Chapter 1252 - A Sky Shattering Situation

Chapter 1252 - A Sky Shattering Situation

Yun Che froze, he had an ominous suspicion creeping up his back, he slowly dragged out his answer, “Junior… After entering the God Realm my heart has always been set on training in the profound way… so… I’ve never given a thought about the affairs of the heart, marriage and such.” 

What Yun Che said was kind of apt… After he had entered the God Realm, he had always wracked his head for ideas on how to find Jasmine, when would he have time to think of “affairs of the heart”? 

But before coming to the God Realm…  

“Mn.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor chuckled and continued, “That’s good to hear. This king has several sons and grandsons, but only one daughter, and she’s the apple of my eye, my most treasured child of all.”

“Ying’er excels at everything. She’s even dubbed the ‘Goddess’ across the God Realm. When it comes to profound cultivation, no one of her generation is her match. When it comes to looks, only she and the ‘Dragon Queen’ are worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence. In terms of her birth… She’s this king’s daughter, her status isn’t beneath anyone in the God Realm!”

“However thanks to all of this, when it comes to Ying’er’s marriage matters, this king is severely vexed… because in this king’s eyes, throughout the entire Eastern Divine Region, it is impossible to find a man of a caliber worthy to match Ying’er! No one so far has attracted the eye of my daughter.”

When it came to talking about his one and only daughter Qianye Ying’er, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor changed from one of pride to that of extreme satisfaction. As if telling the entire universe, that compared to his status as the number one of the Eastern Divine Region, Qianye Ying’er was actually his greatest and proudest achievement.

Especially the few sentences toward the very end. He was basically saying that every so-called elite male in the entire Eastern Divine Region, including the sons and grandsons of other king realms, were wild chickens and loose dogs... totally unfit for his daughter!

The entire crowd stayed silent as they heard his passionate speech… What did he mean by saying all that?

Unless… Unless he wanted...

No… No way!? 

“Brahma Heaven God Emperor... what do mean by all this?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor eyed the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and then swiftly turned his gaze on the completely silent Qianye Ying’er, a stern look starting to appear on his face.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor took one step forward laughing jovially, “Today, a man worthy of this king’s daughter has finally appeared. Yun Che, this king would like to betroth my daughter to you. Do you accept?”

Yun Che: (⊙o⊙)……

Yun Che, “......”

Yun Che: (ヾ????)


Countless profound experts around the God Conferred Stage fell directly… plopping their on their seats. 

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor didn’t have many followers among his entourage, but among those who came and heard this, they immediately stood up straight completely shocked. Not only them, the Eternal Heaven God Realm, the Star God Realm, the Moon God Realm, virtually everyone else had looks of shock plastered on their faces. Their reactions were no less inferior to the ones exhibited during the nine stage lightning tribulation.

The seats of both the Star God Emperor and Moon God Emperor shattered to bits as the both of them quickly stood up, faces full of shock. On the other hand, both the brows of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor sank, and his eyes also held shock within.

What sort of existence was Qianye Ying’er?

The daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, the God Realm’s “Goddess”, be her fame in the God Realm or her power within the Brahma Monarch God Realm, she wasn’t beneath the Brahma Heaven God Emperor at all.

In fact, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had personally said that eventually the Brahma Monarch Realm King position would only be inherited by Qianye Ying’er!

When it came to status, she was currently the daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the future Brahma Monarch Realm King.

When it came to looks, she was mentioned in the same breath as the “Dragon Queen”, both being known as the two greatest beauties of the God Realm. It was rumored that just laying eyes on her once, would cause everything else to lose color… forever.

When it came to profound cultivation, she was definitely invincible among the peers of her generation… Rumor had it that she was actually, already, not far in terms of power from her father.

Qianye Ying’er was perfect in all aspects, whether it be position, cultivation, or looks.

She was the epitome of perfection, literally the embodiment of a “Goddess”.

As for the Dragon Queen whose name was usually said in conjuction with hers, she was the Dragon Monarch’s wife… and the Dragon Monarch was the current number one expert in the God Realm!

The current number one expert was a match for the Dragon Queen...

Throughout the years, several profound practitioners were all guessing and fantasizing about who would get the “Goddess” in the end… or rather, was there any man out there in this world that was a match for the “Goddess”?

Before Yun Che, Luo Changsheng was the head of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, the number one of his generation but even then, Luo Changsheng would never ever dare dream of being close to Qianye Ying’er… That was because he didn’t even have the most fundamental qualifications to do so.

Being able to have the foundations to court Qianye Ying’er, what kind of monster of a man would be able to!?

Star Gods… Moon Gods… Guardians… The sons of god emperors… even the realm kings of the king realms! 

But no one so far had moved Qianye Ying’er.

Yet right now, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor was voluntarily initiating a… betrothal!?

This was the most absurd occurrence they had ever heard of, or experienced in their entire lives.

Regardless of the outcome… just based on this offer from the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, even if Yun Che wasn’t crowned the “Conferred God Number One”, hadn’t undergone a nine stage heavenly tribulation, and wasn’t in a True God prophecy… Even if he were some unknown bumpkin, this offer alone would make his name reverberate all across the God Realm and cause uncountable waves of shock, aberration, and even… jealousy and hatred!

This… This… can’t be happening right?”

“The Brahma Heaven God Emperor is actually offering the ‘Goddess’ to Yun Che…?”

“Pah!” a slap rang out. Mu Huanzhi had given himself a tight slap as he stood frozen to the ground, and after a while murmured to himself, “What about Feixue… That’s the Goddess… The daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor…” 

This piece of news was even more explosive and shocking by a hundred times than that of a god emperor offering to take Yun Che as a personal disciple. This clearly showed how important the god emperors viewed Yun Che, which far exceeded the expectations of every other profound practitioner out there.

Every Snow Song Realm member was riddled with excitement, yet Mu Bingyun only furrowed her brows.

“The Dragon Queen is married to the Dragon Monarch, while the Goddess is now being betrothed to Big Brother Yun Che… that means to say, my Big Brother Yun Che is on the same level as the Dragon Monarch… Isn’t that right!? Daddy once mentioned that it was the Dragon Monarch who chased after the the Dragon Queen. Because of her, he didn’t once touch a single other woman during his lifetime and it was only after many many maaaannyy years that he finally won her heart… whereas the ‘Goddess’ is taking the initiative to propose a marriage to Big Brother Yun Che!” 

“That means to say… my Big Brother Yun Che is even more outstanding than the Dragon Monarch!! Daddy, isn’t that right!?”

Shui Meiyin was all giggles and smiles. With regards to what was happening, she wasn’t an ounce uncomfortable. In fact she was extremely proud and didn’t hesitate to spew line after line of her warped logic.

Shui Qianheng, “...”

“Brahma Heaven God Emperor, you…” The Eternal Heaven Emperor’s face distorted countless of times throughout… when it came to “competing” over Yun Che, because of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, he felt that he had a steady advantage, but who would have thought that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor would suddenly put Qianye Ying’er on the table!

As one of the four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, he had naturally seen Qianye Ying’er’s true countenance several times. Based on his vast experiences, he had to admit that there was no man in the world who would be able to reject the Goddess…

Furthermore, Yun Che was a young man had yet to reach thirty years of age.

“Tsk, tsk.” God Emperor Shitian placed both his hands leisurely behind his head and softly commented, “Brahma Heaven God Emperor, you’re seriously willing, huh.”

“Heheheh,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor replied with a laugh of his own. “It’s not a matter of willing, rather… besides Yun Che, I’m afraid no other man is worthy of Ying’er.”

“Does this mean that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor actually believes that True God prophecy? Hahahaha…” God Emperor Shitian laughed in ridicule.

“You said one sentence that this king agrees with. An ordinary man has no qualifications to fulfill the prophecy of becoming a True God.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor chuckled in return, “That’s why this king does not believe in the ‘True God prophecy’, but this king personally witnessed the nine stage heavenly tribulation. This one fact is more than enough for me.”

God Emperor Shitian narrowed his eyes and suddenly switched topics. He said with a beaming smile, “You’re free to marry your daughter to whomever you want, but keep in mind one fact, this king is reminding you that the ‘Southsea God Emperor’ has been crazy about the ‘Goddess’ forever. Each and every time he visits the Eastern Divine Region is because of the ‘Goddess’. If he comes to know of this matter, I’m afraid he’ll be furious.”

The Southsea God Emperor, was the head of the Southern Region’s four god emperors and also the number one expert in the Southern Divine Region.

The Star God Emperor’s face darkened but he didn’t speak a word.

The “Absolute God Slaying Poison” that Jasmine was afflicted with originated from the Southsea Realm.

“This king has always viewed the Southsea God Emperor as a bosom friend, but for him to be this king’s son-in-law, I’m afraid he still doesn’t have the qualifications!” 

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor was roaring with gusto and laughter as he spoke passionately. No one else dared to contradict him. He ignored Cang Shitian and turned towards Yun Che, asking, “So how about it? Are you willing to marry this king’s daughter?”


Several present violently swallowed. This was a question that no man throughout the entire God Realm could say no to.

All he had to do was just nod and he’d gain the most beautiful, the most influential, and the most glorious of all women… he would become the subject of envy of every man throughout the entire God Realm!

How could anyone say no? What reason could there be to say no?

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s temperament was the most moderate of them all, and even his relationship with the Brahma Heaven God Emperor could be said to be quite cordial… or at least that was what it seemed to be on the surface. But at this moment, what he wanted to do the most was to point at the man and give him a harsh tongue lashing!

Using his very own daughter as a “honeytrap”... What kind of a skill was that!?

However, in front of this ultimate trump card, he couldn’t find a better one… Although he had several unwed daughters, several of them talented and beautiful…

But this was the “Goddess” they were talking about. Compared to her… it was better for him not to bring it up.

Yun Che silently took in a deep breath and just as he was about to answer he heard a harried voice suddenly shout out, “With regards to this matter, this humble one has something to say.”

Shui Qianheng stood up, giving Shui Yinghen who was beside him a big shock.

“Oh? Glazed Light Realm King?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor turned his eyes upon him.

Shui Qianheng was actually blushing a little but he soon regained composure and seriously announced, “If the Brahma Heaven God Emperor wants to marry off your daughter it’d be a grand occasion for the entire Eastern Divine Region. However, with regards to Yun Che, Qianheng has no choice but to make something clear. Actually…”

“Actually… About half a month ago, Yun Che and my daughter Meiyin developed feelings for each other after their battle on the Conferred God Stage. However, my daughter is still young and immature so Qianheng advised against it, but my daughter had such deep feelings for him and Yun Che also felt... cough cough. As a result, Qianheng couldn’t bear to pull these pair of lovebirds apart so I acquiesced and allowed for it to happen, setting a wedding date for them. The wedding will be held when the two of them leave the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm in three years.


Shui Qianheng’s sudden announcement produced innumerable waves of shock.

“...” Yun Che was struck dumb.

Shui Yinghen’s mouth went wide open as he searched through his memories and weakly muttered, “Royal father, you… back then, that wasn’t what you said.”

“Shut up!” Shui Qianheng slapped him on the head.

During the Conferred God Battle, Shui Qianheng had indeed admired Yun Che, but admiration was one thing. Marrying his beloved daughter to him was definitely something he wouldn’t be able to accept!

Regardless of how shocking his talent might be, how powerful and strong he was, his birthplace was still much too low… To the God Realm, the lower realms were the lowest planes of existence. How would he be willing to betroth the daughter he treated as the very stars themselves to someone from the lower realms?

One’s birth wasn’t something that could be changed.

But it was different now...

Nine stage heavenly tribulation, True God prophecy...

Under these circumstances, even the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven Emperor were vigorously fighting over Yun Che. Birthplace? That wasn’t worth a fart!

Right now, it wasn’t a matter of Yun Che not being able to measure up to his daughter, it was now a matter of his daughter not being able to measure up to Yun Che!

All of a sudden, the one who dropped down to stand in his daughter’s way, was Qianye Ying’er! Only the worst possible opponent in the entire God Realm that she could face! Shui Meiyin was hailed as the brightest pearl of her generation in the entire Eastern Divine Region, but at present, she wasn’t qualified to compare with the “Goddess”.

If he didn’t thicken his skin and jump out right now… Shui Meiyin probably wouldn’t even have the slightest of chance of even being a little wife.