingyun said, “Yun Che, this is a great matter that concerns your future. Of course, it’d be great if you could join the Brahma Monarch God Realm, but do not forget that you’re verbally engaged to Princess Glazed Light, and you owe her a big favor. It is not a promise that should be taken lightly… now, make up your mind.”

Whatever might happen to Yun Che in the future, he was still a Divine Ice Phoenix Sect disciple right now. As a senior, Mu Bingyun had the right to command him.

Thanks to Shui Qianheng buying him some time, Yun Che finally figured out how best to deal with the situation. He bowed deeply towards Brahma Heaven God Emperor before answering, “Forgive me for saying this, Brahma Heaven God Emperor... but I dare not accept your wonderful proposal.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

“Oh? Dare not, you say?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor narrowed his eyes, his face inscrutable.

Yun Che said seriously, “I may not have been in the God Realm for long, but even I’ve heard of the Dragon Queen and Goddess. The difference between the Goddess and I is like the clouds of heavens, and the mud beneath one’s feet. I’m absolutely overwhelmed and grateful for your willingness to marry your daughter to me, Brahma Heaven God Emperor, but I’m well aware that I’m not a match for her at all.”

“I know that my future is the reason you made such a decision, Brahma Heaven God Emperor… in that case, why not wait for three years?”

Yun Che raised his voice a bit. “The Conferred God Battle has ended, and I will soon enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm to cultivate for three years. My future will be clear once three years have passed. If I’m successful by then, then I’d have no qualms accepting this proposal. But… if I turn out to be nothing more but an ordinary person despite spending three thousand years inside Eternal Heaven, my reputation aside, I would’ve disappointed and dragged you both through the mud.”

Yun Che’s explanation was perfectly reasonable, and it was in consideration of the Brahma Monarch God Realm. After all, if he really turned out to be an ordinary person, the Brahma Monarch God Realm would be the biggest joke of the God Realm, not him!

That being said, it was clear that he meant to turn down the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s proposal.

This three year promise… it was just an excuse to avoid rejecting the Brahma Heaven God Emperor directly!

“Did he just allow this golden opportunity to slip through his fingers, and run away as far away as he could manage? Is there something wrong with his head?”

“Why do I feel like he just... doesn’t want her?”

“Refusing even the Goddess herself? H-h-h-h-he can’t possibly be gay, can he?”

“Hahahaha!” Cang Shitian clapped as he laughed. “Wonderful! Just wonderful! To think that someone would dare turn you and your daughter down, Qianye Fentian! Hahahaha… Hey Yun boy, do you want to come to my place?”

“I can see that you’re a strong-willed person who doesn’t wish to obey anyone’s whims. In that regard, you’re exactly the same as I. If you agree to return to the Southern Divine Region with me, you will fall under my personal protection! I guarantee that you’ll have the freedom do anything you want, take any precious treasure or profound art you like, and enjoy any beauty there is to enjoy in the Southern Divine Region! I guarantee that your life there would be a hundred times more cheerful than it is in the Eastern Divine Region!”

Yun Che, “...”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor glared coldly at him, “Yun Che is a denizen of the Eastern Divine Region. This is no place for you to act as you wish!”

“Heh, this kid would’ve been chased out of your doorsteps if I hadn’t ‘acted as I wished’ earlier.” Cang Shitian countered.

“You…” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor felt his anger rising.

“Royal father…” It was at this moment the Brahma Monarch Goddess spoke coolly. “Yun Che is correct. Whether or not he’s worthy of becoming my husband depends on the height of his future achievements. Right now he has potential, but not the qualifications at all.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor never seemed to disagree with Qianye Ying’er’s wishes. He nodded, “Alright, then we shall talk about this again once three years have passed.”

The biggest blessing in the history of the Eastern Divine Region flew away just like that. The crowd wasn’t sure if they should be relishing or sighing in regret on behalf of Yun Che… Yun Che himself though was hiding a sigh of relief.

“Yun Che.” Suddenly, the Dragon Monarch broke his silence. The entire place was silent the moment he spoke.

“The Dragon Race has a long lifespan, but it is very difficult for us to reproduce. That is why I have no children despite living for nearly two hundred thousand years.”

The crowd was completely confused by his statement. It was common knowledge that birth didn’t come easily to the Dragon Race, and everyone in the God Realm knew about this.

“You bear a dragon’s soul, so it would not be an exaggeration to say that you are deeply connected with our race; the original owner of that dragon soul even more so. Therefore, I’d like to adopt you as my son… do you accept?”


The crowd hadn’t yet recovered from the shock that was the Brahma Heaven God Emperor wanting to marry his daughter to Yun Che, but another heavenly bolt had struck them without mercy.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor wanted to accept Yun Che as a personal disciple...

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor wanted to marry the Goddess to Yun Che...

The Glazed Light Realm King interrupted the conversation despite the risk of offending the Brahma Heaven God Emperor...

God Emperor Shitian of the Southern Divine Region wanted to take Yun Che with him and give him full permission to do whatever he wanted...

But even that was outmatched by the Dragon Monarch, the king of all realms, desiring to take Yun Che as his adopted son! This was especially significant considering that the Dragon Monarch was still childless to this day!


They had all gone insane!

Everything had happened after the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders had declared that prophecy. The god emperors claimed that they didn’t believe in it… but they sure as hell weren’t holding back as they made one crazy offer after another to seduce Yun Che.

Adopted son… The childless Dragon Monarch accepting Yun Che as his adopted son… they didn’t even dare to imagine the significance behind this.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor looked shocked, “Dragon Monarch, are you…”

“Don’t worry.” The Dragon Monarch raised his hand and stopped him. “Yun Che isn’t a dragon, and he isn’t a denizen of the Western Divine Region either. I’m not trying to take him away from you, nor will I force him to leave his homeland… I’m simply granting him an identity.”

The Dragon Monarch stared at Yun Che before he declared in the most imposing voice in the world. “He is my adopted son. I beseech all those who would even entertain the thought of laying their hands on him to think of the consequences before they act!” 

It sounded like he was answering the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, but in reality speaking to Yun Che.

To think that the Dragon Monarch would declare such a thing!

Everyone in the Snow Song Realm felt like they were dreaming. Mu Bingyun was the first one to recover and say urgently, “What are you waiting for? Thank the Dragon Monarch quickly, Yun Che!”

Right now Yun Che was bright as a shining supernova, but his background was incredibly thin. What the Dragon Monarch offered him personally—the strongest talisman in the entire world—was exactly what Yun Che needed right now!

Yun Che bowed, but the wild joy that should’ve appeared on his features was missing for some reason. Instead, he answered calmly and seriously, “Senior Dragon Monarch, you are the indisputable king of the world, and your status and honor are rivaled by no one. I’m not one to undervalue myself, but even I know… that I’m not worthy to become your son.”

The Dragon Monarch replied indifferently, “The entire world may think that you are unworthy, but if I think you are worthy, then you are!”

No one would dare question the Dragon Monarch’s decision.

Yun Che continued. “I am young and inexperienced, but I’m aware that a father-son relationship is drastically different to the friendship between friends, or brotherhood between sect mates. If there exists neither blood, nor great love, nor great favor between two people, then it isn’t right for them to call themselves father and son. Therefore, if I accept your offer today and call you my father for the sake of self-interest, I’m certain that I will be despised by the world, and disappoint my birth parents… even you may look down on me for making such a choice, Senior Dragon Monarch.”

The Conferred God Stage was silent once more. Everyone was exchanging glances with each other, looking like they had just seen a living ghost.

When the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and Eternal Heaven God Emperor offered to accept him as their direct disciple, he had turned them down...

When the Brahma Heaven God Emperor offered to marry his daughter, the Goddess to him, he had turned him down...

Just now, the Dragon Monarch declared his intention to adopt him as his son… but he still had turned him down!

The god emperors might have gone insane… but this Yun Che was even crazier than they were! He was utterly incomprehensible!

What on earth was he thinking!?

“Yun Che, you…” Yun Che’s answer made Mu Bingyun deeply anxious, but she stopped herself from persuading him when she abruptly recalled his temperament.

“What on earth is he thinking?” Mu Bingyun muttered to herself.

The Dragon Monarch frowned slightly, but didn’t grow angry with Yun Che. Instead, he said something no one except Yun Che understood. “You should know why I’ve arrived at this decision.”

Yun Che, “...”

The Dragon Monarch sighed internally when he saw Yun Che’s expression, but he didn’t try to force the issue. “It would seem that you have a plan of your own. Never mind, I won’t force this on you.”

The Dragon Monarch’s eyes flashed after he said this. Then, he sent a shining white jade that was shaped like a dragon floating towards Yun Che.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor frowned at first. Then, he blurted, “The Dragon God Mark!”

Every Divine Master’s expression changed when they heard this.

“This is the Dragon God Mark.” Dragon Monarch said, “It is imbued with draconic aura, and in the Western Divine Region that mark represents my will!”

Yun Che was moved by the Dragon Monarch’s action, and this time he didn’t turn down his gift. After accepting the Dragon God Mark carefully, he bowed deeply, “Thank you for your gift, Senior Dragon Monarch. I cannot possibly repay this right now, but I will definitely…”

“That is unnecessary!” the Dragon Monarch waved his promises away. “If you show the Dragon God Mark in the Western Divine Region, no one will dare to disobey you, but the same cannot be said if you’re in a different divine region. If there comes a day you believe that the Eastern Divine Region is no longer suited for you, you are free to come to the Dragon God Realm. With the kind of dragon soul you possess… you will find the Dragon God Realm to be the safest haven in the entire world!”

The Dragon Monarch’s words were clearly meaningful, and Yun Che knew very well what he was implying. After storing the Dragon God Mark safely, he said gratefully, “I will not forget your words, Senior Dragon Monarch.”